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Reward Card And Gift Card Services Resume At GAME This Weekend

GAME and GameStation have announced that customers can once again use their reward cards and redeem gift vouchers at stores across the UK this weekend. Both stores had temporarily disabled reward cards and gift cards as the company entered administration. GAME and GameStation were bought out by investment firm OpCapita.

“While our loyalty scheme and gift cards were suspended by the administrator during the period of administration last week, now that the business is under new ownership they are being reinstated in full this weekend.”

“Customers will be able to use them as normal. We’re also working hard to restock our stores, and there will be a much bigger range of products for customers to choose from in the next couple of weeks.”

18 thoughts on “Reward Card And Gift Card Services Resume At GAME This Weekend”

    1. What, You think that GAME ripping their Customers off is a good thing?!

      Trust me folks GAME haven’t learnt anything from this and are back to ripping their customers off.

      1. I much prefer to buy my games from GAME, I trust them, it’s called brand loyalty. I would only ever buy games from GAME HMV and and they are usually the same prices for most of the time, so I would rather get my points with GAME too, especially like when I got over £5 worth of points when I bought my 3DS from there. So I will buy my Wii U from them too, on release. I’m glad they are back, I know I can now buy pokemon black 2 when it’s released from here.

  1. i am not gonna troll.i just want to ask u something, the wiiu is weaker than ps3 and xbox? will the wiiu be more powerful? ive heard bad news about the wiiu in previously news,just gimme ur opinion if u want.

    1. Who cares if the Wii U is weaker than the PS3 and 360? Nintendo sure don’t and I don’t not as long Nintendo continues to make great games.

      Also this isn’t the time or the place to ask.

    2. Wii U is more powerful, All the developers for Wii U know what their doing and tell the truth saying the Wii U is more powerful.

      The people who said it’s less powerful and they kept them selfs anonymous to not lose their reputation of telling a lie.

      The Wii U is more powerful other wise there would be no use of a new console for next gen.

    1. no, it is the comet owners that won the bidder war, at least there will be no more twitter question about this subject.

  2. did sickr ban me and no1 can see me? nah.nvm. 1 question will the U be more powerfull because ive heard too much bad news from a developer.

      1. I wish i couldn’t see your comment. This site has been much improved these past few days that you have not been on here. Less fake peteriuss’s too.

  3. In other news: Take Two is claiming that THQ is dead in six months and blames THQ for its tendency for licensed games.

    Them’s fightin’ words, is all I can say.

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