Silicon Knights Working “On IP That’s Our Most Requested” For Next Gen, Eternal Darkness 2?

Acclaimed games designer Denis Dyack has announced that his development team over at Silicon Knights are currently working on one of their most requested IP’s for next generation consoles. Dyack is probably most fondly remembered for Eternal Darkness and the Legacy of Kain series. Hopefully we should hear more about his project at E3 in June.

“Bottom-line, and this is pretty public, we went through hell last generation by trying to adopt the Unreal Engine. It hurt us so dramatically that it affected us a lot, all the way through. You know, we’re hoping to fix that this gen. We’ve suffered a lot, that’s all I can say,” Dyack continued.

Interestingly, he refers to last generation and “this gen” because Silicon Knights has already moved on to new consoles. Dyack’s not ready to talk about the next-gen project, but given his comments on Eternal Darkness recently, we have a strong suspicion that Silicon Knights is actually working on the fan favorite.

“We’re really excited and we’re working on our next generation stuff. We’re working on an IP that’s our most requested and we’re really excited about that.”

“We’re smaller, obviously,” he said referring to layoffs, “and we’re going back to our roots. I’m really looking forward to a point in time when we can talk about it, it’s just not today. That’s the current state of things. I think the state of our demise has been greatly exaggerated. Here we are. We’re here.”


  1. by the way the xbox 720 will rip every console which stands in front of it =)

    1. And PCs will rip it and Blah blah. Who cares. Anyone that gives a real dam about gaming won’t care which console rips what. But they will enjoy all the consoles for the pro’s and hope developers will learn from their cons.
      Care about the games, the consoles merely facilitate the games you wish to play, they are not nearly as important.

      1. Agreed…is it me, or are Nintendo games always developed better? They spend less time perfecting the console, and more time perfecting the game so people will play the game more.

      2. Excellent point, but it’s going to fall on deaf ears; siegfried von schroder is a troll. Responding to him like that will make him think that he’s actually competent at trolling.

        TBH, I never took him seriously, even before he tried to use a pro-Nintendo video to troll us.

  2. Hopefully, they will be more focused on playing to their strengths instead of getting way ahead of themselves like what happened with Too Human. While an Eternal Darkness sequel may be possible, could it also be possible that they are working on a reboot to Soul Reaver? Crystal Dynamics may have been the ones who created the first game, but it is part of the Legacy of Kain series.

  3. I wants. Yes, I really do want another ED so that I can freak out and turn off my [then Gamecube] when my insanity starts to drop and I think the game is deleting my files :D Ahhh, memories lol

  4. I’m going to have to be Daniel Bryan on this one and say: “YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! ” I’ve been waiting so long to here of an Eternal Darkness sequel the first one was one of the lanndmark titles of the GC generation. I really hope this come to pass.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  5. If Silicon Knights were to develop a sequel to Eternal Darkness for Nintendo’s new console (or as a complete shocker, the Nintendo 3DS), this could be an epic win for hardcore gamers who had played the GameCube original. If Project Sora (Kid Icarus: Uprising) can do it, so can Silicon Knights!

    1. Yes, my good man, yes.

      Also be prepared for SAT grade vocabulary, its like Silicon Knights made the game knowing the target audience was studying for the SATs

    2. If you have a GameCube or a WII you have no excuse to have never played this game, man. Go out and get it as soon as possible. You won’t regret it. One of the best games for the GC.

      1. well they stop sellin GCN games at my gamestop store next week and I’m flat broke

  6. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver but one can dream (much like my dreams for Beyond Good & Evil 2)

  7. I didn’t actually consider Legacy of Kain, because I was too busy fretting over whether it was going to be either Too Human or Eternal Darkness (and obviously I preferred Eternal Darkness), but considering the rumors I’ve been hearing about the Soul Reaver reboot…ehhh.

    Time to really cross those fingers for Eternal Darkness.

  8. mines is crossed for eternal darkness i hope they come back to nintendo cause it seems like rare and silicon knights are not doing as good as there were with nintendo rare had over 5 games each gen for nintendo now they have like 2 or 3 for ;micorsoft silikon nights had 2 or 3 for gamecube now they only have 1 or 2 its like what the hell come back home rare and silicon nights where ull have endless possiblys

    1. Yes, they do. Eternal Darkness is make by Silicon Knights, who at the time they made the game, were under an exclusivity contract with Nintendo. I think the contract is ended, though Nintendo still owns stock in the company.

    2. The fact that the game appeared in the Chronicle for Super Smash Bros. Brawl proves that Nintendo still owns the game.

    3. They not only own the game, they also own the sanity meter patent that was featured in the game.

  9. I’d love a new EDarkness but with Legacy of Kain being multiplatform and and Edarkness being more of a cult game I bet it’ll be Legacy of Kain…….not a bad thing they where good games to but I think the GC faithful deserve a new ED.

    1. Since Nintendo owns the rights to ED I guess Ninty could always do it on their own “shrug”

  10. Eternal Darkness was bad-ass!

    I would love a sequel. A remake for the 3DS would be welcome as well

  11. Oh man, I really wasn’t thinking about getting the Wii U because there’s no point if I have a 360 and they have the same power. There will be 85-90% of them having the same 3rd party games. Now if N keeps having great games like Eternal Darkness as exclusives, I will definitely look into purchasing one. Loved the original; I thought it was underrated.

    1. lol 360 doesnt have the same power, its confirmed by EA, Vigil, Crytek, EPIC and others too

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