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Rayman Origins For Nintendo 3DS Gets A Pre-Release Price Drop

Rayman Origins was originally meant to retail for $39.99 but multiple retailers are now advertising the game for the more enticing price of $29.99. As I’m sure you’re all aware Rayman Origins for Nintendo 3DS has suffered multiple delays. The critically acclaimed game is now scheduled to be released sometime in June worldwide.

15 thoughts on “Rayman Origins For Nintendo 3DS Gets A Pre-Release Price Drop”

  1. This price drop better effect Europe as well for the sake of sales, you can get all of the console versions of Origins for less than £15 NEW on Amazon. If the 3DS version is over £20, I cannot see anyone buying it when it comes out.

  2. Sweet! I’ve been wanting to try this game out, and the convenience and price on 3DS make it very enticing. I’ll probably pick it up when it’s ready.

  3. hmm what could cause it to have so many delays, i even wonder why the price drop, altho that could simply be because the game is coming out so late. Is the 3D that hard to implement?

  4. Still not got a copy on any console yet so a possible but not definite buy. Still gotta fork out for kh3d and mario tennis amongst others.

    Welcome to the future.

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