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Here’s The First Seventy Minutes Of Kingdom Hearts 3D In High Quality

Mesut from Nintendo Domination has gone beyond the call of duty and has uploaded seventy minutes of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance footage. Square Enix finally announced yesterday that the highly anticipated game is coming to North America on July 31st. Square Enix has yet to announce a release date for Europe, but we shouldn’t have too long to wait.

17 thoughts on “Here’s The First Seventy Minutes Of Kingdom Hearts 3D In High Quality”

      1. You don’t really need it since the controls are like that of KHBBS, which are great. But, yeah, the game is compatible with the Circle Pad Pro, which can be used to control the camera.

  1. The opening scene is just beautiful
    Square Enix have outdone themselves once again
    this game looks like it’ll be the best Kingdom Hearts yet
    I can’t wait!
    ah, where’s 3DS emulation when you need it
    I wish I could play the japanese version first like I did with all the other new Kingdom Hearts games

    anyway, this game is a masterpiece and I’ll definitely be pre-ordering it
    I hope it comes wit some cool pre-order only gift

  2. Why do i want to watch a 70 minute game trailer?

    Dont come crying to us next week, complaining that bandwidth-limit is fucked.

  3. my god 3ds is turning out the be the snes all over so many jap games not enought western games fuck where is the western support

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