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Doom Creator Looking At Creating New “Old School” First Person Shooter

Legendary designer, John Romero, has announced via Twitter that he’s looking at creating a brand new ‘old school’ first person shooter. Romero revealed the news when he was fielding questions from fans on Twitter. Maybe we will hear more about this intriguing title, and the platforms it’s being developed for, at this year E3 event in June?

25 thoughts on “Doom Creator Looking At Creating New “Old School” First Person Shooter”

    1. On the other hand I’m not really sure what an old school fps is so maybe I should not judge so quickly.

    1. You can trust anyone after Daikatana. It’s called forgiving. It’s also called “fifteen year old failure of a game”. Let’s move on.

  1. Doom is still actually a pretty cool game. I played it recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  2. I might be interested if he puts it on Wii U. I have a feeling the Wii U will be my most played system of the next console generation.

  3. Because Duke Nukem Forever worked out so well lol I love an old school FPS as much as the next guy but I say leave it in the past. Old school mechanics with a modern game just doesn’t work well…

  4. Let’s just hope it’s not a new Daikatana. That game was supposed to be great, but didn’t turn out good at all.
    But then again, he should have learned from the past, and not make that mistake again :)

  5. What you would need to guarantee a success of such a franchise
    A Wii U only release (retail or download, both are good,) to ensure this game gets to the gamers that remember the original DOOM, and that they don’t pass on it because it’s “just another multiplat-cash-in”
    Fast pacing,
    Arcade-style pick-up and playability,
    And don’t be afraid of the word “BONUS”. In fact, sprinkle bonuses liberally around your game.
    The little smiling face at the bottom.

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