Yesterday a tentative floor plan for this years E3 event was posted on Map Your Show that showed some of the exhibitors that will feature at the show. One of the interesting things spotted is that LucasArts has a booth for a Wii U massively multiplayer online game. Of course this could be an error, but numerous developers have stated how great MMO’s would be on Wii U. Let’s hope it’s the real deal.



  1. If it’s a Star Wars MMO game for the Wii U, this could beat the living force out of the rumored World of Warcaft Wii U Edition.


  2. Sod Star Wars, let’s have a Grim Fandango or Monkey Island game. There’s too many Star Wars games and 99.9% of them are dire. All the LucasArts-made ones funnily enough…


  3. For the love of all that is nerd-dom! Why doesn’t Lucas Arts just make a Star Wars Battlefront III as a Wii U exclusive?! I know every Star Wars fan would love playing a Clone Sharpshooter with the Wii Zapper and a Wii U controller! Also, Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II were pretty much the only reason I even touched my brother’s Playstation 2… That and Psychonauts… Anywho, Lucas Arts needs to make a Star Wars Battlefront III… Yeah…


  4. Isn’t the guys who do the Lego games linked in with lucasarts? Or is that just for the Star Wars games? Could be the Lego MMO.


  5. no No NO!!!!!!

    No one asked for this and no one asked for that stupid kinect game!

    Give use what we need and what we asked for! A starwars game for motion plus or move!
    God damn it!


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