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Tetsuya Nomura Claims Kingdom Hearts 3D Takes Around 35 Hours To Complete

Tetsuya Nomura has told Famitsu that he expects the majority of players will finish Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance in roughly 35 hours, though he states that play time will be extended if players participate in the game’s character raising component and mini games. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is coming to North America and Europe sometime later this year.

30 thoughts on “Tetsuya Nomura Claims Kingdom Hearts 3D Takes Around 35 Hours To Complete”

      1. Lolwut? I can complete SS with every sidequest and unlockable, in hero mode, in 32 hours. I know cause I´ve done it. Althnough I´ll admit it took me closer to 50 hours the first time around.

    1. 100 hours, really? Then you must be a really slow gamer. I beat it in about 30 hours for the first time and another 30 for Hero Mode and 100%, so I think 35 hours makes a decently long game.

      1. And I am a pretty slow gamer who looks in every crevace and goes through dungeons multiple times showing different people. So while I think it could easily take 100 hours, Skyward Sword sohuld take an average normal playthrough (At least advertised) of 50 hours.

    2. Uhh they predicted 35 hours for Skyward Sword as well, but I beat mine in just under 30. So for you to take over 100 means you’re good at Zelda games, but it also means that these time frames do not apply to you.

  1. I wonder how long it would take to 100%. It took me about 60 hours to get to 97% complete in Birth By Sleep (3% being one of the in-game trophies and didn’t fully get every item in the game, don’t know what I missed though). So I wonder how long KH:3D will take to do that, hopefully it will be like Birth By Sleep and doesn’t require a mass ive amount of time spent grinding to defeat the secret bossses – I loved how the two secret bosses in BBS could be beaten at the same level as the final story-boss if you were good enough with the battle system.

    1. somersaulting.. lol’d

      But I agree, the game is about to launch in japan, and no news about it in the US.

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  3. I fucking love Kingdom Hearts! have played 1 & 2, Recoded and 358/2 at least 5 times each. Hopefully part 3 will be released on the Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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  6. Doesn’t compare to the 60 hours I spent playing through Tales of the Abyss. But 35 hours is still plentiful, especially compared to games these days.

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  8. Tetsuya said that he finish the story in 35 hours but if i know KH like i thinks i know the bonus bosses will get people to play it for longer that 35 hours the boss like M.F and V.S from BBS is a pain they easily got me play the game for an extra 4-5 hours just to get the right command for them xD

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