Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, has revealed in the latest edition of Nintendo Power that Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance will have a “surprise” at the end of the game. Nomura urges Nintendo 3DS gamers to refrain from turning off their consoles during the ending credits, otherwise they will miss the aforementioned surprise.

“For starters, there’s going to be some sort of a “surprise” during the end credits of the game. Nomura shares: “This is the first time we’re doing this, but there’s a surprise during the end credits. So even when the credits start to roll, don’t put down your N3DS, and don’t let your guard down!”



  1. “Don’t let your guard down”… To me, it looks like a “bonus” boss. This happened with me when I was playing RE4 during a cutscene and I left my control a few inches away from me during those interactive scenes. After that day, I’ve learnt my lesson >_> Thanks for noticing us before, Nomura!


    • HELLO!

      It’s launching between E3 2012 and December.

      It said that so many times on this blog before -_-

      It’s just a rumor but Nintendo confirmed after E3 2012 and even the final design will come at E3 2012.

      No Wii U for May ^_^


  2. YESH. it could be an after scene, possibly a boss battle.

    Quite a lot of games have an after credits part.

    Other M had an extra boss battle and some extra scenes.

    COD MW has an extra mission on the jet.

    Or simply some games give you a new bonus with a harder mode like with all of the prime series ^_^

    But with “don’t keep your guard down” i suspect an extra boss battle.


    • How is this a waste of time?

      It’s called MY NINTENDO NEWS for a reason.

      BTW: Sickr is getting bored as theres not much big news recently.


    • The time you spend typing is a waste of time.
      You’re dumbass comment is a waste of thought.
      Your post wastes everyone’s time who read it.
      You made me waste my time replying in detail what a waste of time your post and my response is.


    • Just shut your trap, Prunedo. Do you seriously take pleasure being a troll on the internet, where you can act tough and almighty in the comfort of your own parents’ home? Get a life, a job and stop being such a shit.


  3. Please be a trailer for KH3, I want to see a trailer for it so bad, and I want it to be on the Wii U and PS3 (since I know SE probably won’t make KH3 an exclusive)…But I’d be happy to if it is a Wii U exclusive:).


  4. Some news like this reminds me of what sometimes happens at the end of some movies.

    Like Pirates of the Caribbean 3… it had an scene after the credits but i just wanted to stay through the credits ^_^


  5. If I had to guess, either it’s Sora as a playable character in the new SSB or it’s a reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 with the official announcement of a WiiU version.
    Either way, it’d be awesome news!


  6. Ive played kingdom hearts 358/2 days, and i would really like to say i enjoyed it …. But it was sooo boring that i got rid of it.

    There is a good chance that i will buy this one, and attempt to “get into” the series though.


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