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Mr Iwata’s Special Mii Comes To Nintendo 3DS On The Handhelds First Birthday

Nintendo 3DS owners are advised to check their consoles today as some gamers may have received a special Mii. Yes, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s Mii character is visiting people’s Nintendo 3DS consoles and he not only adds to your Accomplishments, but he also happens to have all of those missing puzzle panels you need.

74 thoughts on “Mr Iwata’s Special Mii Comes To Nintendo 3DS On The Handhelds First Birthday”

      1. Now there’s only about 80 more for me to get, not counting the pink pieces from previous unfinished puzzles. -.-

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  1. It seems as people in North America have not recived it yet, most likely because the 3DS came out in North America on the 27th…so if no one in North America gets it on Tuesday, then we’re all screwed over.

  2. I’ve only met 3 people in my region who own a 3DS, and none of them live near me. The max number of coins you can get a day is 10, so I change the date on the 3DS to get more, but I only get around 40-50 each day (since I won’t stop in the middle of a walk to change the date). Even then, I end up spending the coins in a couple of minutes, whether it be trading for puzzle pieces (and getting several repeated ones), or just hiring heroes for the Streetpass Quest 2 (the dark/light combo cost me 100 coins to get). My point is, shouldn’t there be a way to remove the coin limiter, or to get coins without walking, or unlocking puzzle pieces easily, or to use people you met through games in the quest, or something? It gets really tiring to get all the puzzle pieces when you don’t meet other 3DS owners easily (my first pink piece was gotten today, thanks to Iwata, and I have 4 other puzzles that are just missing the pink pieces), specially because in big ones, the odds of getting repeated pieces are insane. I also spend a lot of coins to get lv1 heroes, and special rooms take so long to clear.

    1. I think there should be other ways to get coins. The walking limit is fine.

      It added spotpass to the plaza, so I was hoping when I’d play Mariokart 7 or Kid Icarus, that’d get puzzle pieces. That sadly wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t mind if 1 in like 20 gave a piece.

  3. how exactly do you get iwata? i tried connecting to my wifi and leaving it close for streetpass/spotpass data and i get nothing…

  4. Awesome… now I have 2 people via “StreetPass”, even though technically Iwata doesn’t count.

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  6. Awesome :D!Since I live at US,I guess Mike S is right since the 3ds was release on March 27 4 US.Can’t wait lolz.

        1. No problem, I hope it’s true for us. I wouldn’t know why we wouldn’t get him. Although we never heard of Japan got him in Feb…

          March 27th is when it arrived in the US, so since that is Tuesday I’m also really hoping for him to appear for us.

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  10. can i still get reggie or iwata for the second time i accidentally put reggie on my mii maker without getting the puzzle pcs.

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