Stunning New Assassin’s Creed 3 Screenshots

Ubisoft has unleashed a wealth of stunning Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots which show off the game’s gorgeous new engine. Assassin’s Creed 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. As there’s currently no specific release date for Wii U, we should hopefully expect to see Assassin’s Creed 3 around launch.


      1. I’m Italian and I never liked the awful english fake italian voice of makes lots of grammar funny mistakes haha, we were lucky the game has been dubbed again correctly, that brought it to the best level ever (for all italians fans of course). Anyway those pics are astonishing..I want it NOW.

      1. xD I somehow misread the comment of the dude that replied, then I replied to the ORIGINAL post, as opposed to the reply. Two fails in one.

    1. Read up on Benedict Arnold, he’s really not a bad guy. His whole life was a series of unfortunate events, which caused him to eventually defect to the British, which, comically, turned out to be another bad event that tarnished his already shitty life.

  1. Looks beautiful. I wonder if this could be Wii U screenshots. I would love that.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I Believe it’s eather PC or 360 screenshots.

      We have had no screen shots of any video games yet… only game video footage from E3 =|

      1. Aw hell. Wishful thinking on my part. I’m starving for some official Wii U screenshots and info.

      2. I’ve seen that one before, but thanks anyway. And Soap, don’t feed the trolls, you know who I’m talking about. Don’t respond to any of his posts.

    2. It’s most likely PC screenshots. But there’s no way those are 360/PS3 screenshots, unless Ubisoft’s found a way to render 1080p on the 360 or is making ACIII a PS3 exclusive (both of which are practically impossible). The Wii U can render 1080p, but I don’t think they’d have it optimized for the Wii U now… the PS3/360/PC versions are much higher on the priority scale, for the simple reason that they’re out now and the Wii U isn’t.

  2. i wondering why is it that nintendo never made this game or if this game is bad becasue it never was

      1. Because it’s Ubisoft’s choice to stick it on Wii U.

        Ubisoft is supportive of Wii U and they believe the game will make success on Wii U.

        Ubisoft did not put assassins creed on Wii because of their choice.

        If Nintendo owned them then Ubisoft would never make the game for any console other then Nintendo.

        You know Activision? Nintendo does not own them but they publish games for all consoles.

      2. Same reason why Microsoft won’t stick Halo on PS3 and Wii U.

        It’s their exclusive and if they made it for other consoles then people may not buy their console.

        Really if Metroid, Zelda and Mario was on PS3/360 then the Wii would have been dead a long time ago.

        Rachet and Clank is a PS3 exclusive… Sony would keep it like that because people will buy the console because of that game.

        Sega used to publish games just for their console but… they had to work with other consoles now.

      3. i think that in the close future mario will be on iphone and xbox because nintendo is doomed

      4. What? Thats some sort of joke nintendo is doomed?

        Keep hearing it on this site about a million times…

        Really, we need to wait for Wii U… remember Sony is in bigger problems compared to Nintendo.

  3. Beautiful!!!! We have a next gen system coming up but I’m still amazed sometimes by the current available engines.

    1. Trust me, this is pretty much PC footage, the current engines good tho, however their looking this good because of pCs and optimization for the consoles, once the next gen starts, we will be seeing obvious improvements

  4. maybe i just dont play it right lol but i dont really like these games. i have assassins creed 2 and it was ok for the first hour and multiplay is fun but i got tired fast… maybe its too good for me lol

      1. I think there’s a higher chance he put the incorrect number (he probably thought since this is ACIII, the one before it, Revelations, is ACII) than him making up a story that makes him look like a noob.

    1. my friedn told me that it mario was coming to pc so that means i can play it and go to my nintendo news at the same time

      1. dude its never coming to PC or any other platform. nintendo OWNS mario, its a first party game like soap mac said. oh and satan (funny name) it is coming to PC but since its ubisoft they woould probably release it months later. you should probably check websites like PC gamer for more info.

  5. nice thing about wii u version is there being less hud or none at all,makeing the game look flawlessly good.

  6. isn’t it obvious when the game is coming? this year sometime. ass creed became one of those franchises that sees a release every year, cutting down on the quality at the same time

    1. Are you serious? “Coming this year?” Because that totally tells us when the game is coming. I’m in 2012, this game is coming out in 2012, that must mean of I go out now I’ll be able to find the game on store shelves.

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