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Square Enix Acknowledges Serious Bug Issue With Kingdom Hearts 3D

Square Enix has official acknowledged that there’s a bug in the recently released Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The bug can prevent players from making progress in the long-awaited adventure. There doesn’t appear to be an update to resolve the issue, but Square Enix has produced an information page which details the bug, and shows players how they can avoid it. Hopefully the bug won’t be an issue when the game launches in North America on July 31st.

28 thoughts on “Square Enix Acknowledges Serious Bug Issue With Kingdom Hearts 3D”

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  1. its a good thing i can’t read Japanese….. lol was hoping to read the instructions on how to avoid the bug

  2. rough translation : This time, Kingdom Hearts released in 3D (Thurs) at [Dream drop distance], the phenomenon was confirmed progression under certain conditions and not March 29, 2012.

    The beginning of the fantasy-world did not exist: target stage
    Riku: Character manipulation
    If directed and spiral staircase to appear due to the destruction of the device in the middle, drop forced expired overlapping conditions:
    Symptom: The remaining barrier even after re-drop it into the land, can not be confined progression

    The above symptoms, it can be avoided by either of the following methods.

    If the countdown to the drop force (1) is less than 14 seconds remaining, after dropping manually open without destroying the device, wait until you drop into the sky to terminate the countdown once, or menu, again destroy the device from the drop to Riku
    Force after the start of countdown to the drop (2), to remove the barrier to destroy the device within 15 seconds

    If progress was not aligned conditions sisters, if you have a previous save data, and the top of the appropriate stage to play again from there, please try the above workaround.

    If you do not like not using two save data, had to save overwritten after you drop into the sky, Redo can, but very sorry to trouble you, as you will contact the Information Center from “Contact” I ask.

  3. I tried to Google Translate it, but the severe amount of Engrish made it impossible for me to understand… Something about Rikku and a staircase not loading or something.

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