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Don’t Forget The Kid Icarus Uprising Anime Clips Are Available To Download Now

Nintendo UK has issued a press release to remind everyone that ahead of the launch of Kid Icarus: Uprising on Friday 23rd March, Nintendo 3DS owners now have exclusive access to the first part in a series of Kid Icarus Anime clips, entitled ‘Thanatos Rising’. It is available now via Nintendo Video and features the angel Pit and his battle against one of Medusa’s minions – all in glorious 3D.

The game will launch with 6 Kid Icarus AR Cards included, but there are more to collect to boost your collection.  Each card represents a character, an enemy, a weapon or a location of the game. When the player puts a card in front of the outer cameras of Nintendo 3DS, the 3D model representing that card will pop out of the card and on the screen. When two cards are facing against each other, the player can make the 3D models fight.  The exclusive Kid Icarus AR Cards will also be available through Club Nintendo. Watch out for extremely rare cards hidden in certain packs. And to get the freshest news, make sure you follow the official Kid Icarus Twitter feed @KidIcarusUK

8 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The Kid Icarus Uprising Anime Clips Are Available To Download Now”

      1. wow thats why nintendo makes manoy.because they make games and cartoons too.Nintendo software technology has take the game with a few words…

  1. I have seen the clips on my great-nephew’s 3DS and it was good. The animators from Production I.G. had done a great job of the CGI animated characters. They should make an anime series one of these days.

  2. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    My 3DS downloaded the videos and I must say it looked pretty cool. It came in 3 seperate downloads though so you have to access it 3 times to watch the whole thing..

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