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GAME Won’t Be Stocking Kid Icarus Uprising

Nintendo UK has announced that Kid Icarus: Uprising is available now to pre-order from the vast majority of retailers, but GAME won’t be stocking the highly anticipated title. Yesterday I reported that Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has awarded the game a perfect 40/40.

The wait is over. Twenty-five years after the launch of the original Kid Icarus series for NES, Pit is back in Kid Icarus: Uprising exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, available to preorder from Amazon.co.uk , GameStop Littlewoods.com, Play.com and zavvi.co.uk  now!

From Friday 23rd March, Kid Icarus: Uprising will be available to buy on the high street via Argos, Asda, Blockbuster, Tesco, Dixons Stores Group, GameStop, HMV, Sainsbury’s, Smyths Toys, Toys R Us or online at Amazon, The Hut, JohnLewis.com, Littlewoods.com, Play.com, zavvi.co.uk , and as well as most good games retailers.


    1. I doubt there are going to be any decent games coming out soon, may as well take full advantage of the sale thats going on now

  1. Pffahaha, I saw the display boxes in GAME and Gamestation yesterday, oh lawd. Go grab some deals while you can, folks!

      1. That guy who was drawing was a super fast drawer LOL!

        Really it was in fast motion anyway.

    1. OK then. Explain why this happened with Mass Effect 3, a game that isn’t made by Nintendo nor is it even on a Nintendo console. Have you even been following what’s happening with Game?!

      This is not an issue with Nintendo, nor is it their fault. This is an issue with a shop chain that can’t afford to get major titles in stock because the bosses have no concept of money management.

      Also, “started already to failing”? That doesn’t even make sense. You try to piss us off, but you just end up looking like a moron.

  2. so my best bet is Asda if i want to get this game. at least i got a 9 day warming, I just getting fed up with all this not going in game/gamestation news and i hope this mess gets sorted out ASAP! Just buy the shop Gameshop!

  3. What the?

    My local GAME was accepting Pre-orders for Kid Icarus a few weeks ago when i last went there.

    It sucks because I could have been one of the pre-orderers.

  4. Love the ‘And all good Games Stores’ line at the end. Nintendo rubbing salt in the wounds right there.

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