Get Ready For Inazuma Eleven 2 On The Nintendo DS

Nintendo UK and Europe have announced that they’re publishing the sequel to the well received Level 5 football RPG Inazuma Eleven. Inazuma Eleven 2 will be available across Europe exclusively for the Nintendo DS family of consoles and Nintendo 3DS from the 16th March 2012. You’ll be able to purchase two version of the game, either Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm and Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard. Here’s some information about the game:

Picking up the story of teenage goalkeeper Mark Evans and his football team one week after their triumph in the Football Frontier tournament, the Raimon Eleven begin a training session when their school is attacked by invaders from outer space from the mysterious Alius Academy. They plan to use a destructive brand of football to totally destroy the world – unless the Raimon Eleven can defeat them in a football match! Only by travelling across the whole of Japan and recruiting the country’s best football players can Mark and the Raimon Eleven find a way to stop Alius Academy and save the world!

Both versions of the game, Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm and Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard, offer the same overarching storyline with some unique differences. Each version features over 150 unique characters, unique teams to face off against, as well as unique abilities and special moves, but in order to meet other version characters you will have to trade and make important decisions on who to keep hold of and who to let go.



      1. Just like the 3DS, it’s the publisher that decides whether or not the game is region-locked… DS games have been region-locked before. 3DS games can be region-free, if publishers so choose.

      2. So……I can import a Japanese 3ds game to play on my UK 3ds if its not region locked????

      3. Did you not read my post? There’s a bunch of Japanese DS games that are region-locked; for example, both Pokemon Black and White and that new Pokemon spinoff in Japan both don’t work on non-Japanese systems. They’re region-locked for the DS NOT THE 3DS!

  1. I didn’t realize the connection between “Inazuma Eleven” and a popular football show here in the Middle East until I saw that picture… now that I actually know what it is, I’m actually a bit excited for it.

  2. Im definitely getting this game at launch! :)

    Note to Americans:

    A load of men in body armour, jumping on top of each other like a bunch of gays, is NOT football.

      1. True, but i can see the players’ shorts in rugby … and other stuff sometimes :D

        That body armour just covers everything in American football and its no fun!

      2. Did you know they wear more padding than the people who train attack dogs for the police?

      3. If American football included attack dogs, i would pay to see it *lol*

        Maybe they could tear off the players leg when he tries to kick a field goal? :D

      4. I would also pay to watch that, lol. The kind of money those guys make is fucking ridiculous anyway.

  3. I think the reason Americans don’t like football (that’s fight it’s called football, not soccer) is because of how physically demanding it is and it’s not a very high scoring game either. You can go over 90 minutes without scoring a point. Also the the didn’t popularise it. They’re all for shoving their cultural staples on everyone else, but you can’t shove yours on them. In the game Americans call football, the players’ feet barely ever touch the ball. WTF?

    Back on topic, a football rpg should be really interesting.

    1. That’s not the big reason why. If you look at the only two times Americans have cared about soccer, one they were high up in the Olympics and the other they were high up in the 2010 World Cup. Both times they only started caring once they started winning; makes sense really.

      But that’s not the biggest reason; the biggest reason is advertising. The corporations that get billions of dollars out of American football (Superbowl commercials, anyone?) get almost nothing out of soccer. There are almost no breaks throughout the entire game, besides the big 15 minute one! That’s the biggest reason my first point exists as well; the broadcasting stations don’t hype up a game unless it’s important, because no one advertises on an unimportant game; they actually lose money, or make a lot less money than showing something else.

      Back when the Olympics were held in Atlanta, the TV stations didn’t know where to put commercials (biggest way to get money), besides the 15 minute break. They started putting them between stuff like fouls and corner kick; you see the ball go out, you see a commercial, and then by the time they’re back you’ve missed like 5 minutes of the game. xD

      1. I know! It sucks, right? It’s all about the money. But, if the Europeans can figure out how make off football, Americans can too. They should really pay more attention to football. It’s a great sport and it’s good for health, It would definitely deal with the obesity problem many Americans face.

  4. Its pretty for advertising companies during UK football matches.

    You see, even though matches are only 90 minutes, the actual TV coverage is usually 2 hours 30 minutes long to include a build-up and after-match rundown.

    Its not unusual to get 5 or 6 advert breaks either side of the match, plus another 3 ad breaks during the 15 minute half-time period. (99% of them flogging Ford cars, beer or Playstation 3)

    The BBC dont have any ad breaks at all, but they still make millions from company investment and sponsorship.

    Most advertisers just shove their logos on the actual players shirts, as it gets more attention during the actual match… Wolfsburg strips were landed with massive VW logos last season, for example.

  5. The gimmick sounds a lot like Pokemon’s, with the two different versions and all. I suppose it is for the cult following the game has, so the fans will buy both. A bit greedy, but I know it works because Iv’e ened up buying all of the different versions of Pokemon :)

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