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Valve Founder Gabe Newell Loves Miyamoto And Super Mario 64

Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of the video game development and online distribution company Valve has confessed on the Geek A Week podcast that he absolutely adores legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto’s games. Newell claims that if he was forced into an apocalyptic situation then he would have to bring an N64 with him and a copy of the sublime Super Mario 64.

50 thoughts on “Valve Founder Gabe Newell Loves Miyamoto And Super Mario 64”

  1. Everyone loves Miyamoto because In Miyamoto we trust!

    This guy single handely created my childhood and who I am. If I ever met him, I would give him a big gamer hug… before a japanese bow of course…

    1. Um, I think maybe you’re going a bit overboard with the whole ‘in miyamoto we trust’ thing. But I see where you’re coming from.

      1. you do realise that is a meme on IGN originally? every Nintendo article you see I gurantee someone ses in miyamoto we trust ;)

        he deserves it because he is the best!

  2. Maybe if Gabe stopped playing on his Nintendo 64 maybe he could start getting on with Episode 3…

    I just joking! It is great to hear that he likes Nintendo, which hopefully means that Valve will support the Wii U. Half Life Collection at launch maybe?

      1. No, episode 3. Where Gordon Freeman dies. Which means that Half Life 3 will have a different protagonist.

    1. I never heard it before, and Sickr hasn’t posted it yet.

      Do you just sit around reading Nintendo sites all day? If so, don’t judge them by who posted news first.

  3. If I were in an apocolyptic situation, I would bring the N64 (the fucking thing won’t break and will work forever) – and bring Concurs Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark and Majora’s Mask!

    Leave Chance to Hell

    1. i remember watching a commercial about majora’s mask that had the apocalypse and when the moon was falling the guy was still playing his n64

    2. my n64 is dead…well my 1st one… my bro. killed it… 240V on the us n64 that only needs 110V… and he had the gcn and n64 connected to one cable …so they both busted… i was mad at him so i hid my 240V to 110V tranformator … so he was like HEY WHERE IS THE TRANSFORMATOR?? HEY WHY NOT USE A ADAPTER…

      1. they where both mine… … so i was trying to prevent him from using my stuff… he didnt know though… i was mad cuz he didnt unpluge my tv and stuff after use (i like to save electricity)… so i hid my transformator for 1 day…and he didnt know i was tring to punish him and he didnt know what would happen…………

      1. Can you turn the fanboy off for a few moments and read that post again? He essentially just said that Super Mario 64 is his favorite game and that he loves Miyamoto. It’s not like he said “lol nintendo sux”

  4. Super Mario 64 is probably the best choice for a game that has the most replay value. It is probably the most non-linear Mario game there is. It’s fantastic.

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  6. I already knew he loved Mario 64. He said Mario 64 was the game that showed him video games can be an art form which I totally agree.

    Valve and Nintendo are my two favourite game company’s so this is wonderful news that he loves miyamoto like I do. I also look up to Gabe and Miyamoto as they both know what they’re doing when it comes to video games and Gabe actually listens to Valve’s fans. When Left 4 Dead 2 was being boy cotted he reached out to the leaders of the boycott group, invited them to Vavle HQ and let them play L4D 2 and they discussed why the boycott was happening and Gabe explained how they wouldn’t forget about L4D 1 (which is why the boycott started)

    Nintendo make the best games in the world and Valve makes almost as good as games and Valve has amazing support for their customers. Unlike some companies… EA.

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  8. If they teamed up for something, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Two of the most innovative names in the industry…

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