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Site News: Gravatar/Avatar Issue Apparently Resolved Plus Anonymous Posting

The majority of you will be aware that there’s been a whole heap of problems with the WordPress commenting system as of late. Previously those who had a Gravatar or tried to post anonymously (without putting in an email address or username) were greeted with an error message saying the email they were using is associated with another WordPress account.

According to the WordPress staff the situation has been resolved. Those of you who are trying to log in with your Gravatar/Avatar need to visit or and log in with your details and you should be able to post under your username with your personal avatar. I really hope it works this time around! Please let me know in the comments if it actually works.


52 thoughts on “Site News: Gravatar/Avatar Issue Apparently Resolved Plus Anonymous Posting”

      1. dudeimstondplaying3dsbro

        ニンテンドー3DSソフト『新・光神話 パルテナの鏡』の任天堂公式アカウントです。ゲームの内容や最新情報をお伝えします。ご質問・お問い合わせにはお答えしておりませんのでご容赦ください。

        1. I used Bable fish to try and translate this from Japanize to English; here is what it says.

          The [nintendo] 3DS software ‘it is the Nintendo Co. official account of the mirror of new optical mythical [parutena]’. We convey the contents and up-to-date information of the game. Because to question we have not answered the inquiry, please pardon.

          I was expecting a troll comment…

          1. ^^^^^^^^^^^\||____
            | The STFU Truck |||””‘|””\__,_
            | _____________ l||__|__|__|)

        1. I had to come here to tell you I followed these instructions already. I logged out of my gravatar account and logged back in but it didn’t work, however I saw a friend of mine got his working so maybe he can show me how. Also you should know trolls are commenting on the article above and it pretty much makes reading the comments impossible. (from my phone at least)

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