Wii U “Competitive Position Has Deteriorated” Says Japanese Analyst, “Don’t Invest In Nintendo Stock”

David Gibson, an analyst from Japanese firm Macquarie Capital Securities has advised potential investors to avoid investing in Nintendo stock until after E3, as he claims that the “competitive position of the Wii U has deteriorated” and that there are “increasingly problematic structural problems for the company.” Here’s what Gibson claims are the three big problems facing Nintendo:

  1. Wii U GPU is less powerful than Xbox360/PS3 according to developers, which means it has no edge besides the tablet interface to attract core users. Initial third-party titles are likely to be only ports from Xbox360/PS3 titles. A bundled WiiSports/Mario title may help initial sales beat Wii launch, but Wii was severely production-constrained and the surprise factor from Wii U is less.
  2. iPad with its retina display shows where Apple is taking its 4 screen infrastructure, leaving Wii U less connected and less relevant. The GPU processing power for handsets is reaching consoles such that we think core gamers have no interest in buying into the Wii U. Apple might add in a controller to its line-up to be more attractive to core users. MocoSpace survey shows that 96% of gamers like to play their games at home, and with a better infrastructure we think iOS will be able to deliver a single game experience across four screens that Nintendo cannot.
  3. Wii U will have 1-year window to gain installed base before PS4 (Orbis) and then Xbox Durango launch in late 2013. At that point, the core gamer that Nintendo is after for the first time will have no interest in Wii U. We understand that Activision has no plans to support Wii U, which means the biggest selling title of Call of Duty will be missing; Konami is also planning minimal support.


    1. Its not supposed to be The Nintendo Tablet, its a game system. Why would anyone compare it to an ipad that has no friggin buttons anyway? And who really cares about “retina display” if its gonna make the damn thing cost $800.

      1. This article f*cking changed my expectations for Wii U ,, I mean WTF is wrong with Nintendo ,, I dont care about what Nin say ,, “HD graphics dont matt bluh bluh ” Hoo Lee Schitt ,, HOOWW LEEE SCHITT !! Nin has been succesful in N64 and GC generations ,, I ain’t gonna buy Wii U ,, just wait for more 3DS games ,,

        for Sickr ,, he is actually a good news provider ,, he is not in one side , unbiased and absolutely not a fanboy something ,, so for those who said that this news gets annoying just dont visit the site period. I got annoyed too ,

      2. you hit it right there. I don’t give a shit about an ipad if it’s gonna cost me a few months of my salary and still make me broke.

    2. All I ever hear is bad opinions,rumors, or Michael Pachter on this page.Sorry but I am officially unliking this page and getting it off of my facebook..

      1. Hey, don’t be messin’ with my homie, sickr. I’d like to see YOU find news and post them to a website. Yeah.
        Actually, I wouldn’t like to see you do that.
        All you have to do is NOT click the link when you read the title.
        Reading doesn’t hurt, it’s actually quite good for you. You should incorporate this skill better.
        And, bad news is also a good thing. Bad news for a certain company or product helps YOU become a better investor and decision maker.
        Don’t mess with sickr, you ignorant fool.

      2. OK GuYS the rumor that was published was an April fool joke ,, do research

      3. So basically you want one sided news, for fanboys only? Not sure why you would want that…

      4. No we wanted two-sided news were they tells the good and bad. Not some stupid fucktards trying to ruin nintendo. I gaurentee when the Xbox 720 comes out they’ll say “this thing is so awesome its one billion times awesomer then wiiU and PS4 reasonably priced at $1000. And we’ll offer CODMW cookie cutter 4 with. overpriced DLC.” but seriously they are gonna say how “awesome” xbox720 is and how you shouldn’t get wiiu or PS4 because they got slightly better graphics. I seen a commercial were the charged $9 on a map for CODMW3 which is rediculous. Sorry about the rant and language the wiiu bashing is getting annoying.

      5. Nintendo is HIDING all the good news and keeping it a SECRET.

        So how the hell is Sickr suppost to control information flow? It’s not his fuckin fault the news is what it is.

        When Nintendo (Who is also keeping dev’s silent) wants us to know something good, then they will allow information to flow again.

        Sadly, all the Dev’s with GOOD news are being respectful to Nintendo and keeping their mouths shut.

      6. I would also respect a company that saved “Video Games” as we know them.

      7. There’s a reason this website is called My Nintendo NEWS. It’s not just a website for stuff praising Nintendo, but for news pertaining to Nintendo. Is this related to Nintendo? Yes. Don’t be so touchy.

      8. That’s good, but now it seems that whatever anyone says is news. This is not even rumors!

      9. The readers themselves should be capable of deciding what they find interesting and worthy of remembering, and what not. It imply is Nintendo related, and that’s what this site is about. Nobody forces anybody to take the analisers seriously. If this wasn’t posted it would’ve upset me more, since it would mean sensorhip is heading to these sites.

      10. I would accept rumors as Nintendo related, but this is not even that. This is not informative at all. The “analyst” just took rumors (which we all know are wrong) and said the Wii U won’t be succeful. Even worse than Patcher… who at least makes up his own rumors.
        This site would degenerate to utter crap if anything Nintendo related got posted here as news.

    3. Apple touch screen technology….amazing.! Not being able to touch real buttons…sucks! I’ve tried downloading mega man and others, just terrible!

    1. I see their point.
      I’ve actually been worried about Nintendo’s future for quite awhile. Nintendo’s profits have shrinking for a long time now, as evidenced by articles such as this
      And they do seem to make some strange decisions. The horrible launch lineup for 3DS, for example (although they’ve learnt from that mistake) and now it seems the Wii U has flaws.
      Obviously there’s not much point in speculating about the Wii U’s viability or capability until E3, and we’re all just guessing. But it’s possible that some of these rumours will be true, and that worries me. Remember Nintendo likes to keep their consoles quite cheap at launch compared to Sony or MS, and that comes with sacrifices, usually in the form of forgoing peripherals such as playing DVDs (which is fine, no one cares), but also in terms of weaker hardware.
      As much as I adore Ninty, I think many fans have their head in the sand about the very real problems the company is facing. Declining stocks and profits, ever harsher criticisms from industry professionals, etc.
      I will buy a Wii U at launch regardless, because sooner or later the next Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Mario, etc will come out on it and I refuse to miss out on those epic games just because of some hardware issues.
      But my point is that it is possible the Wii U won’t be what we all hope it will be. A console is only as good as it’s library, and if it doesn’t receive support from enough devs, then it’s in trouble.
      I hope I’m wrong.

      1. while the wii u will undoubtedly have flaws, so does every other consol. just because activision doesn’t support the wii u, that doesn’t count as a “flaw”. capcom has been giving massive support towards the wii u. the wii u itself is going to have many unprecedented titles, such as bioshock infinite, darksiders II, dead space, assassin’s creed III, resident evil, etcetera, which will definitely boost its sales. that’s not to mention the high probability of a new megaman game and pikmin 3, both of which would be extremely popular, especially the latter, due to the long wait we’ve had for it. the fact that it’s a tablet in itself will pull it above other consoles, and will at the very least put massive pressure on sony and microsoft to do something other than just making a new console, and considering their knack for repetition, that’s highly unlikely

      2. Regarding the pressure Sony and MS are facing, and their knack of repetition, sometimes I cannot help but feel like they may have something to do with this recent streak of bad news, including Nintendo’s apparent disadvantage in the stock market, and baseless criticisms regarding the WiiU hardware. I’m not saying that MS and Sony are causing this for sure, but based on how large american companies tend to operate underhandedly, especially when put under pressure, I have my suspicions.

      3. Nintendo is publicly traded. MS can’t make up that Ninty’s stocks are poor. It’s public knowledge. The company has been in financial decline for awhile.
        As for the Wii U, we’ll see what’s what at E3.

      4. if Ninty will fail in specs power and graphics ,, farewell to you ,, Sony here I come !! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      5. Lol activision not being on the system means nothing to most Nintendo gamers anyway. Besides, they’d end up setting a terrible example for everyone to follow by overpricing DLC and gaining stupid sales with the same boring shooter.

        Since owning a ps3 for a month I have only found 2 games enjoyable (I buy from GAME since they were super cheap at the time), and those were portal2 and Disgaea, everything else seemed like a rip off of what was the most popular game on the system, CoD. Hence why CoD is a game library killer that I want nowhere near my precious wiiU.

      6. Let’s remember stock holders started bailing when the wii was announced… Bad move

      7. “Nintendos profits have been shrinking for a long time now” OMFG Nintendo had 1 bad year last year boo hoo. They have been around since the 1800’s 1 bad year in over 100 years OMFG. They have $10.5 BILLION in tax free money in the bank. Nintendo could lose $257 MILLION each year and they wouldnt run out till 2052. Nintendo is DOING FINE.

      1. I’ve seen that video a trillion times and every time I watch it, the video creator owes me a new head as mine burnt out trying to UNDERSTAND.

        Also, this website is flooded with that video.

  1. He’s missing out on one key thing: The quality of the actual games on the system. Many people will buy the Wii U solely for Nintendo games.

  2. I have no idea why people compare a non-gaming company to a gaming company. Makes no sense and will never make sense. Even Star Fox team Disapproves that.

  3. It’s funny, we’re not supposed to act on rumors, yet that’s what the industry is doing anyway. Almost nothing about the Wii U’s specs has been officially confirmed by Nintendo, so all everyone’s been doing is dancing on their toes for no reason. And I believe core gamers will find themselves insulted at the notion that they would entertain tablets just because they happen to have chipsets slowly reaching the level of PCs. But I wouldn’t know, since I’m not that kind of a core gamer anyway.

    1. Think, wait later this year to find out more about the Wii U, Wii U will be approaching death in 5 years after release because the GEN after that will be coming in about 2 years after that.

    2. Buying a Wii U in 4-5 years….Wow…now if that isnt the silliest thing I have ever heard. Are you going to get the lol720? Wii U is boss.

  4. A non gaming machine vs a gaming machine.

    I want to game which will I buy?

    A gaming machine, Apple does not make games or own it, I prefer not to be scammed and I want to play real games like Ghost Recon and Metroid… Not angry birds and Throw the paper in the trash can.

  5. This guys a wanker

    the wii was groundbreakingly popular, and its capabilities weren’t even close to that of the others, i hate being a fan boy on this but man, some dudes really just gotta wank all over the nets and make such a mess of themselves

  6.’s one thing not like a particular system, but another to hope and pray for its demise. Seems to me the people want Nintendo to Fail…GUESS WHAT? that won’t happen!!

    1. its funny how people think that way, but in reality, sony’s going down the shitter fast, due to their selling out to the first-person shooter market, which even still is always a step behind microsoft’s.

      1. Yah sony has a real problem. Loosing 1/3 of their total company worth last year. $6.4 billion. If they cant find a way to recover they will disappear. Meaning no PS4, no more TV’s, DVD players or Blue Ray players by them. Nintendo on the other hand has $10.5 billion of tax free money in the bank. They could lose $257 a year, every year and wouldnt run out till 2052. Then they still have the money from technology and stocks and Wii U sales and all that other stuff. That would last them till 2075. lol at people who always think Nintendo will fail. They have been around since the 1800’s they will outlast anyone.

  7. NO!, This is wrong. Activision, and Konami do not make or break a company’s success. Nintendo itself is a software developer. it can puch the envelope farther. Investors, whom ever you are, please reconsider before E3, that the wiiu will still have a third party base: Grezzo, Team Ninja, Capcom, Treyarch, Insomniac, EA, and the critically renowned Retro Studios. Such foolish judgments like the one’s above only cover a minimal margin. Nintendo will be a financially stable i can assure.

    1. Besides, Call Of Duty sucks anyway despite being best-selling. It’s a mediocre game with mediocre players. I wouldn’t base a systems success on how many idiots you can get to buy a crappy game.

  8. Activision said that the new CoD is being developed on a next gen console, so how is it not coming on Wii U? Or is it going to be the CoD game after Black Ops 2?

    1. they simply haven’t annouced Black Ops 2 for the Wii U yet. Give it time. No releasing BO2 on Wii U would be a big mistake on Activison’s part, even if it was a simple port just using the Classic Controller Pro with not tablet connectivity.

      1. I know.

        Activision said a while ago we’re publishing a new CoD for the next Gen.

        Well that better be Black Ops 2.

    1. I don’t know.

      Michel Pachter must stop changing his name like that and reveal his real name, he’s the anonymous developer. He’s a Microsoft fanboy, He hates Sony also…

      We need to stop Pachter before he takes over and mindwashes the gamers and convert the gamers to microfanism.

    1. True.


      December 23rd….


      And thats the reason future predictors fail.

      1. Well I personally am hoping for the end of the world to happen this year lol. Honestly how epic would that be? Witnessing a planets end? Never happened before lol. More exiting way to die the just idk getting hit by a car or something lol.

    1. Gearbox (Aliens: CM developer) is telling the truth as their developing for the Wii U.

      They said that the game their developing will be the best version and the texture resolution will be higher on the Wii U version then the 360/PS3.

  9. Developers and publishers far and wide have been announcing their plans to support Wii U, yet we’ve heard nothing solid from Activision….Until now.

    It was in a recent interview with Gamespot that Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg let loose the news, although when asked if Call of Duty would be on console he failed to give an enlightening response.

    “We will be supporting them. We will support the Wii U,” Hirshberg told the site.

    He was pressed further concerning actual development, and whether the firm had something in the pipeline: “I don’t think I can divulge that. Pass on that,” he said.

    So there might be a Call of Duty game in the works, but of course, the man can’t say much as yet.

    1. This is from 2011. Show where is he getting his info? O-o I know…….Micheal Patcher his OverLord. Lol

  10. 1. The Wii U is NOT less powerful than the PS3/360. Go here for technical stuff that proves this:
    2. Wait until E3, you cannot prove anything until then about the launch games, barely any have been revealed yet… Jeesh…
    3. Surprise factor? Barely anyone outside of the really close gaming circle knows what a Wii U is.
    4. You cannot compare a tablet and a console. It is like comparing apples and oranges.
    5. Mocospace is a mobile gaming social network. Internal surveys = massive over represntation and big lack in validity and reliability.
    6. He is using only rumoured names for the next Playstation and Xbox. Doesn’t really scream ‘professional’, does it?
    7. Activison and Konami have not annouced any games for the Wii U, but many other developers haven’t either. Wait until E3 please until you come to conclusions. The only bad thing Activision have said about the Wii U is that they are unsure about it’s online, and that was last July.

    Result: This article is utterly pointless and the analyst is just trying to make a name for himself. Ignore it.

    1. Also Gearbox is telling the truth as their developing for all consoles and developing for Wii U.

      1. Thank you, just doing my job of giving sense to the Internet at half past midnight where I am :)

      2. Good job :) also the analyst makes it sound like iPads are a better investment. I mean a console is cheaper than an iPad. Heck the ps3 at launch was $600 yet some iPads are more than that. I’m not a fanboy of nintendo. While I do love the company, I can point out some mistakes they make. But with this article it’s bogus. I rather have a console from ms, sony, or nintendo if I can have quality games than some iPad that the only game that’s worth buying is infinity blade. I’m not dissing that game but I want more than one good game on a system. I rather play good games then cutting a rope or launching birds.

      3. Hey those games are good ,but only for a little while,then I go back to playing Luigi’s mansion and Kingdom Hearts 2 (Yes I prefer last gen from this one).

        PS:did it sound like I was yelling at you,if yes sorry:)

    2. Well with EA making the Wii U’s online it will be great. I forgot who….damn it. Some devs were saying it felt like XBL/PSN/Steam all together but more smooter. And with Iwata saying it will be 100% free. Its all good.

  11. i cant agree more….am a nintendo fanboy but if nintendo can outperform the last generation consoles with a 6-7 years headstart then nintendo has fail at everypoint posible….
    i guess we will be seen nintendo go out just like Sega… now that will be so devastating for the gaming industry next thing u know… nintendo will become a software company… and its exclusives will be ported in phones/tablets and xbox/ps3….

    1. Umm…

      Are you an Microsoft fan just saying your a Nintendo fan? Because there is no evidence saying the Wii U will fail or not.

      Even if the Wii U fails, Nintendo still have loads of money in their bank.

    2. :O such a sad story… but you know what? you’re right! I’m soooo sick of the: “gameplay is all that matters” ;(((( That’s the perfect excuse for Nintendo to keep selling us crappy consoles over and over again. WHY CAN’T THEY GIVE US GAMEPLAY = GRAPHICS!? Is it too much to ask? I’m crying… you know ;_( pass me the tissue please… someone?

      1. HA HA HA…oh wait you serious…let me laugh harder….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      2. Gameplay does matter ,but Nintendrones overuse it so that term decreased in meaning.

      3. Crappy consols? Besides the Wii EVERY NINTENDO SYSTEM WAS BETTER THEN THE COMPETITOR. Wii itself was a fantastic system.

    3. Nintendo has been around since the 1800’s. They have $10.5 BILLION of tax free money in the bank. They could lose $257 MILLION a year every year. They would last till 2052 then. Plus all the money from Wii U, Technology, stocks would last them till 2075. Nintendo has a 0% of going out of buisness. They will outlast everyone.

  12. >Random “Developer” says the Wii U is weaker than PS3/360.
    >Random analyst takes those rumors as facts.
    Am I the only one seeing the bullshit on this? Majority of this week has been about a “developer” talking shit about Nintendo and saying the Wii U is weaker than PS3/360. How is that even possible? No one knows the specs. And many, MANY, REAL developers say the Wii U is much more powerful than current gen consoles. Can’t wait for E3, that way all haters will shit the fuck up.

      1. And it is almost impossible that hardware of 2005 is more powerful than todays hardware..

      2. I loled at your mistake just to say ^_^

        You said: the haters will shit the fuck up

  13. No matter what the people say about the WiiU now, I’ll still buy one and play my games on it quite happily. That’s all I ever need.

      1. OMG! you have so many names… I like Captain Olimar the most :)

      2. He’s not me.

        We’re both separate.

        We’re different people, theres this uprising of people calling them selfs characters from video games. I called my self from someone from the Metroid franchise.

        Theres people calling them selfs Soap Mactavish from Modern warfare series and also metroid series.

        Also your Gavatar is not the best.

      3. Mine is HA HA HA HA HA HA …….AH AH AH I sprained my gut…….that is all.

  14. Analysts like to get a their panties in a knot, don’t they?

    Investing in Nintendo is a lot like investing in gold. Financially pretty stable, but doesn’t provide immediate or spectacular returns. Rather, it grows over time and, like a good wine, becomes better with age. That’s the stock, I’m talking about, not the machines themselves, obviously.

    As for those tech specs, everyone is falling all over themselves to have the definitive say as to what the specs for Wii U are. Like a good journalist told me once, when reporting a story, don’t try to be first, just try to be accurate. It seems as though this guy has fallen into that trap. In his haste to be first, he’s forgotten to be accurate. We all know that Activision is supporting Wii U–why would this guy say otherwise? Oh, right. Because he’s an ill-informed idiot. Besides, when Nintendo decides to release their tech specs, we’ll all know. Until then, everything else is just rumor.

    That said, I’m nervous about what Nintendo said yesterday. Their statement didn’t exactly address the concern head on, but over the years, I’ve come to expect that kind of weak sauce answer from the PR department at Nintendo. Rather than stay silent or make a statement that they’ll put all speculation to bed at E3, they open their trap and add doubt to the situation at hand. Seriously, guys, you’ve got to get it together.

    In other news, Xenoblade Chronicles TOMORROW! Can’t. Wait.

    1. And I bet your nickname is Adam Malkovich.
      Or that could be your real name, I don’t know.

  15. these people have NO CLUE what they are talking about . it is nearly impossible to make a console with around the same power as current gen consoles. The current gpu and cpu in wii u blows away those consoles and WILL compete with the next consoles from both sony and microsoft. for anyone who doesnt believe me go to review tech usa on youtube his latest video explains why

  16. Konami isn’t going to support Nntendo? HAHAHAHA. Then why was YOSHI in METAL GEAR SOLID 3ds? Why was SNAKE in BRAWL? Nintendo and Konami are one of the closest companies in the industry.

    1. Then why was MGS4 a PS3 exclusive? Why is Metal Gear Rising a multiplatform title? Why do the Classics HD collections contain more game than MGS3D for the same price?
      Nintendo and Konami are companies. Nothing more to it.

  17. Nobody cares about the bs controller! Gamers dont care about it.. its a minor thing, even if nintendo try to promote controllers instead of a console!.. The cpu and gpu, plus ram.. matters.

    1. Sure, but Games sell consoles. It has always been about games(coupled with price). High specs are nice but at the end of the day, gamers play game, not specs.

      It’s amazing how many people forget that with every start of a next gen console. Some people thought PS3 (based on specs and brand name) would leave x360 and Wii to the dust. Some people believed Vita, based on spec, would outsell 3DS.

      1. Another good example is the 3DO. By hardware, it completely BLEW away everything at the time. As for the games? Ehh……….. Gex was pretty cool? Best version of street fighter 2…………………

      2. I liked Gex for PC.
        Oh and DS vs PSP,
        PS1/X vs N64 – Nintendo 1st party games were great but PS1 just had more games, good ones too. Playing PS was an eye sore right after N64, but if the game was good, the graphics take a back seat to gameplay.

  18. This is disheartening… It’s an actual person who seems to be credible. Nobody knows what actual information he is acting on, but it’s not good…
    1. There is a surprise factor because of a majority of people haven’t played it. Furthermore, the controller MAKES this system, changing the way we will play the games.
    2. Earlier comment about how this system is NOT a tablet computer, but a console with a tablet controller. It uses 2 different screens. Also, people should be happy because the DS has had success, this expands on those ideas. iPads don’t have buttons to control- touch
    screens will never make a real video game.
    3. If the 1 year window is up, and people have bought the Wii U, than the company was successful. And if MS or Sony comes out and says they are relasing next year (and I doubt they will both manage in that time) than that bids very well for Nintendo.
    extra: The Activision thing SUCKS. Nintendo is really about to suffer because thy can’t release CoD for their system? They’ll be penalized because they aren’t taking advantage of buyers!!!!

    1. E3 is over due.

      E3 should be every 3 months because it’s called E THREE. We needed one last September.

      LOL just trying to confuse you there.

  19. Nintendo kind of brought these rumors upon themselves when they revealed it last E3 with hardly any information about it. It’s only natural that people are going to make speculations about it.

    1. Well, there were already so many rumors before the reveal that it seemed like Nintendo was forced to reveal something. Plus, they needed time to make games, even third party ones. They could have kept it hidden, but once you start sharing info with outside people, you just can’t deny it anymore.

    1. What….I hate the saying Obvious (subject) Obvious it brings chills down my spine.

  20. “We understand that Activision has no plans to support Wii U, which means the biggest selling title of Call of Duty will be missing”

    Hahaha wow Activision supported the Wii with CoD; Heck, even the DS got its CoD taste (whether it was good or not is irrelevant at this point). I don’t get where they got the idea that Activison would not support them since they said it themselves that they would fully support the Wii U last year.

    If you read the rest of it, it seems these people are taking advantage of those “rumor” to try and push attention away from Nintendo. It’s so hilarious.

    1. uhmm i don’t mind activision but reading

      “the biggest selling title of Call of Duty will be missing”

      I was about to lol, the series are about to die in about 2 or 3 years.

  21. Wii is already more fun to me than the PS3 and 360 anyway, so I’m sure Wii U won’t disappoint. Just hope there’s plenty of variety. If a Nintendo console could get back to the NES and SNES days, it would be gaming heaven.

  22. Look everyone! It’s Japanese Michael Pacther.

    This guy has just based an entire article on rumour and conjecture. Very professional. Does he have any offical info from Nintendo that says the Wii U stats are weaker than XBox/PS3? No.

    Is there anyway to compare Nintendo’s Upad to the iPad without sounding like a complete moron? No. The iPad is a stand alone device, a mini computer. The Upad isn’t. Just because it has a screen on it doesn’t mean it should be a mini computer you can take and use anywhere.

    Everytime Nintendo do something like this, they always say “Will it stand up to so and so?” In this case Nextbox and PS4. Two consoles we have no solid info on at this point, and seem rushed in response to Wii U to me. So they have no info on those 2 but they’re automatically better than Nintendo’s Wii U. Do you see the hypocrisy and bullshit of this line of though?

    People have never seen anything like this before, so they’re panicking and trying to tell Nintendo how to use their own innovation. Sit back and enjoy the ride people. Nintendo knows what it’s doing, and they’re getting professional help for the areas they have no (or little) (Online, etc)

    1. You sir….you know your stuff. Good on you. Its EA making the Wii U’s online if your didnt know lol.

      1. That’s not officially confirmed yet. I know EA wants to bring their service to Wii U, but Nintendo said they wanted to leave the online open for devs to use as they see fit, or something to that extent.

  23. This is nonsense. The talk about the Wii U in the last few days has been hilarious. It’s already confirmed Wii U will use a Power7 CPU and Radeon HD GPU, anybody with with even a passing knowledge of processors can tell you you’d need to smash them with a hammer to get them to produce anything sub-PS3/360. Unless Nintendo has deliberately asked IBM and ATI/AMD to produce sub par chips based on 8 year old architecture then there’s no way it’ll be weaker than the other systems, this is where I could get technical but trust me when I say I doubt these companies would entertain mass production of something so…….tame. As for Macquarie, I must remember to check on how their finance scam case is doing.

  24. Seems like a bunch of mobile developers trying to play conspiracy and acting like developer and analyst. I would almost have taken what they’ve said under consideration until they outed themselves by trying to present the iPad as a viable alternative to gaming. It’s long and far from being one at the moment.

  25. Okay..been thinking about all this “negative” press lately. First, because Wii U is backwards compatible, it may be impossible to offer the same power as the next Sony and MS, or their current consoles. Don’t know, just saying. Secondly, on some games, the Wii U may seem less powerful than current gen, due to the power that’s being used in keeping the controller and console connected. Third, to those developers talking trash, the Wii U can’t be that bad…you’re still developing your game(s) for it.

    Sidenote: Maybe all this negative talk is going on, in hopes of getting Nintendo to spill the beans before E3. Just a thought…..

  26. 1. Technically, you are getting 3 consoles (an iPad type device, a next-gen console, and the last-gen console that is the Wii.)
    2. The tech specs are still rumor, maybe Nintendo upgraded the specs between last year and this year.
    3. Even if the specs are less than the PS3/X360, Nintendo and other developers will find tricks to make it looks better than it actually should (best example for this is Super Mario Galaxy)
    So this article was all completely false.

  27. And this is why I don’t pay attention to analysts (basically anything having to do with stocks). No matter how reputable the information is, they take any jive rumor into account and demand immediate positive results or take their money and go home.

    Really, the only way you’re going to completely satisfy an analyst is to be able to put out a console annually (along with a tablet as a compatible mobile device) with the latest specs, selling it at a loss and launching with something safe like CoD, and even then they’d chastise the company for making a standard console.

  28. This is bull shit.

    1. Just as many developers have said, on the record, that the Wii U is “on par” or exceeds the capabilities of the 360/PS3. It seems negative rumors spread by unnamed sources hold more weight than statements from named developers making games for the system. Regardless, since when has it been imperative that Nintendo need to exceed the graphical capabilities of its competitors in order sell more consoles? Since when have the Japanese been graphics obsessed anyway? The 3DS is killing the PS Vita in Japan and everywhere else for that matter. Also, it is like the Wii never existed and never sold 95 million units of last gen hardware, mostly at a profit margin.

    2. It seems that whenever people bring up Apple hardware and Nintendo together, the price of the product simply doesn’t factor in their analysis, nor does the target audience of the products in question. The launch price of the Wii-U is estimated to be 250 to 300 USD. The HD iPad is 500 to over 900 USD. That is before you add in the proposed Apple game controller. I guess I don’t see many parents rushing out to spend a grand on Apple products for their kids. Sure the games are cheaper but where are the big IPs that draw in kids and core gamers? Nothing has been announced to my knowledge. Kids can’t play Pokemon on their parents iPad and core gamers won’t find Zelda on iOS. But really it is about kids not core gamers as this guy is seemingly fixated on. Just because Nintendo said it wanted more core gamers this time around doesn’t mean the Wii-U is primarily intended for that audience. They’ve taken measures to make the Wii-U hardware capable of playing core games but it still takes advantage of all the same motion controllers that the Wii uses and Nintendo’s target demo still remains casual users and mostly children, hence the low price points. If Nintendo was really chasing the core gamer, low price points wouldn’t be a great concern. This analysis never seems to address games other than the system would only get 3rd party ports (PS3 gets many, many Xbox360 ports) but that doesn’t matter because Nintendo’s IPs are still as relevant as ever if pesky things like recent sales figures are anything to go buy.

    3. As for Activision completely ignoring the platform, well I simply don’t believe it until I hear something official. This is a publisher that managed to release its latest and greatest, COD Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3, on the humble Wii. I find it incredibly hard to believe that they would abandon a more capable platform with more conventional hardware when they supported the Wii with dozens and dozens of titles and still have releases this year. Skylanders Spyro Adventure sold more copies on the Wii than the PS3 and Xbox360 for Activision so I doubt that future iterations of the series would skip the Wii-U.

    It all comes down to how Nintendo use their own platform. That is what will make or break the Wii-U. If they make a world class product like Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, then it will sell just fine. If they can make casual games that bring out the unique aspects of their tech like Wii Sports did for the Wii, then it will sell. Everyone looks at Apple’s incredible growth and sees a zero sum game. That makes no sense. If anything Apple created and opened markets, it hasn’t destroyed them. If they had, the 3DS wouldn’t be the fastest selling product Nintendo has every produced and Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 wouldn’t have sold over 5 million units each.

    This analyst doesn’t seem to understand how videogame companies like Nintendo move products versus how hardware companies like Apple move theirs.

  29. I like how everyone starts bitching around now. When we had statements from anonymous people you all were like “Omg, he hides his name, he’s a troll and hater. I don’t believe people who do not reveal their name, I only believe people who got the guts to show their name”. Now, we do have a person with a name. Why don’t you believe him ? He gives you a name, and according to the earlier posts of some people here you should be believing him now because of that.
    Well anyway, to me he even sounds kinda convincing to be honest. He seems to have point. And with that earlier statement of Nintendo (“Don’t focus on technology specs, just enjoy the games”) the expectations of this analys seem even more credible. To me, that is. So why don’t you fanboys face the truth for once and try to understand ? I am a huge Nintendo fan myself, always been and always will, and it does make me sad that it looks like we’re going to have the same procedure we had with the Wii and PS3 + Xbox 360 (Wii being weaker etc.) but unlike a lot of you I am able to face it. It does look like the WiiU is going to be weak, if we take in consideration what the current generation of technology is capable of. I mean, if the rumours should happen to be true, the WiiU will be only barely better than the PS3 and Xbox360, if at all. And before you say or think anything, I said “It looks like…” because I do know that all we’ve got for now are assumptions and rumours. But if those assumptions like the one we’ve got here come true, we will see the same as we did with the Wii’s power: Nintendo being many steps behind the other companies.
    It’s just hilarious how the most of you act, seriously. Sure, the thing he said with the iPad seems a bit weird to me too since it’s no “real” gaming system but the WiiU is, but everything else he said does sound logical. Again, to me, that is. So please, stop sucking up to Nintendo all along even if there are points being made which are not-so-nice for Nintendo but do sound logical.

    1. This guy never say it was weaker he was following the same anonymous statement which is not professional. Read my post above yours or watch the youtube video that the wii u CAN NEVER BE MORE WEAKER OR ON PAR OR A LITTLE BIT MORE POWERFUL THAN THE CURRENT SYSTEM.


      Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You ever heard of last minute changes? It happens in the professional world AKA real world.

      2. Yea I heard. But Nintendo is a BUSINESS. Not even that. A SMART BUSINESS company. They know the short comings of the wii and they even say they gonna address not all but MOST of the wii short comings and being weak or too weak was one of them.

        Get N or Get OUT!!!!

      1. Facts which are extremely general in themselves, but facts nonetheless.

    1. (-_-*) I know ,whenever I have the same expression when I go to the water dungeon……AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!~!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Anyone who actually changes there opinions based on these articles are freakin stupid. Until its officially announced my Nintendo this is all just rumors. And as for the last paragraph, i would be perfectly ok with No call of duty on the WiiU. I don’t play Nintendo consoles for call of duty or anything like that crap that i could play on any console, hell i would buy i WiiU if Nintendo was the only developer because i buy Nintendo console cause they have the best exclusives. People said very similar shit about the Wii before it came out but look how well it sold, and is still selling. WiiU will do just as good or better.

  31. can this news site please just report on the news instead of rumors? im getting sick of it, and not because it’s saying something bad about nintendo but because it’s getting really old when every news site i go to 98% of the stories are pure rumors that have no weight to them.

  32. Konami would be a shame not to have (Although I’m trying to find a game of theirs I’ve bought in the past few years) I’m assuming the reason why Activision doesn’t want to do anything is because they’d have to work on making a game for once and can’t just remake the same thing over and over.

    As for the 3602 and PS4…if rumours going around for them are true then Nintendo’s got it in easy.

  33. i remember what analysts were saying about the wii and look at how many it sold lol

  34. The wii u will leave my other consoles gathering dust for sure. It will have the best first party games and im sure cod will be on it eventually.

    Welcome to the future.

  35. I thought we agreed that the rumours about it being les powerful than the 360 and PS3 were rubbish?

  36. I know its minor, and probably won’t sell well, but considering how much Konami like to pump out Yugioh games for GBA, DS and Wii, I think they will support it sooner or later. The Wii U’s controller is perfect for it. An example of a game that could be played without the TV.

    1. I’ve been saying that a Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the Wii U would be perfect. Konami should be working on it right now, damnit! If Konami didn’t see the potential in the Wii U for this, they ain’t doing their fucking jobs over there.

      1. A 3DS Yugioh game would be great to. Maybe Yu-Gi-Oh AR cards??? Ehh think about that?

      2. I was more thinking a Wii U version of a Yu-Gi-Oh! game. Think about it. That second screen could do wonders on a franchise like this.

  37. The only problem with this guy’s logic is that Nintendo is BETTER than the others.
    If it seems the Wii U won’t compare, then that’s because they planned it out like that. Like, the surprise factor will be bigger. And also, most of the good releases are ALWAYS Nintendo-exclusives. CoD and every other hypetrash series can go die.


  39. …Ha! This analysts prediction is just awful. He should be fired, because he obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.

    iPad isn’t a gaming console, the Wii U DOES have 150% more powerful processing power than the current high-tech consoles, and nobody with a Nintendo console would touch a Call of Duty game with a ten foot pole. I laughed my ass off when I saw that this guy thought Activision mattered to Nintendo. I mean, SERIOUSLY? Yeah, Call of Duty may be a best seller for consoles that sell nothing but cardboard cutout shooters, but there’s a reason Nintendo fans don’t touch it:

  40. Coooll :D the japaneese version of Patcher, he prolly also plays Farmville with his mom :D.

  41. why would you trust rumors from an annonymous source insted of a company like epic or gearbox that say that the wii u is very powerful

  42. This guy is full of shit, he should be fired. Nintendo said Wii U is more powerful than current consoles. Like 6 companies have said it is more powerful and then a RUMOR from a ANONYMOUS source which could’ve been just a prank from April’s fool is believed and supported by Nintendo HATERS by this guy. There’s an article where Activision said they will support Wii U, so this guy is lying, he is using a rumor that is fake as false and making up lies about Activision. Plus, adding buttons to iPad won’t bring hardcore gamers. First, supposedly Sony & Microsoft are for ‘hardcore’ & Nintendo for ‘casual’. Then iPad getting hardcore players with their new bottons, why affect only Nintendo if supposedly they’re the one with fewer hardcore gamers? iPad is for casual, Nintendo has more casual from all 3 consoles, if iPad gets the hardcore audience it will affect more the other two, so this guy only mentioning Nintendo is just a hater. AND, hardcore gamers HATE iPad for gaming in REAL games and the article contradicts itself, 90% of hardcore gamers prefere playing at home with their consoles but bottons on the iPad will take hardcore fans from Nintendo, when Sony and Microdoft supposedly have more and from out of nowhere they’ll stop liking playing on their huge HD TVs. It doesn’t make sense, it’s just a HUGE lie. Nintendo IS getting the same HUGE casual players PLUS MORE hardcore gamers with their 150% MORE power than the current consoles. I’ll be laughing my ass off when Wii U is #1 in Japan and people after say it will be DOOMED, it is there in #1 just like what happened to the 3DS. Look at the 3DS, Mario HD & Zelda HD it’s all Nintendo needs.

  43. I’m starting to get sick of this website, all it has now a days is rumors and nintendo hate.
    As for this analyst, he sure has not been doing his homework. First Developers say that the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 now they say that it’s not? I’m not calling any of this true till the Wii U is actually released. It only has ports? Does this moron even realize that this console is targeting it’s core gamers and It most likely won’t be out for another 8 or 9 months, and they’ve already talked enough about Exclusives for the future? It was announced before summer 2011 and it still has nearly a year to go for it’s supposedly release date. Now this moron sure doesn’t know about the Xbox 720 and PS4 because those two are said to release not 2013 like those dumb rumors but between 2015 and 2016. PS3 was terrible it’s first 3 years and honestly since it’s Nintendo it looks more promising It has a good 2-3 years before those consoles come out and if Nintendo says they won’t make the same mistake well everything this guy has said is complete BS.

  44. The Wii U should have been released on the market two years ago.

    Don’t think I will be getting one now. :( I will stick with portable gaming.

  45. why do they sit here in lie in these articles the Wii U is lower powered then the 360/ps3 right when I see Zelda HD running 60 fps in 1080p then say that or even xenoblade X, why do yall want Nintendo to fail so bad because there trying to something different. stop bashing everything of Nintendo and get a life.

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