Check Out This Amazing Capcom Painting

Larry D Warren Jr, the artist responsible for the stunning The Legend of Zelda painting, has once again created another masterpiece. His latest piece of art is a tribute to Capcom and features a whole host of characters from the company’s much-loved franchises. The image features Mega Man, Dante and Phoenix Wright amongst others.


  1. I thought a piece of the painting would be missing and there would be a caption saying “Pay $10 to see this part of the painting!” I am disappoint.

    1. Yeah It’s a SHAME! VJ should be there. I wish they produce a VJ game for our beloved 3DS, could be fascinating…
      I really can’t understand why this isn’t in development… Nor a Castlevania game… nor a WarioWare game… nor a Silent Hill game =( So sad…

  2. Why is Kayuya here. Must be a promo for Street Fighter X Tekken. Really awesome poster. I would put that on my wall.

  3. This is cool, but I find all the black areas disorienting and making it hard to recognize each figure.

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