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Kid Icarus Uprising Scores High In The Official Nintendo Magazine

The official Nintendo magazine has awarded Kid Icarus Uprising an impressive 91% in its latest issue. The publication states that the game is “remarkably beautiful” and is “stunning to behold”. Kid Icarus: Uprising is due out exclusively on Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd in both North America, and Europe. Here’s a few choice extracts from the review:

“It’s stunning to behold, in fact, a visual masterpiece on 3DS that routinely surprises with impressive, expansive and detailed sprawling landscapes”.

“Rich fantasy world” which has been “teased from the abstract visuals of an 8-bit NES game”

“The single player campaign is huge, for a start, and it sits alongside two full-featured local and online multiplayer modes [offering] countless equippable weapons and powers that work across both.”

“It takes perseverance to comfortably wrap your paws around the game’s on-foot sections”, but adds that “it’s intuitive enough once mastered”

“[It feels far bigger than the console upon which it appears, it’s deeper than most home console titles and more content-packed than any other 3DS game yet released. Pit might’ve been sorry to keep us waiting, but this was a wait worth every second.”



    1. I’m buying it too :) If the game didn’t have multiplayer, I think I’d still buy it, but multiplayer is what keeps gamers coming back imo. Take MK7 for instance.


    1. Skip past the score and look at the actual review… Scores mean so little when a 9.0 for Mario Party is so completely different than a 9.0 Zelda game.

      And yes, ONM gave it a high score. What, should they give good games lower scores so they don’t look biased? How are they going to grade good games if every time they give a score over 90% people scream “FAKE! BIASED!” like people can’t have honest opinions. By the way, I’m facepalming after every sentence as I look over and see your comment again.


  1. Sounds amazing… I would have bought it even if it got a 60%, just because of how hyped I am since last year. I might buy MPHunters (went from GBA to 3DS, skipped DS, one of the reasons 3DS is such a good purchase for me) to get used to the control scheme… It’ll help pass the time while I wait for this game.


  2. My issue is that ONM is so horribly biased. It is constantly giving good scores simply to either big up a Nintendo product or to satisfy hype. I don’t think I ever really saw a bad review of a mainstream Nintendo game (Mario & Sonic got 90%, even Mario Party 8 didn’t score too badly to the best of my knowledge) while I was subscribed.

    It’s more like the “Official Nintendo PR Machine”.


      1. They always do that for the Pokémon spin-off also it’s Pokémon it will sell, regardless of ONM review. The point is ONM are biased anything that is published by Nintendo will always get a high score.

        A good of example of this would their Metroid: Other M, they gave it a 91%.

        The game did not deserved a 91%, yes it was good but it was riddle with problem such being liner, cut scenes heavy, not being allow to back track, the poor first person view and scanning section.

        The game deserved a 70% at best.


    1. lol… Hard isn’t a bad thing. and bad voice acting is just something to expect in video games a lot of times, doesn’t take off more than 10%. I’m still above 90% if those are the complaints


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