Details on Amazon Japan show that both Black Kyurem and White Kyurem will be dragon/ice type Pokemon, just like Pokemon Black & White‘s Kyurem. Black Kyurem is apparently 3.3 metres tall and weighs in at 325kg. White Kyurem weighs the same but is roughly 3.6 metres tall.



  1. I’m glad they do not have 3 types. That would become way to complicated and would make competitive battling and damage calculating a whole lot harder .


    • I’m sure if they weren’t dragon/ice, they wouldn’t make it 3 types. We already have Triple and Rotation battles, that’s enough…”3″ action for me.

      I kinda wanted them to be Ice/Fire and Ice/Electric, but it makes sense like this.


    • I just hope that they are able to learn fire/electric moves, respectively. My current pet theory is that you are a new trainer several years after the first games, and you beat some minibosses (say on a new island chain), then move on to the mainland, where Ghetsis has regained power and stuff is super messed up. You meet up with N, who is trying to find Ghetsis, and he recognizes you as an ally; at the end of the game, you have caught a Kyurem, and N, after getting defeated, fuses his legendary with this Kyurem, thus enabling you to defeat Ghetsis. I would assume that the new Pokemon keeps its old moves, while having the instant option to learn some new moves (because it would sort of be an evolution), and through TM. But that is just a theory.


  2. Dragon/Ice, that’s a contradiction. Dragons are weak to ice, it’s their only weakness. They are doubly weak aginst fighting types, so Heracross will handle that. God damn it, I love Heracross. Blaziken (my second favourite pokemon) would also be perfect.

    Leave luck to heaven.


    • Kyurem IS mixed with Zekrom and Reshiram.. if you look closely you can see the similarities. Since originally they they were 1 being, this sequel is combining them back to the original form.


  3. Aw, I was hoping for Fire/Ice and Electric/Ice, since neither of those combinations exist yet. I’m certainly interested in seeing what makes them so special.


    • Because they’re sequels.
      In Black, you get Reshiram, so he is in YOUR possession.
      So naturally, the OTHER one would have to be wild, being Zekrom, so that’s why Kyurem is fused with him.


    • If they did we’d all be scrambling around confused like hell with all of the new weaknesses and strengths. Just imagine it, a Pokemon with Electric Fire and Ice. Man, unstoppable machine righ there. :3


  4. Keyboard warriors get so angry these days over pretty much nothing. LOL this Anonymous at the start of the thread is hilarious. What a chump. XD


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