Dead Space, Overstrike, And TimeSplitters 4 Coming To Wii U?

Wow, here’s a nice bunch of rumours for you. Firstly, Visceral Games, the development studio behind the Dead Space series, is apparently readying a new entry to the Dead Space franchise and the game will be released on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Secondly, Insomniac games, the development team behind the Ratchet and Clank series on the PlayStation consoles, is busy developing their new multiplatform title Overstrike for Wii U, along with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

And lastly, Crytek the developers behind Crysis are set to announce TimeSplitters 4 at this years E3 event in June. The long-awaited game will appear on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The source claims that there are roughly 150-200 games in the works for Wii U.

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      1. Sigh… i wish that guy had a better quality thing to watch the Show… when i clicked on it all i saw was the guy saying… nooo it froze. XD

      1. It’s not pokemone black and white 2. thats pure speculation. >:( learn to take rumor with a grain of salt!

      1. Agree

        and with online play

        I am one of many people who invested More hours a Month into Timesplitters than i Invested into any CoD games combined in a whole year

        CoD was a fun game for a short while but Timesplitters is the true FPS addiction

        Timesplitters was to PS2 what Goldeneye and Perfect Dark was to N64

        CoD Never came close to the Fun Aspect of these 3 titles

      1. COD is good but overrated.

        Black Ops was the most overrated

        MW2 was best.

        Still i bet you never played the game… all you’ve seen is Black Ops and the online… MW2 is way better then Black Ops.

      2. Dude! Your name states you like MW2… of course Black ops was way over rated and MW series was way better. :)

        MW3 was not as good as MW2… when ever people talk about CoD they always think of over rated Black Ops.

      3. I agree with your opinion, but I’ll be honest…I’ve played TimeSplitter a ton locally with my friends and we all agree that either 2 or 3 should be the greatest shooter of all time.

      4. Goldeneye was classic and Timeplitter series was awesome. Those need to be revived but reinvented.

      5. Is the guy on the bottom playing as a Dinosaur? That is so fucking BADASS!!!!!!!!! Also “Open head surgery” XD

      6. Co-op FPS with great story/gameplay. In similar styles to goldeneye. If you like time travelling in games; it’s fun.

      7. Have you played Golden Eye 64 (or the remake reloaded)?

        I believe their one of the best shooters.

      8. Yeah Timesplitters was the bomb!!! Good ol’ days…
        and plus, Crytex is going to make it, so expect Crysis-like graphics :)

    1. Read the link frostbite is running on the wiiu like a champ. That Xbox next %20 might have just bit the dust. Uh oh! The new kits are out and they are sweet!

      1. Patcher? I wish someone takes his job due to him being the most uninformed and making child-like assumptions and predictions.

      2. Patcher is going to be fired if he keaps messing up you know that he said the same thing about the PS1 and the PS2 allso but he is allways wrong the Wii U will be a biger sugsess than the Wii no mater what anyone says because the cheapest system all ways sells the best and the Wii U will be it and third party will not pass it up this time

      3. Patcher is a retarded mofo but that daus not matter 150 to 200 games are in development this is a good sine can’t wait to see those three games dead space overstrick and time splitters theas are real good games

    1. dead space is a horror game smart ass. even if DS2 has online, they still put more emphasis on the single player. TS3 was good, but it didn’t had the best online, its up there but its not the best.

    2. DUDE!

      Your comparing a 3rd Person Horror Sci-Fi game to an FPS action!

      You can’t compare a different genre to a different genre :P

      It’s like comparing CoD to Metroid other M! :P

  1. already posted this on facebook, but I might as well post it here too

    It would seem like a lot of big titles might come out for Wii U, which would be a VERY good thing.

    If Nintendo wants to win back the hardcore, they really need to get both Wii U editions the “Big” titles, and 3rd Party Exclusives that would only be on Wii U. With 3rd party support, Nintendo’s usual big franchises + new games, and a robust online network, The Wii U Might have what it takes to be a hit. At least, In my opinion.

    1. Securing 3rd party exsclusives would be difficult and exspencive im afraid

      Sony had that back in ps2 before Microsoft decided to come in and fuck everything up

      Nintendo maybe the best in the market from my and millions of other peoples opinions but Microsoft is by far the richest and they have absolutely no desire to let Sony or Nintendo get any 3rd party game exsclusive if they know its goign to make alot of money

      1. Sonic Colors
        No More Heroes
        Arc Rise Fantasia
        De Blob
        Lost in Shadow
        Monster Hunter Tri
        Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon
        Dragon Quest X
        Epic Mickey
        Rune Factory

        All Wii exclusive. So Nintendo don’t need to worry.

      2. Xeno Blades

        A boy and his blob

        Resident evil the umbrella chronicles

        Red Steal

        Sonic and the secret rings

        Dead Space Extraction (Was exclusive for 2 years until released on PS3)

        Golden Eye 007 (Not the PS3 later ramasteration)

        Spore Hero

        Theres lots more i added to your list.

      3. Never played the game so i don’t know how bad it is.

        I was just saying more exclusives anyways. :/

  2. You had me at Timesplitters 4. Anything else is a bonus.

    Also liked the bit about the differences between the earlier and later versions of the dev kits.

  3. Amnesia the dark decent > Dead space
    just saying, amnesia makes dead space look like mario (on a scare level)

      1. Look on youtube at amnesia gameplay reactions. People cant get through it because its too scary.

  4. Wow, this rumor is mouth-watering. Nintendo’s E3 conference cannot come soon enough!! Wish I could slep til June….course I’d be fired from work and dropped from school.

  5. Finally! for a long time timesplitter is back man i miss that game for celebration I going to play timesplitter 2 in my gamecube

  6. I want all of these fucking games NOW!!!!
    I’m loving all of the support the Wii U is getting. It will become the standard.for all consoles of the next generation, imo.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Nope.

      Ghost Recon Online is an “Console” exclusive which is only for PC and Wii U.

      I bet many of them would be PC-Wii U exclusives.

      Then after then it would be future consoles.

      Many of them could be PS3 360.

    2. Oh, so i guess Mario, Zelda, and Pikmin, which are probably included in that list along with Wii U exclusives, will also appear on 360 and ps3. You’re so smart.

  7. I believe the Dead Space rumor. EA already said they would support Nintendo with their key games, and during the E3 presentation, they showed some of those brand games, and one of them was Dead Space. Since this would also be on all platforms as opposed to a exclusive, and a proper DS game instead of another Extraction, it’s not surprising to see this happening at all. I’m all for DS 3 now. I’m not really sure about the other games, though.

  8. Did anyone else read the linked article and saw that the Wii U apparently runs Frostbite 2 with higher frame rates than the 360 version of Battlefield 3, and is more superior to any PS3/360 game running the engine? Wii U will be a BEAST.

    1. Wow! Which linked article? is there a link.

      BTW: That would be cool if it runs Frostbite… now i wish it’s not a rumor. Link Plz.

  9. Thanks…. It’s just because there were 4 hotlinks and i didn’t notice that part of the article. Lol i clicked it and did not read it :P

    BTW: Sickr should article it on this site.

  10. I just want Insomniac to release a Ratchet and Clank game (or HD collection) on the Wii U. Or even the PS3, I’m not picky.

    Well….about that…it better not be on the Vita.

    And Timesplitters 4 could be good.

  11. Timesplitters is the best game ever made. please make number 4. map maker, virus, mini games, split screen. so much fun.

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