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Check Out The Official Zelda Majora’s Mask Concept Art

Nintendo released a whole batch of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask concept art which is available to view in the Zelda encyclopaedia Hyrule Historia. Thankfully fan-based website Zeldac has uploaded what appears to be the vast majority of the concept images. I’ve uploaded a few, but there’s plenty more to be seen here.

22 thoughts on “Check Out The Official Zelda Majora’s Mask Concept Art”

  1. Awesome. Shamefully, I have never played Majora’s Mask. I’m going to rectify that situation now.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Oh, I’m counting the days, my friend. I may have to take a day off work, cause I’m going to lose my shit when I see the Wii U in action.

    1. I’m suprised you don’t have it! A couple of months ago, Club Nintendo had it out as a virtual console download. I got it anyway, even if I do have the legit N64 one. Having two of a good thing is much better than one, right?


  2. Maybe this is a little hint from Nintendo for a remake, whoch would be awesome because Majora’s Mask is by far my favouite Zelda game, mabye even my favourite adventure game!

  3. I love Majora’s Mask, it’s such an awesome and trippy game. Some of that art is really wild stuff, too bad it only had a few pages in Hyrule Historia, I wish that they’d show us even more of the concept art from it.

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  6. Dam! When I read the words Majora’s Mask I immediatly thought it meant an announcement for the 3DS! Of course I know it’s gunna be for a few years be4 that but u never know! We can dream anyway!!
    Anyway the artwork looks pretty kwl!

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