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Ubisoft Posts A New Video Of Ghost Recon Future Soldier For Wii U

Ubisoft UK has uploaded a brand new gameplay video for the forthcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier. The action-packed third person shooter is due out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on May 22nd in North America. Ubisoft has yet to confirm when the Wii U version will be released, but I’m guessing it will appear at the system’s launch.

Update: Sorry, it’s Ghost Recon Online that’s confirmed for Wii U and not Future Soldier.

50 thoughts on “Ubisoft Posts A New Video Of Ghost Recon Future Soldier For Wii U”

  1. Stop with the misleading Titles to your articles. This clearly is not the WiiU version. We all know no video will be released of the WiiU version of any games till Nintendo lifts the embargo and gives the go ahead.

    This video is clearly for the Xbox360 and PS3 version.

    1. I’m just pointing out to people that the game is for Wii U. I’m sure the mass majority of people aren’t even aware that the game is coming to the system.

      1. No, it’s not… you even posted it yourself and I quote: “Ubisoft has yet to confirm when the Wii U version will be released, but I’m guessing…” You are guessing, you have no concrete proof. Therefore, this entire post is completely misleading (especially the title, nice job trolling though).

        1. Quote everything “but I’m guessing it will appear at the system’s launch.” Derp read everything or dont read stop misleading.

        2. I have to agree with Whazza: the story title is *extremely* mis-leading, and it appears to be intentional. Please amend, i.e. don’t be like IGN et al.

          1. You still have the same title saying that it’s a Wii U game. Please change this, or delete the article altogether since there are no indications that this game will ever be release on any Nintendo platform.

      1. Mr ECHO3

        You do realize this is not Ghost Recon: Online (which is the game only coming to WiiU and PC). As a side note… if Nintendo is really smart Ghost Recon: Online should be a pack in game since it will be free on PC. That would be a great start in getting the core gaming community to take notice in the WiiU.

        So this game, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, is coming to Xbox360 and PS3. So you sir just made an ass of yourself.

        1. If you were really smart, you’d know that it’s not solely Nintendo’s decision to have GR:O packed in. It heavily depends on Ubisoft, since it’s /their game/.

            1. Ive played the GRO Beta

              Its a FREE to play game so they cannot make you buy it at a store. It will have to be downloaded from the wiiu eshop.

                1. The reason they can have this as a FTP is the wiiu’s nfc chip. Everything on pc version will be on wiiu. There is also a possibility that it will have cross platform multiplayer –
                  (pc and wiiu)

        1. GHOST RECON ONLINE Is coming for PC and Wii U.

          FUTURE SOLDER is NOT coming on Wii or Wii U. It’s only for Xbox PS3 and PC.

          Sickr is obviously making mistakes and must learn to research more about this game before posting.

          Wow Ubisoft never said anything about Future Solder coming on Wii or Wii U.

  2. Well this is a game that might be fun to rent over the weekend but it’s definitely not a buy for me.

  3. This title is really misleading, you say it’s Wii U footage in the title but then say the game hasn’t been confirmed for a Wii U launch. Why? This isn’t even the Ghost Recon game coming to the Wii U, this is future soldier the Wii U was confirmed to be getting Ghost Recon Online. A different game.

  4. You know, this place used to be good until you started the attention seeking thing. The title is way too misleading and even I was shocked because the only Ghost Recon game coming to Wii U at this point is Ghost Recon Online and not Future Soldier.

    Unless it’s Wii U footage, you should say something like: “New trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier” since the game is technically releasing on the Wii in May, but it’s simply called Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon Online is due for release later in the year for Windows and Wii U.

    1. Just to say,

      This game is not coming on Wii U, it’s Sickr’s mistake.

      Also, The graphics and processor on the PS3 is the same power as Xbox 360.

  5. You guys are afwully JUST AWFULL! I need back my time reading these stupid comments, you even waste the space of the page, and you just wanna prove that your smarter than anyone else, especially that stupid guy that kept saying “mishleading”If you dont like it than go wipe your ass to the wall and leave this website, sikr is not begging for fans! He’s just doing his job that he wants to! I dont think you would like it if you have a website and you want these trash comments above me and the FUTURE STUPID COMMENTS below me! RIGHT>!!!?!?!?/1 RIGHT?!?!??!?!
    And also if your gonna reply back with stupid comments like your face and your shit than dont read from here!
    Also, if you guy at the “2nd” comment, if you think that your a hero saying that this is misleading post and you wanna make ppl get “saved” from this post than just…. AHHH, also this guy that agrees with him! Nobody told you to go to this website, unless if your a sticky bug that just gets stuck on a website and insults it!
    But also dont think im defending for sikr cuz mabye im a “secret friend or somethihng” i dont know him even im in japan, he’s in usa.. or something!

    1. You don’t have to read the comments, y’know! :)

      There’s also freedom of expression, so yeah. We can all post whatever we want, just like you posted this rage post which is also a waste of space. :)

      1. And sickr can post whatever he wants. He made a mistake, no one asked you to be a cock about it. If people come here for news, they most likely also read elsewhere and can figure out on their own that there was a mistake made. If you believe someone should be chastised so severely for making a mistake on a blog that maybe a few hundred people at the most are reading you’re a self-righteous prick.

  6. Wow…

    Ubisoft said this game is for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360 only… Ubisoft never said anything about it coming on Wii U or Wii.

    Also Sickr you could be confused with Ghost Recon: ONLINE which is a different game which is PC and Wii U only.

  7. future soldier is gonna be great, already pre-ordered it for PS3. not to sure about online though, free games arent always great…

  8. I’m pretty sure future soldier is NOT coming to wii U. I remember reading SOMEWHERE….don’t remember where….. that wii u will have online, and ps3 and xbox will have future soldier. The games will not be ported over to the other platforms……but that’s just what I read somewhere….

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