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North America Won’t Be Getting Rhythm Thief Until July

Sega has announced via the official Sega blog that Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure for the Nintendo 3DS won’t be coming to North America until July 10th. Sega Europe has already announced that it’s partnering up with Nintendo Europe to release the game in European territories on April 5th.

30 thoughts on “North America Won’t Be Getting Rhythm Thief Until July”

      1. Well he obviously went on the Wii board which ment your body is ready. You can’t go on it if your body is not ready.

        Anyway, I want to know if that really is Reggie or some guy who is pretending because it’s bothering me so much recently.

          1. By the way.

            Sickr baned you this morning or yesterday… well how are you still here?

            BTW: My hands are ready for Troll wars.

                1. I’m sorry but we have an agreement with people now its beyond my control, but Ill definitely work on that..

                  1. Hope you love acting like someone your not. Reggie doesnt have the time of day to even do that things he wants to do let alone post on a troll infested blog thats not even offically nintendo. He lives and breathes real nintendo business. If you going to fool people acting like someone your not at least for godsake be a celebrity or something. Or get a life that would also do.

    1. lol… love the video :D

      On another note you can play kid icarus…. maybe online so that i can kick your ass in it… he heheh e heh he..

      Get N or get OUT!!!!

      1. Didn’t get Kid Icarus, I would’ve if Nintendo just released a demo so I could see if I liked the game and the controls ¬.¬

        1. Get the game everyone and there moms got it. Yes the controls are different and new but once you get the hang of it youll love it. Its very addicting. Even if you dont like it sell it back to your local game store youll get at least half your money back, keep the AR cards, sell them on ebay and make the other half of your money back maybe even profit a few dollers. simple! WIN WIN! No demo needed!

    2. I was going to post saying “No one cares”, and then I seen this.

      Yeah… I’d rather hear about Luigi’s Mansion, or Paper Mario, or anything really. Still waiting for Animal Crossing… Ugh. Enough of fucking Kid Icarus and this crap.

      1. i guess you dont understand how much time and energy it takes to produce a game. Sure nintendo can bullshit their way and make the games we want, but will they be good? Ask yourself that question

  1. who the fuck is even gana buy this game anyway this is why the wii is considered a casual system the 3ds is damn near falling in that same category stop with these BS rhyme games and give us some performer and some fps games

    1. Wii Is ending now as Wii U is coming in about 6 months.

      3DS is not on full potential for some reason… reason Unknown, however MGS and many good games have been released.

      Wii U will have so many FPS games, ranging from Black Ops 2 to Killer Freaks and Aliens: Colonial Marines. Also Wii U is getting a TPS (Third Person Shooter) called Ghost Recon Online which is a PC/Wii U exclusive.

      Wii had many good games… that was back primarily in 2007/8/6 however.

    1. Well Lady Caca,
      Sometimes it takes longer for other regions because the have to record the voices in mulitple languages and program them and make who knows how many copies of that one game with several languages. hmm making games isnt so easy….who wouldve thought?

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