Capcom Misspell Their Own Name

After messing up the initial run of North American copies of Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS, Capcom has now taken to misspelling the company name. Capcom, which has a string of negative press recently, now appears to be referring to themselves as CAPCPOM.


    1. Maybe they’re actually changing their name or making a new game and the letters that were misspelled on Resident Evil Revelations and this create the name of the new title. LOL!!

    2. Capcpom should really start implementing a dislexia test during their job interviews, especially for their editing jobs.

    1. They’re already memes on NeoGaf XD They have things like “steel battailon a game by capcpom” and they have “caPCPcom”xD I was dying!!

      1. Nope because they killed Megaman. Unless MegaNam is his new war hardened brother who fought in vietnam

  1. “We’re not Capcom, we’re CAPCPOM. 0.o Dunno what’re you’re talking about!” *whistles and walks away*

  2. I laughed in my head when I read the headline. Which is pretty funny for my laughing standards.

    1. if it is then they are getting alot of attention, and not in a good way. They have fucked things up all year and alot of hardcore fans like me are getting pissed. But Capcom arent really desperate for attention because they definately get alot of it.

    1. no… i did that too… until i realized it was asking me to shrink the image back.Capcpom RULES!!!

  3. lol question wat happened with the big ataria news and i wanna let nintendo fans kno something,remember streetpass getting an update this month on the 31st i visited ikno this rumor is old but i just wanted to let you kno but im confuse will this be a firmware update or just a regular update.

      1. Who knows if Capcom changes adds a whole new letter into their name overnight then i guess anything can happen. Right Capcpom??? *wink* *wink*

  4. I also noticed there were dialogue errors in the subtitles, as well. First Revelaitons, Capcpom, and now this! ;~;

  5. oh CAPCPOM you have not been making a good impression this fiscal year, you need to be more careful and not rush things your just embarrasing your company and pretty soon nobody is going to take you seriousely anymore, first the retarded decision to cancel MML3 and then the RER typo, and now a typo of your own company name??? wow! I still love you though…just pleez produce a Mega Man game for the 3ds pleeeeeeez!!! For me?

  6. Suckin on some ju jus is always a good time, why don’t u guys come along sometimes, dicks r so goooood

    1. *yaaaawn* you’re like a broken record, saying the same boring crap over & over & over.

  7. Oh capcpom when you reach the level where you can’t even spell your own name right than you only have yourself to blame for your ignorance


    Capcpom: I am sorry we made a type in the announcement earlier i meant we a making a new MEGMAN game… a game about family guy’s MEG turning into a MAN. good day.

    i feel like this is going to happen o.o…

  9. Wow lol Capcpom really need to learn how to spell their own name. The part i find funny is its their own name! XD

  10. I like this story XD

    NINTENODO and SGEA would never spell their names wrong.

    Im really looking forward to NAMOC BNAADI’s next multi-platform release! :D

  11. A typo hidden among a bunch of small text in a manual or something is one thing, but misspelling your own game’s name AND your own company’s name takes a special kind of idiocy to fail that hard.

  12. Coming up in the future (jk):
    Acr Sytsem Wroks
    Soinc Taem
    Trhee Ringsr
    Akyss Gamse
    And more misspelled companies!

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