Resident Evil Revelations Producer Says Survival Horror Doesn’t Sell, Resident Evil Needs More Action

Resident Evil Revelations producer Masachika Kawata believes that survival horror doesn’t sell and the studio should look at Western games such as Call of Duty, that are action based, to make more profits. Kawata claims that there just isn’t enough interest in survival horror games to justify big investments in that area anymore.

“RE4 started in that direction, and RE5 kept going in that direction.”

“I think that especially for the North American market, we need to keep going in that direction, and take that a step further. And that’s exactly one of the reasons that Revelations is the way it is.”

This trend may not continue in the upcoming Resident Evil 6, with which Kawata is not involved, but he still believes the series could benefit by following the example of best-sellers like Call of Duty.

“Looking at the marketing data, the market is small, compared to the number of units Call of Duty and all those action games sell.”

“A ‘survival horror’ Resident Evil doesn’t seem like it’d be able to sell those kind of numbers.”


  1. This is one of the things I dislike about western gaming. It’s been really long since i’ve played a gem of a horror game. I absolutely love being scared witless in games, Project Zero, Amnesia for example. But there’s just barely any of them anymore, even Dead Space was predictable after an hour. And other games like FEAR and Resident Evil have “SCARY!” slapped on the cover, when it’s anything but.

    1. i know right! now i truely know why anything that sucks money is the blame and most ppl in the west! (note: im in the west!)

    2. i hate my country Mexico, in the gaming area, they only like/want/play fucking CoD, FIFA, and bloody violent games -.-

      1. Im in Mexico and Mexican and I play pogaymanz bro :[ and I own all Mario and Nintendo Consoles… I just hate that Mexico doesn’t produce any video games like Canada or USA or Japan :[

      2. um resident evil 123 and x all are predictable.survival horror is predictably lame it isnt even fun. even revelaitions was predictable…monster in closet,check,. by windows, check, up ceiling, check. hunters popping out to kill, check. you get the point. its more predictable than movies and just as boring as point and click or real time event=favorite crap white ppl like cause they boring lame white men cant jump no groove plain vinnal bitches who rant and cry 2 much like estrogen hoes. anyways adding action can make it fun. hell it could be scary like predator alien flicks. fuck puzzle layton white boring faggotry shit. puzzle r 4 grandmomthers. blk r fun we invented rock=ya suck.

      3. I completely disagree with you. You sound like you don’t know how to solve puzzles. Puzzles are for the keen of mind, not some mindless dumb fuck as you.

        Resident evil 123 and 4 was great (even tho 4 was going action wise). I simply LOVE revelation it reminds of part 1 that was soo scary. Yea it may look predictable but put it on hard/hell mode and all predictability is gone. I love it!!!!!

        I am sad that the producer feel that way and i hate the west for the influence in their stupid action cod games. Dont get me wrong i play it and I will kill everyone here in this room when am online.

        But slow pace puzzle resident evil game is a blast for me.

        Get N or get OUT!!!!

      4. LOL! I’m from Costa Rica and I’m the only one with a Nintendo Wii here, a friend has one but it’s from her dad and no one uses it. I’m the onloy one with a 3DS, people barely know what that is here. I’m 21 and I’m the only one with Nintendo consoles from the people I know. Most people now have an iPhone or iPod Touch and play with that.

      1. Even though you weren’t first, can I still fuck myself with a Metapod? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE??

      2. Abbie if your a girl… yes yes you can otherwise go kill yourself :]

        don’t know weather this boner is right :[

    1. So Does that mean pokemon is a survival horror ? Cus i’m always shitting my self when I get into a pokemon battle !

      1. Nawh man its just you… although Pokemon battles are the best :]

    1. +1
      i think not only the environment and being surprised gives the “terror” to a game. i remember fighting 10 zombies with 1 clip, the thrill of running and hoping for no enemies

  2. hey Capcom,i have a neat idea for you. why dont you make Resident evil games 3/4 scary and 1/4 action,and all you have to do is just show the action part in the trailers… SUCCESS, confusing consumers is fun!!!

  3. Yeah! Let’s Make A Horror Game And Turn It Into A Call Of Duty Game… Pufff… Zombies Nah… I Mean… This Halo Game… How Many Games And They Still Making It…

    Burn That Man And Throw Him To The River…

    1. Yeah. Burn him. For speaking the truth. As he said, survival horror games don’t sell enough. COD does. It’s not rocket science. Whether you like it or not it’s happening. If you’re gonna burn anyone then burn the idiots who ignore the genre for bland FPS’s.

      1. You round em up and ill burn em up! The lazy American population needs to burn from a nuclier holocost, watch the flesh melting off the skin from the explosion. Maybe after they see the fear of a nuke in our own back yard maybe they will respect the horror industry and the Japanese crazy but good storys.

        Japanese Game developer: I have this crazy bad ass game the story will blow you away, bring a tear to your eye, scare the crap out of you, and leave you feeling breathless.

        The average fat kid in mommas basement American consumer: does it have guns?

        Japanese game developer: nope

        The average fat kid in mommas basement American consumer: man screw that game.

        Japanese game developer: alright team we need to scrap the game the fat kid doesn’t want it.

        Game developer team member: what about the story?

        Producer: scrap it, we are making COD12049871029385&38104928472676630192619 copy and paste the engine in COD1 and up the graphics.

        Fat kid: yeah wooooo, now this is an awsome new game.

      2. why you have to be so stereotypical? im pretty sure a lot of people around the world are like those so called “lazy americans”. i was playing BF3 once and there was this british kid, the ones people compare to those “12 year-old cod players”. you see its not only america its the whole world. instead of rounding and burning bland FPS fans how bout you burn the catalyst of this whole bland game fiasco, ACTIVISION and EA.

      3. lololol at least let us non fat american people with common sense and that aren’t into the whole “what’s hot” shit out before you burn the rest hahaha

  4. Stop trying to be more like westerners and keep your own distinctive style of gaming, Japan. Despite what they claim, America isn’t #1 in most things.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  5. Everyone wants to make their games more like call of duty which is one incredibly sad thing about this generation of games.

    1. yes sad they are making more money than your prostitute mother. stfu and get a job you jackass ppl go for money problem?

  6. And this guy needs to realize the only reason resident evil sold was cause it was scary. RE5 wasn’t even worth a second playthrough.

    1. i feel the same here, i alredy beat RE5 and i don’t feel playing it again after a month or a year, it was all action there wasn’t any moment of horror (well i felt a bit nervous when fightin the chainsaw guy for the first time) :/

  7. We don’t need another COD. What we need is the same tense, eerie, what’s-gonna-happen-next atmosphere that RE once had, and lost. Look at Amnesia: Dark Descent for inspiration, not cookie-cutter shooters that are becoming as frequent, ubiquitous, and similar to each other as yearly sports game installments.

    *end of mild gamer rant* lol

    1. yes cuz you speak for everone smh cunt! yes lets get stuck playing platform for another fucking 40 decades because mario kart 78 and super mario galaxy sunshine land 2d 3d and legend of ocarina of wind waker never gets dull. go back to sucking your moms tits. and learn to speak for yourself little man.

      1. Accept it, FPS is the most dull of the genres. It does’t make people think, just shoot. Even the the platformers you hate are more complex. Go back under you bridge, troll.

  8. He’s got a point. Before you go and point out games like Silent Hill, those games don’t sell as much. Dead Space is a horror game, but it has plenty of action and it barely breaks the 1-2 million copies sold. It’s sad, but that is the true.

  9. call of duty? now u want a fps resident evil hows that gana work i own revelations and i think the only reason it sold was because it had 3 things good graphics guns and online co op it wasent scary and there wasent even no action in it all out gun fights on monsters isnt action its called unleashing hell on motha fuckas now if u wana barrow experience look to the developers of FEAR and DEADSPACE

  10. The reason I bought dead space 2 was because the commercial said it was terrifying also the reason I bought resident evil revelations is because i kept hearing resident evil has returned to it’s survival horror roots, I loved both games but they weren’t that scary some parts kinda but I was expecting more.People do want survival horror games! They will sell , their are so many action games. We need more unique games!

  11. Please no! Don’t do it like westen games. Westen games suck monkey balls dipped in diaréea filled with puke after someone who drank to much alcohol at a friday night…

    1. There is better western games this generation but every generation b4 was won by Japan hands down.

  12. No one wants to be original anymore. Everyone wants to follow the leader. The Resident Evil series is my wife’s favorite games to play. If they turn it to action they would lose her sell because of that. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Mario games (all different types), and Donkey Kong are the only games she play. It would be nice if publishers/developers just stay true to themselves and don’t worry about the competition. Does it really matter if you are not making Call of Duty type money? Does that money count so much that you lose yourself in the process?

      1. plus they make billions of bucks on those games so why stop making mario and zelda, right?

        they wouldnt add a shooting game to there IP list, you now why? not because they dont want to “follow the leader” but because they dont want to change there formula of mario, zelda, donkey-kong, etc….rinse repeat. it would be a stupid move for them

      2. I would not be to sure about that to be honest. They have metroid alread and the step from that game to a FPS is not that big.

      3. im not saying it WONT sell, i mean its nintendo, it has to sell. but not as much as the other genres

  13. If Resident Evil needs to be more like Call of Duty, then Super Mario needs to be more like Angry Birds.

    It’s much better to be a trendsetter than a trend-follower. It would suck if they went that route with Resident Evil. I don’t play them much, but it would still suck. It’s good that they’re looking at western trends, but that doesn’t mean they should copy them. Instead of changing the series like that, maybe they could make a new game that features more action.

    1. Think about it this way, Skyward Sword was Nintendo’s most expensive, most advertised, longest developed game in the company’s history. And it barely sold more than 3 million units so far. They’re not making the game for money; they make it because it’s their heritage, and it’s how they show the pinnacle of the console’s ability.

      1. Still haven’t played Skyward Sword yet lol. I hope Nintendo keeps doing what they’re doing cause they rock at it :)

      2. just a question are you a Zelda fan?if you are what the god damn hell are you not playing it for,if your not really a a zelda fan you should still play it.its fun,not my favorite Zelda(mine being Windwaker) but one of most likeable ones,try out Windwaker,a link to the past,n64 zeldas,twilight princess,i like em….

      3. I have played some Zelda games. The N64 ones, the NES ones (I still haven’t beaten Zelda 2, it’s too hard lol), Minish Cap and Link’s Awakening DX. They were all good and I will probably get Twilight Princess and Wind Waker if they put it on the Wii U Virtual Console. Skyward Sword I might get before the Wii U launches but I don’t know yet.

      4. Yo! Ya fucking around with me, fag? Ya get you wimpy ass some cash money and buy dat Skyward Sword shit! ITs better dhan Mario, fucka! What the hell to ya buy fo dat izz Wii dhat be collectin’ dust without Skyward Sword! Imma not gonna tell yo one more time, bro! Go get Skyward Sword, fag!

      5. lol i just stared playing twilight princess and i love it, i was never really in to zelda games but i pretty much am now. i played it for like 57 hours and i still havent beat it yet, i am kicking my self for waiting so long!

      6. Yo! Fat motha fucka! Yo be thinkin, my Zelda ain’t good?! Imma not gonna teel yoz again! Yo go sell you Cock of Duty fuck and buy my Zeldas, ahhhhh yeah!

    1. Yo! Cuz yo motha fuckas don’t be in the gangz, so da only shooting ya get is in yo games! Imma go play good shit like my Zelda and Skyrim!

  14. What a dunce. Revelaitons only sucked in story and replay. Everything else was great. They probably should have marketed it more. The most publicity I saw it get was for the afforementioned typo.

  15. The last time a Japanese developer has wanted to be more like Call of Duty, we got Lost Planet 2. Wait…wasn’t that Capcom as well?

    Also, Keiji Inafune’s points at GDC are exemplified here: I understand that making games is a business, but shouldn’t the developers be more interested in making good games then making something that rakes in the cash? Seems like the good games do that anyway.

  16. Survival horror doesn’t succeed because it’s become crap. Only 3 games scare me, two of them not being official games and one’s not a horror game: Minecraft, Underhell(the house part, at least), and Nightmare House 2.
    It’s like game developers don’t know how to scare people anymore.

  17. SMDH I sometimes hate it when I’m right, I agrued this same problem a week ago, Japanese need to get off Americas Dick and realize they are far more skilled at creating immersave games than western could ever do, the reason their fan base is declining is because they are trying to adapt our idiotic feeble minded Americans. They need to do what they do best and be imaginary

  18. call of duty? what kind of crap is he smoking. resident evil started as a survival horror and that’s how it should stay otherwise change the fucking name. cod and other generic shooters sell only because unfortunately brainwashed kids and teens are stuck in a mindless generic shooter craze.

  19. Customer: One Nintendo 3DS please. Employee: (Laughs) You've gotta be kiddin' that thing is for BABIES! Customer: Uh... Are you going to sell me one or not? Employee NO! Go get an Xbox 360 and gobble up MW3 Customer: Wow! You're a total fanboy jerk, I'm t says:

    THe Wii U will fail when it comes out. Nothing but PS3/360 ports and crappy launch games from Nintendo!

    1. Seems to be a troll. But still gonna respond because it CAN be someone who’s sucking Sony dick:

      Not really… Dragon Quest X… Nuff said!

  20. fuuuuuuuuuuu

    altough its sad he’s pretty much right about the market, consummers buying cod game after cod game sent a clear message to devs

  21. No, horror games dont sell. But thats because of the accessibility. Not everyone wants to be scared shitless. A lot of people love the thrill of action games like COD, but instead of trying to have the thrill of action and some scares, just do horror. RE games have been in the middle and while it’s more accessible, its not as scary, so you’re losing the horror fans, but its also got the tag of it being a scary game attached to the franchise, so people who dont want horror games wont buy it. So make a game where I practically have diarrhea playing it. It will be amazingly scary and all horror fans will flock to it like no other. Screw the COD market.

  22. Bullshit! c’mon! I think they wanna transform RE in a GOW but with zombies instead of locust!
    We need horror not action, there’s a plenty action games on market today, but a really awesome horror game? there’s no! The only thing that caused me fear in RE5 was the fact that i never got all the achievements in XBOX360 ¬¬!!

    1. dont be closed minded, of course its about the money, they are a business. times have changed, its not the sweet candy land of the PSone days anymore. if you cant accept the change in the market then quit gaming and never come back. play your old games

      1. PSone sweet candy land?
        Bitch PLEASE! PSone if ANYTHING was about money -___-

  23. I like the resident evil series and COD, but if everyone starts making games like COD ask we’ll have are mindless fps where you don’t have to think out side any puzzles. RE4 was great, keep the action around that level and don’t turn into COD zombies.

  24. I don’t understand why there can’t be both! Who said action couldn’t include a fight for your life? And why does horror have to be boring? It doesn’t really make any sense to me…

  25. Actually come to think of it its a brilliant plan… Flood the market with so many cheep COD knockoffs with everything it stands for… Then all of a sudden stop… The entire US will shoot them selves to get there fix that the gaming endustry refuses to make. Americans shoots them selves and Japan takes over the country. Happy world

  26. the reason why call of duty sells so much it’s that most customers are ignorant and buy anithing without thinking it. why always stupid people have to screw up everything?!, if RE6 dissapoints me like RE5 and RE4 (it didn’t scare me) then i will stop getting RE games forever and find other games.

  27. “The series could benefit by following the example of best-sellers like Call of Duty”?? NO! I’m not even a RE fan, and that statement irks me!

    Honestly, I don’t hate Call of Duty for the games itself, I hate it for what it represents. Because COD sells, the only thing game developers want to make is FPS games. No one wants to take risks anymore, which I can understand from a business standpoint, but… it still hurts to admit.

    1. We should be happy that we still have Nintendo… They take risks and create new and exciting things (just look at Uprising)

      INB4: Old game from 8-bit gen.

  28. yes, a more action RE might sell well like the COD shit, but then there will just be like another COD, not the resident evil anymore, please, don’t just follow the money

  29. I think Nintendo should let Silicon Knights make a new Eternal Darkness game for the Wii U, to show this guy what a really scary game looks like. They should have already thought of this.

  30. But…Why would someone buy RE if it’s basically COD with zombies instead of people? Wouldn’t that make sales even worse?

  31. He’s kind of right but still there should be a balance, it can have more action and still be survival horror, we can have both if it’s done correctly.

  32. This guy can eat a dick and go kill himself. The “actionness” of 5 is what made it suck.

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  34. i borrowed re 4 from a friend and couldnt beat it all so i copied off his data with an sd card beat and loved it im currently playing re5 and i also like it i dont care about the horror i just like the gameplay

  35. This is a real shame, since the remake of RE1 for GC scared me to dead and i want to feel that thrill again :/

  36. It’s so sad to see my favourite series go down the toilet, the only reason call of duty sells so well is because it’s a casual game, and the casual market is very large because kids buy them, resident evil was fun because it was scary, and you had to use your smarts to complete them, now the only scary thing about it is the fact that it’s turning into call of duty, so sad, RIP Resident Evil, you will be missed

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