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Nintendo 3DS Continues To Kill PlayStation Vita, Plus 50% Of Top Twenty Games On Nintendo 3DS

This weeks Media Create sales figures are in from Japan and they once again show that the Nintendo 3DS is the dominant hardware in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Nintendo 3DS sold an impressive 68,951 units, while the PlayStation Vita only managed to sell 10,041 units. Also of note is that ten games out of the entire Japanese top twenty are on Nintendo 3DS. Here’s both the Japanese software and hardware charts:

  1. [PS3] One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  2. [3DS] Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai
  3. [PS3] Street Fighter X Tekken
  4. [PS3] Mobile Suit Gundam UC
  5. [3DS] Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D
  6. [3DS] Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  7. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  8. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  9. [3DS] Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin
  10. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  11. [3DS] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  12. [3DS] Girls RPG: Cinderella Life
  13. [PS3] Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm Generation
  14. [360] Street Fighter X Tekken
  15. [PSV] Unit 13
  16. [3DS] Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles
  17. [PSP] Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave
  18. [WII] Just Dance Wii
  19. [PSP] Monster Hunter Freedom 3
  20. [WII] Wii Sports Resort with Wii Remote Plus
  • Nintendo 3DS: 68,951
  • PlayStation 3: 34,816
  • PSP: 16,176
  • PlayStation Vita: 10,041
  • Wii: 8,322
  • PlayStation 2: 1,363
  • Nintendo DS: 1,352
  • Xbox 360: 1,290


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    1. I agree, if the vita had a MH title, rhythm-based/music-based title, it would do much better. But even then, unless it was priced the same as the 3DS and it included something as social as the 3DS spotpass and streetpass features, only then would it do as well or maybe even better. Nevertheless, it’s going to have Phantasy Star Online 2 soon, and when it does I’ll definitely be getting one. Shows how much Nintendo is missing out on revenue, if they would release all those good titles in all regions at apporximately the same time, it would do geometrically better. Instead they release them with preference and by the time it gets out, people have either lost interest because they’ve been waiting for so long they either got a pirated copy or ordered it online for that specific region. Seems stupid to me.

      1. The Vita launch was 10x more successful than the PSP. If you go by total sales in lifetime (which is stupid) then of course the PSP beat the Vita which just started out, just like how the DS beat the 3DS in the first weeks of sale

      2. Talking about weekly sales DS beat 3DS only one week. The week before the infamous price cut. When everybody knew the price would drop and (almost) nobody bought a 3DS.
        Other than that… it never happened again.
        So….. yes. PSVita is a fail. And it’s coming by me, someone who’s playing with a Vita right now. L O L

      3. How is the Vita a fail? It’s not doing bad by any means, it’s not meant to beat the 3DS. No company has ever beat Nintendo at sales in handhelds, the Vita is succeeding in what it aims to do. Bring PS3-like games on the go in a quality handheld

      4. the vita is only considered a fail when compared to the system it was downgraded to be priced competitively against. at the vast majority of (if not all of) the points of the 3DS’s life, it sold more than the vita did at the same points of its life. there’s that plus that whole downgrade thing i mentioned earlier, which forces people to overpay just to save their game unlike with the 3DS (outlined here http://i.imgur.com/9qC4f.jpg ).

        then of course, there’s the fact that japan is probably going to be the biggest factor in holding back vita sales with absolutely dismal numbers. at this point, the vita is likely never going to catch the 3DS’s sales, which can make it believed to be a failure. after months and months of reading about how much of a failure the 3DS was, how doomed it was, and how much better the vita was going to do, it’s only natural for people among the gaming public to consider the vita a failure for doing much worse than the 3DS

      5. Oh well, I’ll have fun playing my failure. I guess I can’t enjoy my Vita now because it hasn’t sold as much as the 3DS.

      1. You mean how he claims to be “unbaised” yet he hopes the Vita fails because he hates variety and can’t like more than one company. If people weren’t idiots, they’d want the Vita and 3DS to exist in harmony, but 99% of this site is pure fanboys.

      2. The vitas doing great here. Maybe better than 3ds. I havnt touched mine since i got my vita.

    1. Vita outsold everything the last week of February globally…but other than that the 3ds has been number one since the holidays…the 360 continues to outsell wii and ps3 has been the highest selling home console this year.

      1. thegunnshop@uthube microsoft is dominating. rumers has it that like nintendo microsoft wants to buy out sony. microsoft also is implementing windows 8 and is trying to create a unified pc/console gaming experiance. another goal the microsoft said is that they want the next console to be as close to pc as they can muster.

      2. Microsoft should just go back to sticking with software… they don’t deserve to be in the gaming side of things. leave the gaming to the developers.

        Xbox fails, its simple to see how it fails; if you cant see it that means you fail at seeing errors.

      3. unfortunately VGcharts has been discredited by most sources, even Wikipedia. It is not reliable and -should not- be used.

      4. “Even WIKIPEDIA”
        WIKIPEDIA…. The write your own encyclopedia… I think the vita is god awful but don’t attack it with wiki….

    2. I’m also curios about this. Some statistics about the sales in North America or Europe will be very interesting too, as the market moves differently in these regions. Articles about this statistics will be a great complement too.

      1. Sickr, I used to respect you. I came to this site after buying a 3DS and hearing about it from friends. Now I have both a Vita and 3DS, and I can honestly say both are amazing. I still come here for 3DS news, but when you post articles like this with the title “3DS continues to kill Vita” and when you pretend you’re not a fanboy, I can’t stand this site. Everybody that reads this is going to say, “then leave” but truth is, this is a great site, when it’s not Nintendo fanboy news, when stuff like this happens, I think you’re going against what being a gamer means. To play games for fun and not hate companies for idiotic reasons.

      2. Sickr never said he hated the PSV, and saying the “3DS Kills the PSV” is just the same as saying “This team kills that team.” Basically, all news stories that cover statistics whether sports or gaming related say something like “dominates”,”kills”, or “destroys.” Besides, isn’t 70,000 amazing compared to 10,000? If it was the other way around (PSV-good sales vs. 3DS-bad sales), there’s a chance that that Sickr would say “PSV kills 3DS.” Overall, I’m not telling you that you’re not allowed to have your opinions, I’m just telling you to add proof to your accusations. (If you can give me a link to a news story where Sickr really says he “hates” Sony or the PSV, I’ll believe you. For now, I don’t.)

      3. To me, being a gamer just means that you play and enjoy games as well, irregardless of whether or not you own more than one brand of home consoles or portable systems (i.e. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony). It really is as simple as that.

        I don’t have a Playstation Vita myself as I am a firm believer in company loyalty (well…that and I would be too poor to afford ALL consoles and ALL games that I like on them). However, what people are saying about the Vita is just plain wrong. If anyone here claims to be a Nintendo fan, then they should want the Vita to do better than the PSP as well. It is that boost in sales that triggers a spark between both Nintendo and Sony to compete for the limelight, which is why we saw the surgical price cut of the Nintendo 3DS which led to the boost in sales for Holiday ’11.

        Here is where the Vita is at right now:

        – It sells better here in the states and always sells the best in Europe.
        – It boasts technical prowess over the Nintendo 3DS in almost every way (with the exception of the fact that both have a similar battery life).
        – Vita has a STRONG launch lineup. Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 are great examples of how launch games should be.

        – Marketing is absolutely terrible (at least here in the states). At first, I thought the commercials were about a Sony handheld that just allowed you to transfer PS3 games to the smaller screen of the Vita to let you play where you want to.
        – The Vita’s design is similar in almost every aspect to the PSP’s from the standpoint of the average consumer.
        – Despite the fact that Sony is estimated to lose money on each Vita sold for a total of 3 years, the price of the hardware itself (US $249 Wi-Fi/$299 3G) is completely absurd. The Nintendo 3DS at least had everything you needed in the box it came in (even if its price was also asking for too much).
        – The system itself is not revolutionary in the world of handheld systems.
        – Lackluster sales in Japan.

        If the Vita continues to do poorly, then it is at risk of having game projects for the system cancelled are moved over another platform. It is a seriously scary thought as that would mean Nintendo would be the only force in the market for handheld systems. Pitting the fate of one of gaming’s most powerful and prominent markets out there on the shoulders of one company such as Nintendo against the surging popularity of Apple and its smartphones (as sales could suffer on the handheld front if Nintendo doesn’t continue to push exclusive software for their systems) could spell the end of portable gaming systems as we know it.

        That is the worst case scenario, but I think Nintendo would still hold their own weight if something like that were to happen. Still…Sony really needs to fix the Vita’s issues outlined above.

      4. lalalalalalalalal I can’t hear you lol j/k nice view point btw. I still want the Vita to fail anyways!!!

      5. Somebody sounds butt-hurt the Vita is failing hard!!! Your previous post do prove you favor SONY more anyways. BEGONE WITH U SONY FANBOY AND LET THE NINTENDO FANBOYS HAVE THEIR FUN ON A NINTENDO FAN SITE!!!

    3. According to VGCHARTZ the 3ds outsold the vita in it’s (the vita’s) second week, which is the week ending on marsh 3rd

      the 3ds outsold the vita in both america and japan but not in europe which is weirdly enough sony’s best market atm for the vita

      1. The vita is still selling pretty solid for the price tag. I think anybody who ever assumed the vita was going to outsell the 3ds was crazy.. Now if they were both still 250 I think it would be a little different…I hope they both do well because I own both and want good games on both which at the moment they both have good games.

      2. a little different really do you actually think that. The 3DS launch at same price, less games at retail, not a lot of built in features, and no messages system and it still sold better than Vita which had more games, online store, all its features and messages system from the start.

    4. 3DS sold the most along with Wii and 360 in US.
      Even though we rarely sees NPD sales on game site the most recent one had 3DS, Wii, and 360 on top with above 220,000.

  1. I’m a proud 3DS owner and im really happy to see it’s ravaging the vita in japan, but what about in the west? im interested in knowing how its doing against the vita in our land :p

    1. Posted above but you might miss it so here:

      According to VGCHARTZ the 3ds outsold the vita in it’s (the vita’s) second week, which is the week ending on marsh 3rd

      the 3ds outsold the vita in both america and japan but not in europe which is weirdly enough sony’s best market atm for the vita

      1. 3ds: US 61k Europe:66k Japan:63k Global: 197k
        Vita: US: 54k Europe: 93k japan:10k Global: 168k

        3ds sales are pretty stable while vitas sales will probably drop lower than their current state

      2. That’s because NINTENDO FORGOT EAST EUROPE!!!

  2. Don’t know whether to clap for 3DS or cry for Vita…………………………….*clap clap clap clap*

  3. Only games that came out for vita were unit 13 and MLB 12. MLB 12 doesn’t get sold in Japan, so 100% of vita games released for the week made the list.

    But in NA it’s mostly all about mass effect 3, SFxT, and MLB 12.

    Even unit 13 did ok, even though it wasn’t as good as the other 3 I have listed.

  4. I work at BestBuy and I can honestly say I have not seen 1 vita go out the door this week!

    1. Yea that’s 2.5 million dollars, but also exchange rate. It’s actually more like 350/400$ in Japan.

      But if you want to see sales, ME3 sold almost 2 million units this week. Puts these sales charts to shame.

    2. I recall that Sony said they were already selling at a loss, so it’s not that good. That’s also why they can’t lower the price for more sales, they wouldn’t get enough money.

      1. Well it costs 170 to make plus R&D and all that crap.

        I mean they sell at a loss it’s only to America (well NA) because with exchange rates they are far more expensive in EU and JP. They got to make at least 100$ on a vita sold in japan. EU is probably only 30-50$ but anything is good.

        I mean according to the revenue charts Sony took a hit when the ps3 released but after 3 years the income started to rise at an insane rate.

  5. I wanted to purchase a Vita, but there aren’t any games worth purchasing a Vita for yet, so I’ll wait a bit longer (probably during the holidays). They are finally releasing games for the 3DS, so I don’t feel as stupid for purchasing it as early as I did. Considering that there weren’t too many games worth getting on the PSP (for me that is) as a casual/mid-core gamer, I hope that changes with the Vita.

    1. IMO there is enough games out and coming out for both to justifie the purchase of both…now last year at this time I bought a 3ds and pulled my hair out for months wanting a game to play but finally its getting a steady stream of content.

  6. I’ve got and love both, but the Vita makes the 3DS feel kind of like a toy. That screen is gorgeous x_x Hopefully they’ll both do well, and we can all put the “iOS is going to kill handheld game consoles” meme behind us.

    1. They both feel like toys to me lol. I have both as well I wish the 3ds had the screen size of the vita and the vita had 3d like the 3ds.

  7. I’m just glad to see Nintendo do so well with the 3DS. I will not down-talk the Vita. It’s not necessary to trash-talk the competition, esp. when they’re already struggling. I’m personally not interested in Vita, but I view its competition as a rather good thing. Anyways, here’s hoping for even more success for the Nintendo 3DS in coming months! And boy, I just can’t wait until E3!

  8. Does any one know if there is a possibility that Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai will be coming out in Canada?

    1. That’s a smart move the Vita looks like it’ll be dead in less than a year from now!!! It’ll really be forgotten once the next gen systems come out this year the first one being the Wii U. The system just doesn’t have enough time to build momentum and never will!!!

      1. yeah.

        Xbox is way worse then Vita.

        Nintendo > Vita > (Xbox should never be on the list as it’s so bad and fails so much) Commodore 64

    1. Same here! Love them both. Got to love the Nintendo doom gloomers posting, lol!!

      I heard the some FUD when the PSP was launched. Look how the PSP is doing now! :)

      Have no fear, the Vita is going to kick ass eventually.

  9. I said a little different I didnt say the vita would be out selling the 3ds I just think the numbers would be different.either way it doesn’t matter they are both awesome I will never understand this fanboy shit I defended the 3ds when it came out and I’ll defend the vita now…if vita ends up not getting good games in the next couple of years then I’ll call it a failure..sales don’t matter much to me honestly it’s the games and believe it or not some shit games sell a hell of a lot more than some really good games a good example of this is Zelda every single Zelda that has ever been released deserves more copies sold and metroid is even worse those games are brilliant and still don’t sell as well as cod or gta

    1. It’s a failure because it underachieved in outselling the 3DS when every Sony bot thought the thing was gonna bully the 3DS before it came out!!! If sales don’t matter much than why all the butt-hurt? It is important to have sales if you want continued 3rd party support and making sure the hardware doesn’t die prematurely in it’s lifetime. Too bad the Vita is already losing support and looks to die after the next generation console come out!!!

      1. Well in that regard it is a failure yes but that also means the n64 and GameCube were also failures…lol yes I kno they weren’t failures they had some of the best games ever on them but like I said comparing sales figures is stupid..as long as a console or handheld sells enough to get continued support I’m happy.

  10. awesome! the 3DS isn’t killing the Vita.. its murdering it!!
    there’s 10 3DS games up there!
    Love you Nintendo, ever Since 1992
    oh and for all you Sony Fanboys saying the 3DS is “dead”, you deserve this! suck it

  11. what’s sad is that no one even pays attention to the Vita demos anymore. Vita is bleeding Sony dry.

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