Sonic Producer Says Sonic Dimensions On Wii U Is A Hoax

Sonic producer Takashi Lizuka has told online gaming publication Spong that the previously rumoured Wii U exclusive Sonic Dimensions isn’t real. Lizuka simply said that the game is a complete hoax, and that it isn’t something that the Sonic Team is working on.

Can you say whether the rumour of a game called Sonic Dimensions on the Wii U is true or false?

Sonic Dimensions? [Laughs] I think it’s a complete hoax. [Laughs]


  1. Why do Nintendo fan boys keep making up rumors about fake games coming to Wii U, face it guys nobody wants to develop new games for this thing.

    1. I know right? I mean let’s face it; Crytek doesn’t want to, Epic Games don’t want to, EA, Activision, Sega, Capcom, etc all don’t want to! It’s going to be a fail system.

      … Hopefully you can see through what I said and know it’s sarcasm.

      1. What?
        He is implying that the Wii U will be great because all those great companies want to develop for it. He was being sarcastic towards the troll who happened to be first.
        Shame you can’t see sarcasm when it’s right in front of your nose.

      2. Actually they do want to develope for
        The wii U they even stated it …. They say it’s an interesting platform to work on ,.,,,ur just a Sony fanboy

      3. Dude! READ(!!!) THE COMMENT!
        He is saying that he was being sarcastic, and impying that the Wii U will be awesome, with those companies all supporting it. Please just >>>read<<<.

      4. Youfindyoudarkstariamusergotosleepitisrealsayitha Thacker ha ah ha I am not Jeff creepypasta I a boy

      5. Actually epic games just said a few days ago they aren’t making anything for wii u.

        The head guy said “if we had 10 teams we would make a game for each console that was exclusive to it and unique, but we don’t have 10 teams so we have to pick and choose the platforms.”

      6. over 200 Titles already confirmed and in development for the Wii U lol

        this thing is going to have the biggest game line up of the next Gen

        Sony will have its own exscluvie games but nowhere near the ammount Nintenod will have

        and about the only Xbox exsclusives you’ll get is Kinect games

        Ms already stated it doesnt care about exsclusives anymore since multiplats sell better

        I guess they didnt take into account that there is a good chance they are going to loose that core audience for the multiplats since Nintendo are launching a year before the next Xbox

        plus there are also those Rumours about it aswell which do it absolutely no justice

        I know alot of people who have guarentied they will not be buying the new xbox if those rumours are true

        Interest in Wii U is massive

    2. Justcuz a bunch of idiots keep making up false rumors doesnt mean noone wants to make gamesfor the wii u.

      1. lets face it the WII u sucks, get over it NIntedo fanboys. All consoles suck, go play some PC. though Sony is the only decent console thing out there nowadays

      2. I have to agree. Nintendo’s sucked ever since the Nintendo 64 came out. I’m more into PC gaming anyway, but the Wii U is NOT gonna change the failures of the generation of consoles. Just sayin’.

      3. Ok, I’m just gonna say this. Nintendo wasn’t that bad in the past. Nintendo 64 had some good games, and so did the Gamcube. fuck, i grew up with does systems, along with the PS2 and the Xbox. BUT, since the Wii, There was alot of let downs. Yes they had some good hits like SSBB and Sonic Colors…but the systems seems to be mainly for Kids Birthday parties or slumber parties.

        What I am trying to say is that Nintendo has it’s ups and downs, and we can never predict how a system will impact till it is out…I honestly thought the PS3 would be a let down, but boy was i wrong.

        I tend to stay nuetral till the system comes out…

      4. The reason why they made the wii u was to bring back core gamers, so hopefully most “kiddy slumber parties” are a thing of the past. Plus, the system just came out, it might be a little too early to say “this sucks sony is better!11!”

  2. What the hell guys, he said there is not
    going to be SONIC DIMENTIONS so
    shut the fuck up!

      1. I think sonic demensions is real in 2014 just like the spongebob movie 2 and Mario vs sonic game too.

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