Epic Games Says GDC 2012 Unreal Engine Demos Shall Have You Gasping

Epic Games has announced that it will be showcasing an array of stunning Unreal Engine demos at this years Games Developer Conference next month. Epic Games were the studio that developed the Japanese Garden Wii U demo which Nintendo used to show off the graphical capabilities of the Wii U at E3 last year.

Just reviewed all projects and GDC @UnrealEngine demos. I felt like a proud papa. Demo made people gasp, literally.

– Mike Capps, Twitter


    1. i think, because if its used in demo, would be used in games too!

      **Sorry for my poor English** english it’s not my first language

  1. [(Metroid x Unreal) – (Team Ninja (Cuz they sukd)] Retro Studios = Jizz in my pants

    im in calculus trololol

      1. They made a different sort of game, and the way it brought it back to the classic actually worked (I know that’s not the classic, but I hope you know what I mean). The combat really worked. But the game was probably less than 10 hours and they didn’t even try multiplayer. Most of it was videos that sort of messed up characterization.
        All that said, Retro will make the best product. If they’re doing Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero, so be it we can’t tell em what. But I hope they continue with their biggest work anyway- Prime series, now with Multiplayer madness.

      2. I hope Retro Studios acknowledges the 10th anniversary of Metroid Prime, unlike Nintendo completely ignoring Samus’s 25th last year in favor of Link *sigh*.

  2. Graphics arent everything it’s gameplay I always says.but wen wii u is out wiv dah best graphics I gonna say graphics FTW.

  3. I can’t wait to see this engine running on Wii U. It gonna be Epic (pun intended).

    Leave luck to heaven.

  4. We already know that WiiU will have support from Epic’s Unreal Engine, since the Japanese Garden tech demo was running with this engine. What we don’t know yet is which version of Unreal Engine it will be using. The Post refers to the latest version of this engine, which have some amazing possibilities.

    and for those graphic haters, An engine is not only about graphics, it’s also physics and a lot more that impacts directly the gameplay.

    1. The freaking 3DS can support Unreal Engine; there’s literally zero chance the Wii U won’t have it supported. The issue is if it’ll support UE4.

  5. Great graphics (so graphics whores will shut up about it), check.
    A lot of third party support (based on their eagerness to develop for Wii U), check.
    Imitatable originality (since sony/microsoft may come out with similar controller), check.
    Improved online friend system and better internet in general, check.
    Backwards compatibility for last gen’s games (since PS3/PSV can’t do that), check.
    More powerful console than last gen’s (so tech whores will shut up about it), check.
    Great first party games to launch on, check (nintendo ain’t making that mistake twice)

    i believe that nintendo has covered their bases pretty well for the Wii U. as long as nintendo has a good virtual console at launch (and allows transfer from Wii to U like from DSi to 3DS) and as long as they slap a decent price tag on it, nintendo won’t have a single thing to worry about aside from stupid commenters who consider it a fatal flaw that it won’t be able to play DVDs

    1. I don’t really care if they don’t allow virtual console transfer due to the fact that i’m keeping my Wii, but they should still have it for the people that aren’t like me.

      1. “The second Nintendo releases a piece of hardware that can run our engine well, we’ll be on it like water on fish,” and yesterday he commented: “Water, meet fish!”

      2. Aliens: Colonial Marines is running on UR3, i think it could have been misinterpreted. The pun says otherwise, but I’d still wait until Epic or Nintendo confirmed it before using it as fact. Just my opinion.

      3. “At the launch event at E3, some of the products that you saw running on Wii U were based on Unreal Engine technology. So that kind of gives you an idea of where we are in that space. You can certainly use our engine on that platform – it’s a natural fit from a technology perspective,” Capps added. “It opens up some doors that weren’t open before on current generation consoles because it is going to be a powerful box. I’m sure [Epic VP] Mark Rein would love anyone who’s interested to know how official our support is to get in touch with him!”

        – Epic Games President Mike Capps

    1. Well, if it’s not absolutely confirmed, then I’m sure there is no way Wii U could support this or a similar game engine.

      1. I’m sure it could support the engine… that’s no trouble… but getting the exact quality of these demos would be difficult… those are running on 3 gtx 580’s in SLI… … no console could support that yet… not even PS4…

      2. Epic always makes unoptimized engines at first. They do this to prove to platform makers they need to include certain ideas tech wise.

    2. Since when the fuck is any news “confirmed?” Even “confirmed” news is wrong sometimes.

      Why is it so important for you to feel it’s relevant to nit-pick an article?

  6. Yu know how sometimes, readers are like, “Sickr, what does this have to do with Nintendo News?”

    Well, here’s the kind of bullshit you get from other Nintendo News sources: (@NintendoNewsi “Here are the current The New York Times® Hard Cover Fiction Bestsellers“)

    Seriously. The fucking NYT best selling hardcover book… And this guy does this OFTEN. it has NOTHING to do with Nintendo, or gaming whatsoever. THAT, my friend, is when you can complain about a shitty story.

    I’m unfollowing him, and following @MyNintendoNews exclusively from now on.

    Just wanted you to know what a truly irrelevant article looked like.

    1. Did you not hear? Vince Flynn is writing the story for the next Zelda? Gonna be a thrilling thriller packed with thrills. No frills though. :-)

  7. Like I’ve said before, Epic Games did not make the Japanese Garden tech demo, it was Nintendo. When Epic Games said they saw their engine running on Wii U, they were referring to stuff like Batman Arkham City and Aliens: Colonial Marines, which use the Unreal Engine (I think it’s UE3).

  8. Can’t wait to see their videos of their new engine at GDC. Here’s to hoping for them to run on Wii U at GDC. That would be an awesome surprise!

  9. Thats’ very great news, I must say. I’m looking forward to GDC very much, and knowing it’s only 10 days away makes things more exciting for me.

    Let’s hope Epic Games supports Wii U as well as Crytek, Take Two, Rockstar, and many others.

  10. well thank god. UE3 sucks balls compared to frostbite 2 and CE3. it still has static lighting lol.

    side note- also hope IDsoftare fixes idtech 5. cant wait for doom 4.

    1. well idtech 5 IS still in development. i herd they where adding some sort of global illumination( not sure if radiosty). and other gimmicky stuff like motion blur, effects.
      I too cant wait for doom 4.

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