Is Haptic Screen Touch Technology Nintendo’s Secret Weapon For Wii U? E3 Booth Suggests So

Some of Nintendo’s E3 show floor booths have been revealed and one is from major haptic screen technology firm ViviTouch. Advanced haptic screen technology, to put it simply, allows you to actually feel the screen as different textures, such as the grass at a players feet, or the cold hard metal of a gun. If you remember developers have previously said that Nintendo has something special up its sleeve for Wii U that the firm has yet to announce. Could this be it?


      1. Lmao, first the 3DS and now the Wii U. Nintendo is making jiggle physics better with every console.

    1. Not to be a wet blanket, but I think that this technology doesn’t allow for you to feel curves, only textures.
      But still, I didn’t believe those rumours. And goddamn, this technology is real?!

    2. The iPhone touch screen beats out current Nintendo touch. I hope it’s a sweet upgrade. Apples gyro eats balls, this screen flips whenever I don’t want it to, and won’t flip back when I want it to!! Arg

  1. I certainly hope this is true. After all the negative rumors I have been reading about, this announcement will get me excited all over again for Wii U. Screw graphics! Gameplay ftw!!!

    1. Dont worry about the graphics the people who are saying that negative crap are “unamed sources” but named sources such as thq,crytec,epic and ubisoft all say that the WiiU has more RAM than other consoles looks better than other consoles graphic wise and has more power and is really powerfull. And Ign went as far as to say that the wiiU is 5 times more powerful than the xbox 360. And if you ask me IGN is right 90 percent of the time

    2. yeah i think its utterly retarded how peole are taking the wii u not being powerful rumors seriously when epic games came out and said that unreal engine 4 is up and running on the wii u. which ther is no way in hell a 360 let alone a ps3 would be able to run it.

      1. Incorrect.
        Unreal Engine 3 is up and running.
        There was a RUMOR about the Wii U being tweaked so Unreal Engine 4 could run on it, which I certainly hope of course!

  2. This will be epic if it’s true… But it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.


      1. The FIRST part was a fail.

        People who say first fail, even if they are first.

        Also Darth Vader saying nooooo was just epic.

    1. Shut up about first.

      Your not first and you failed about a minuite, being first is boring anyway, I tried it but i hated it.

      1. I remember when you tried it.

        I now forgive you. XD

        However I now hate the guy above who failed at First, and wasted pur fucking time.

  3. This. sounds. AMAZING. So many little things that could make games feel so much more immersive with this thing

  4. I thought haptic touch only meant the screen vibrated when it was touched. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, but would it work with resistive touch screen technology? (Then again, we did get rumble + motion control in Wiimotes to work just fine, so if anyone can pull off haptic + resistive, it’s Nintendo).

    1. At this point I doubt the tablet/console anything like the E3 model. If this is true this thing will cost AN. ASS. LOAD.

      1. I assume it would be between $299.99 – $399.99 . I STILL hope for a $299.99 price tag for Nintendo’s most powerful console.

  5. So +100$ for a gimmick that has nothing to do with gaming…..

    Well maybe/probably not 100$ but it will raise the price since its advanced tech.

    1. “nothing to do with gaming”

      haha kid, you are bad at school right? Or even it isn’t that then you gotta be a very unimaginative person….

    2. they could put virtual buttons on the touch screen that you could actually feel so you wouldnt have to look at the touch screen to make sure your actually touching the virtual button, or they can make it so when you reload you have to do it on the touch screen and it actually feels like your reloading the gun. there’s a lot that you can do with it.

      1. yeah but the gimmick jacks the price and nintendo are cheap. i hope microsoft gets it first so nintendo can die i hate their stupid kiddy shit games. you all are loser pedophiles who try to act mature to make up for the fact ya playing simplistic,overated,overused fucking ips. die nintendo but i want miyamoto dead all good things must come to an end nintedo your worthless crap overstayed its welcome microsoft pc and apple ftw destrot them no mercy on the japanese enemy!

      2. Microsoft getting it ‘first’? What a joke! I think Nintendo will succeed :)

        Besides, it would be pretty stupid if Microsoft completely copies Nintendo idea. I figure they’ll do some improvement with kinect

      3. it doesnt lol as i said it’s cheap technology. it would cost that much to add it to there controllers

  6. I will always support only nintendo.
    Because they are the only ones that care about gameplay.
    I prefer a nice game like Skyward Sword than interactive movies (ps3 xbos 360 games)

  7. Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi movie, and this will make teh Wii U very expensive but it would be epic.

    Being first is for losers even if they are first.

    1. what? you mean you want flat textureless on-screen buttons.
      The examples used are gimmicky, not the technology. It’s exactly what smart phone and tab gaming needs, but I’m not sure Wiiu needs it.

      1. Hmm I don’t know.. I don’t want action buttons on the screen. That’s what A, B, X, Y, L, R, Z are for and the huge diference between ‘gaming’ on an iPad and gaming on a system with buttons (Wii U/3DS) but I kinda understand what you mean. Let’s wait for E3 and see! Nintendo rarely disappoints :)

      2. I agree, nothing like a nice firm button under your fingers. Im hoping its used for things like examining objects, looking around terrain, interactive maps, etc. The textured feel would be awesome, and if used properly can actually help gameplay. Examining puzzle pieces in a zelda game to determine which one is the right piece? How about feeling metal on a gun in a first person shooter? Petting a pokemon and actually feeling the fur? I dunno, last one sounds creepy.

      3. I want to feel my Heracross. Maybe feel the fire on the fur of my Blaziken. So awesome.

      4. I really don’t think they are going to gimmick buttons

        1st the control alredy got a lot
        2nd it’s like threw it to the crash doing buttons instead of doing a sensor with your tact or something.

    2. You mean, unnecessary, right? Don’t chicken out, dude, just say what you need to say and don’t hide behind other words like “gimmicky”.

    3. Besides, the primary appeal is to build upon the gameplay experience beyond just whatever appears from the TV screen.

  8. Wow why is there so many comments that are saying sounds gimmickey? are they the same people or what?

    1. Not sure what that could be used for… Maybe if Snake wanted to play some Wii U on the battlefield.

      I’d still probably get it.

      1. Imagine touching the screen on the uPad and have a sensational feel of an 18th centry old map…

  9. Sounds just like what you reported around this time last year. I really want it to happen. I was so disappointed when we didn’t see it at E3. I’m gonna buy it no mater what, but if everyone buys it I get better games right? Thats what would make it the best for me.

  10. How the heck is that even possible? It does sound cool though. It would make it much easier to use the touch screen if you could kinda “feel” where exactly to put your fingers while your looking at the TV.

    1. When you’re using a gun and feeling the screen would be very epic.

      Play in the dark, it will be very epic…

      1. I know right? And imagine a game where you had to, for instance, touch the screen to change from water to sand form or something like that. You wouldn’t have to look at the screen to know where to press it at. You could feel the sand texture!

  11. Why else would Vivitouch have a Nintendo E3 booth if they didn’t have the technology in a Nintendo product?

    1. Wii U is going to be epic.

      Imagen using a gun in the game and feeling it, now play the game in the dark.

      I can imagen it… some FPS games will be as realistic as unbelievable.

    2. Thank you! This video made this news a lot more clear. It’s basically a souped up Rumble feature according to the video. Pretty cool stuff.

  12. Oh really? I thought Nintendo was all about shit gimmicks.

    inb4 Nintendo relies on nothing but gimmicks.

    1. i know rite the funny part is they work even when people doubt them they work and work well sony and microsoft was forced not by choice but forced to try to accomplish what nintendo has and when its all said and done people will remember the wii for changing gaming once again at least till wii u comes out i bet sony and microsoft wont be so quick to poke fun at a console again lol

  13. For those saying that this is gimmicky, the rumble feature that you all love can be considered “gimmicky,” since that’s what Vivitouch specializes in. whodatforlife posted a video of this tech above.

    Now, I’m not sure if this thing will ship with the system or if it’ll become an add-on later on. We shall wait and see.

  14. Okay I shouldn’t say this, but……screw it

    You know what a truly worthless gimmick is? A DVD player in a VIDEO GAME console.

    At least this will have some interface with the game, but I do agree its not totally innovative, but it does sound really cool.

    I need to stop coming to mynintendonews until after E3, these Wii U rumors are killing me.

    1. Yeah, but this rumor might be true. This feature was spoken of before E3 2011, just the technology wasn’t properly named or referenced.

  15. This could really be an awesome addition to the Upad. We’ll have to see how Nintendo uses it.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  16. YES! This is exactly what Nintendo needs to absolutely wow everyone and push the envelope. I’ve eardrum of this technology before, and I would be proud of Nintendo implemented this before all the smartphone makers.

  17. Hey, I remember this rumor! While Nintendo’s Conference at E3 will be the final word, I’m glad this one surfaced again. That would be cool to try, but I do fear what kind of shovelware this could result in while developers are figuring out just how to use it.

    Still, once it’s had a chance to mature, I hope to see some ingenious immersion techniques from the technology, likened to the rumble pak as others have mentioned.

    1. I believe somebody on IGN was really clamoring for one pre-E3, and was totally disappointed when it didn’t happen. I believe his name was something like The Wise or something. I dunno, he talked a lot about stuff.

      1. That was the plan all along. To improve boob physics then allow you to touch and feel the boobs with haptic technology.

  18. If this new technology works wonders, Nintendo is gonna blow the roof off the show’s floor 2 months from now.

  19. More smoke and mirrors i see. When in doubt, toss another gimmick in the mix. Cripes.What’s next? A horn and a license plate?

    1. A horn and a license plate? Lol. So you are saying the motor vehicle was not a success? Go fuck yourself!!!

  20. Only being on the touch screen, this would clearly be a pioneering technology: An impressive innovation, but limited by the space it can function. The point this technology could really take off is when they integrate this into an entire controller body. When it’s in a position the player can’t ignore, that’s when it will really affect how the game is played.

  21. I don’t know about this

    It would most likely raise the price of the controller significantly, meaning it would be too expensive for nintendo to sell multiple controllers. That means we’ll have to use wiimotes for spit screen, co-op etc.

    I’d rather them invest in making the system more powerful to support multiple conrtollers

  22. This technology sounds amazing! If it’s true the wii u will be the new, “you gotta try this” console

  23. so some people wondering how they would be able to do haptic feedback with a resistive touch screen, it’s only possible with a resistive touch screen. haptic technology examines the force put onto certain spots on the touch screen and then produces vibrations to emulate the sensation of actually touch the object, the harder you push down, the reaction is amplified accordingly. and it’s not extremely expensive tech, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it featured it.

  24. I almost lost hope when this tech made no mention last year. If this is true, I’d be crying up a storm. New things like these are what make me feel good about gaming.

  25. I can’t see this happening but if it does the wii u will leave other consoles dead in the water.

    Welcome to the future.

  26. i was betting on this for last e3
    thought i was wrong than
    know i can’t believe i’ve guessed this
    seemed logical to me: nintendo+big touch screen = haptical screen technology from japan

    1. Remember what Nintendo said, their modifying the Wii U for this E3.

      The one we saw first was a prototype.

      So that tech could be happening.

  27. This would be absolutley amazing and would 100% sell me for the Wii U. The main problem I have with touchscreen controls is the lack of kinesthetic feel that you would otherwise have in normal buttons. That is the main reason why I hate all mobile gaming.

    1. Wii U has lots of normal buttons and you can see a game demo in action below on the Wii U prototype.

      Still… The Wii U controller is more of an extra screen, Ubisoft said that you can change weapon load out while waiting to respawn in GR:O. And In the demos at E3 they showed flying a Spy Drone.

      Gearbox (Aliens developer) said they can do ‘Something cool’ with their game their porting to Wii U. I can see they could use the Wii U controller screen as a motion detector, and also minimise the amount of HUD on screen.

  28. But it says its VERY expensive, which means if the console is “cheap” it will really dont have to much power :(

    1. It will be more powerful then PS3/360 according to Gearbox, Sega, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Darksiders developer and many others. It will be more powerful because they know what their doing with the Wii U.

      You know Nintendo, they will do It cheeper then we expect. 3DS was way cheeper then people expected.

      Just wait until E3 2012 in 2 months to find out more, and possibly even the Japanese price so we can convert it and find out the price in $.

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