This Is What Angry Birds Would Look Like On Nintendo Game & Watch

Swedish artist Giorgio Cantù has put his exceptional talents to good use and has rendered his impression of what Angry Birds would look like on Nintendo’s classic Game & Watch device.


  1. gyes i heardmuch news about the wiiu but the latest was the worst.the wiiu is CURENT weaker than ps3 or 360 (i dont think so) so,when the wiiu will be released it will be 50% more powerful.i mean come on! the wiiu is current in develpe

    1. It was confirmed that it was an April Fools joke.What is it about all these people hating peteriuss.

      1. It must have been a horrible April fools joke. it gives the other fanboys something to brag about. I guess we’ll have to wait till E3 for the final word. Also I have no idea why everyone hates peteriuss so much.

  2. I sincerely believe if Angry Birds would have started this way, it wouldn’t get as much hate. Ofcourse that would also mean it would most likely not be on iOS an perhaps only available on Nintendo eShop.

    1. ageree, plus Its funny how a simple game like AB gets hated like crazy but tetris is for the hardcore smh

      gamers just arent what they use to be.

    1. i dont think that was gameplay (I could be wrong though) but hell the FF13 CG’s looks god-like great, but yeah, its not gameplay.

      1. The zelda demo was running in realtime. You could control the lighting and the camera angle. There were no frame rate drops if the lighting was changed from night to day and vice versa. Also it was running in native 1080p HD.

      2. It still wasn’t gameplay, and the camera angles were only a few, I do hope that the wiiU is atleast on par with the ps3 that way I can see Zelda in glorious HD. but my point still stands.

  3. Haha this is cool sickr!! Ive been trying to get myself into collecting the old game and watch games and so far i just have octopus buuuut i wish this was real! id get it in a heart beat!!

  4. why is people hating on this game is it because its a really great selling game or is it cause its getting alot of attention some games isnt seriously this is one of the most creative games since mario on the nes even if it is as simple as shooting a bird across the air

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