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Epic Says Samaritan Looks Like Crap Compared To Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein says that the impressive Samaritan tech demo, that made its début at GDC last year, looks like crap compared to the games it has running on its next generation Unreal Engine 4. Epic is due to show off the engine to the public sometime later this year.

This year’s Samaritan demo, however, was highly optimized and according to Epic’s Mark Rein, it could be running on a laptop next year or a smartphone the year after. This is where Rein pointed out that the UE4 demo will make the Samaritan look feeble by comparison and will generally be crap next to what they show off for the next generation engine, saying “Imagine if that were a piece of crap, what would the next thing look like?”

64 thoughts on “Epic Says Samaritan Looks Like Crap Compared To Unreal Engine 4”

      1. Hmmm… and Unreal 4 is braggin to be tons more powerful than that? I feel like they are gonna buy into microsoft’s next gen xbox just to make them powerhouses for this upcomin gen

    1. Pro tip: click the link.
      Except if the link wasn’t there of course, in which case: forgive my ignorance xD.

  1. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

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  2. I hope it’ll run on the Wii U; while it’ll probably run on the PC I have in mind, I’m not so sure it’ll run as beautifully on next-gen consoles in general. They’ll run all right, it just might not be as great as whatever tech demo they show off.

  3. ugh why are they making such and overpowered engine? no one’s gonna be able to run it unless they have a super high end computer. i mean they can’t expect the next gen consoles to be as powereful or more powerful than most high end cards RIGHT NOW cus a gtx 580 will set you back a good $500 AT LEAST.

    1. Maybe current technology is more powerful than we think. Tech guys live in a far different world than consumers, so it’s logical that they know far more about whether their tech is powerful or economically feasible enough for us.

        1. They all run on the same engine, they’re just tweaked and optimized each time to look slightly better.

          And you also have to consider how little is going on in the background, the computer can focus on graphics mostly.

          Call of Duty was a bad choice. You should have picked Battlefield 3 which looks fantastic on Ultra and has destruction, vehicles, and all sorts of crazy stuff going on.

          1. No. your on the right lines with the game engine thing but you made a mistake

            MW1 ran on IW 3.0 engine.

            MW2 and 3 ran on IW 4.0 engine.

            I just choose MW Series as their all best compared as their all released every 2 years.

            That was just the multiplayer however.

            Modern warfare series campain was way better anyway, you had to use stealth, control AC-130’s blow up stuff. Epic endings and MW2 had epic music.

            Still MW2 was the best CoD… MW3 was really ending everything… my favorate character dies, very similer to MW2.

  4. I’m Trying To imagine what Unreal 4 will look like but what could look better than the smaratian demo?!?!
    I’m really exicted to see what they have in store for UE4 :D

    1. For one, photorealism would look a TON better than Samaritan. But I don’t think video game graphic technology is there yet, the only thing close to it is recent CGI movies like Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

  5. One interesting point is that a better/newer game engine =/= better graphics. You could use UE 4 on currently existing games, but they won’t look better just because of that; the engine doesn’t not automatically creates more polygons or higher res textures. It may include new tools like lighting techniques, polygon/texture merging, more advance bum-mapping, etc, but it doesn’t create more stuff like I mentioned.

    Also, a new engine doesn’t automatically make a system more powerful. Konami’s new Fox engine was dropped for Metal Gear Revengeance because they could not keep the game running above 30FPS on it. The Samaritan demo was done using UE 3 with newer tools, but it took them about $2000 to build a PC to run that in real time, so even if they get the engine running on the PS4/Nextbox, it would not have the same effects or the same overall visual quality as the demo simply because of price.

    Nvidia has created a new card that is said to run that demo, but since it wasn’t shown to the public, it is up in the air if it can run it exactly like the demo (the demo needed 3 video cards to run it). Remember, the Wii was able to play CoD games that were on the ps3/360, but they looked very different in terms of visual fidelity and in the effects it could achieve.

  6. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really impressed by the Samaritan demo when I first saw it. I dunno, just didn’t get to me.

    1. Obviously you don’t realize that it was running real-time.

      And clearly you’re not much of a connoisseur for technology, otherwise you’d be extremely impressed.

      1. Your aims must be pretty low to think that’s “extremely impressive.” And a true “connoisseur for technology” would be even less impressed, because he knows it wouldn’t be enough. As you say, I’m “not much of a connoisseur for technology,” but even I can tell the difference. Do yourself a favor and aim higher, otherwise you, like every other arrogantly naive bug out there, will be constantly swindled by the developers into thinking that whatever they have out is “the best thing among others.” I’m doing you a favor right now; I’m teaching you some good life lessons.

        1. Ya, because saying all that proves your point. I could make a long ass paragraph about how stupid you are but as long as I have no evidence to support it, it’s completely worthless. Which is exactly the position your comment finds itself in.

  7. Wow, that’s kinda scary. Can the Wii U support this kind of power? I really hope so.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. We still don’t know how powerful the Wii U actually is. We have to wait for E3 to get the specs. I predict the greatest E3 ever!

    1. Consoles will always be behind PC’s.

      When you have a console that run this, you’ll have Unreal Engine 6 on PC’s.

  8. The people at Epic suck. I remember one of them said to the Wii-U: “Hey, it’s Nintendo. I’ll buy it. Everyone will. It’ll suck but I’ll still buy it.” (He said something like that). Not only did he mock the Wii-U but he just made fun of every single Nintendo fan.

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  10. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I’m not going to be excited over this until there is official confirmation that Unreal Engine 4 will run on Wii U.

  11. Not every game will use their engine. Other companies have their own engine that they use. It is not the only engine in the industry. While Unreal Engine 3 does look nice, someone could come out with a better one right after Unreal Engine 4 comes out. Technology moves fast but slow to adapt.

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