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Future Batman Arkham City DLC Incoming

Batman Arkham City, which is due to be released this year for Wii U, will be receiving some form of downloadable content in the not too distant future. Arkham City director Sefton Hill spoke with Geoff Keighley about the subject and was told “There’s still some more announcements coming. There are more exciting things to come.” Who knows, maybe the DLC will be released with the main game when it arrives sometime later this year on Wii U.

21 thoughts on “Future Batman Arkham City DLC Incoming”

  1. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

    i already expected that. especially re-releasing a year later. would be cool if there was even more DLC or something exclusive

  2. This had better NOT involve any more of those Riddlers Revenge maps. Having to finish it with Batman, Catwoman, Robin AND Nightwing was just stupid (I didn’t buy the DLC of the latter two). CAMPAIGN MISSIONS ONLY!!!!!!

    1. I thought you said first then… But you said about the article ;)

      Sure your not buying two launch games? It will be your firsecond game ;) XD

    1. Let’s hope Rocksteady Games create a DLC exclusively for the Wii U… not on two rival consoles and PC.

  3. The Wii U version may come with it already there. It looks really good on the current platforms. I want to see how it will work and look on the Wii U.

  4. If it’s anything like the Nightwing DLC (IE more challenge maps and/or a new character), then I’m not really interested. If it’s additional content for the main game (like a new villain to track down in the city) then I am very interested. Who knows, it could even be the return of Scarecrow!

  5. I just hope it adds more to the campaign. Arkham City is my favorite game of last year along with Skyward Sword.

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