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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Logo Image Leak And Debut Trailer Date?

The logo for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has apparently leaked onto the internet along with a date for the debut trailer. The image was discovered on the official Call of Duty site but has since been pulled. Activision has still yet to confirm Black Ops 2, but we all know it’s coming. Judging from the logo we should be seeing the debut trailer fairly soon.

97 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Logo Image Leak And Debut Trailer Date?”

    1. While it may be “gay”, sadly, it isn’t fake. I’m beginning to wonder if publishers do these “leaks” on purpose to build up hype. I’m almost sure this is the case because it happens way too often for it to be an accident.

    2. You mean “Fake.”
      You must start a sentence with proper capitalization.


      1. This is not a sentence because there is no subject. Also, “when” is a subordinating conjunction, so your message acts as a dependent clause.

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        1. Well, not if you consider that “no longer” could be the nickname of a person or legal entity, in which case, When he sells, they will stop making games.

    1. I think you mean “When will this CoD craze end?”
      Crazy acts as an adjective, and CoD (an adjective in this case) must act upon a noun, so “CoD craze” is applicable.

    1. I agree.

      1. Casual gamers. This may be difficult but try and get your head around it: COD games sell. A lot. Jut because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad or unimportant. Having COD on WiiU is as important as Mario and Zelda as it is what the majority of casual gamers want. If Nintendo could strike a deal with Activision to have Black Ops2 and Modern Warfare 4 DLC first (like the 360 had with MW2/3) it would be a huge plus for the console.

    1. The 20 million+ who have bought previous CoDs and will buy this. And activision. And appearently you, because you spent some of your time to click on this article and post that comment.

      1. Just because they released the various COD games on the Wii doesn’t mean anyone bought or played them. So I support the question – “This is Nintendo related how?”

        1. You realize that if nobody bought them, Activision would put them on Wii? They’re about making the most money. If there is no money there, they’ll leave.

    1. Yay!!!

    1. You probably think the game and franchise are crap because you are one of the 12 people who try to play black ops online ob your Wii, using motion control.

      1. hey i know this one black ops 99999 will release 2013 with guns granades and explotion!!!!!

        kids react: HOLY SH***T!!!

        me reacting: someone please kill activision for the love of jesus christ!!

        1. So, let me get this straight… because you personally don’t like a game you think the company and people who make it should all be killed. Wow. What a tool you are. So by your method, as I take issue with what you say, you should be killed too. Is that the way it works? I’m not a huge FPS or COD fan but the games sell and having them on Wii U or 3DD is vital.

    1. Oh…nice observation! Haha, I wouldn’t of caught that.

      +1 to you my dear sir.

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        1. I am part of a friendly online educational-awareness organization: GEP, [which stands for “Grammatical Error Police”]. You have made one or more grammatical errors and we are here to help you. Our number one goal is to stop the over-looked crime of creating grammatical errors.

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  1. “The image was discovered on the official Call of Duty site but has since been pulled.” How its fake when its was on the C0D site!? Stupid ppl…

  2. this is for all those grammar and on topic Nazi out there, have fun with this!

    The Overall War on Consoles and PCs

    Ok so upon closer inspection neither system PS3 or 360 deserves any real fuss. Yea they have 3 million polygon resolutions and multi core processors both are online they support mass media… (netflix garbage) but issue is the games them self have no original value anymore COD, battlefield, racing games, sports games, RPGs, MMO, kids game, dance game, no matter the game you play it for an hour. You will call out all the gliches, flaws, rip-off, horid game play, “i can make a better game” mumbo-jumbo crockamainy BS. You beat the story go onto online, you race, fight, shoot, your way to some magnificent BS “trophy” or “achevment” to make yourself feel like someone special. In that you’re just to be out gunned, out maned, out menuvered, out pland, out thought; it breaks your ego, so you turn around yelling at a screen and microphone, screaming obsciene names and calling cheeter, hacker,chicken sht, bot you name at some tucker who don’t give a sht about your rants and crying cause they are half way around the world and know you can’t do sht cause you spent your last 80 bucks on a peace of crap game. So you just to throw the disk, and hope they make a better more fair games bagillianth sequil, wich turns out to be the same game but so self ran a 2 year old can press ONE button and he’s knifed you, gunned down your roomate, driven a tank into enamy territory, captured the flag, danced on your dead body, and t-baged you, just for you to spawn and for that same 2 year old to press that same ONE button and piss you off again. Seriously there is no room for originalty and true skill anymore; your limited to a set number buttons and triggers (D-Pad, 2 “clicky” analog sticks, 4 bump buttons/Triggers, 4 pressure sensitive buttons, and a select and start button) and graphics DONT MEAN SHT. So for that i’ll take the Wii u OR a 2D side scrolling 8bit snes, genisus, 64, saturn, dreamcast, neogeo, TG16, 3D0 orginal game and play it for 60 plus hours, beat it and then play it again cause its true fun… throw them both in the garbage and give me something new with some real “CLASS”

    Here are some setteling and some unsetteling thoughts on what Wii U and next-gen systems brings to the future of gamming.

    Graphics, Graphics, Graphics, Graphics….. Seriously if you want graphics go outside and look at all the beautiful things around you because your never going to find better graphics. Game companys are PHISICALLY at near end to the graphics era…on a hardware and software level. sure if you want graphics go by a PC and the best $2k video card, but when you look at that game of COD on your card and the same COD playing on computers with a standerd high end $200 graphics card that while yes the $2k one looks a tinsi little bit better, it amounts to NOTHING… Why? because down to the root its nothing but a long string of a bunch of bianary numbers in a sequential order!!!! Once you get into playing the game and that game zooms out to charater stand point, that after the game processes the world around it as well as your charater, the game will always deminish in quality no matter how pretty you think it looks. You will come to realise that unless you want to watch a MOVIE instead of playing a game, that your going to be playing the same tweaked games over and over. Playing a game is about being in a world wich would be IMMAGINITIVE, UNREAL, UNSAFE, BIZZAR, BEAUTIFUL, FUN, EVENTFUL, and ENJOYABLE. It’s to get you out of the Real World Limitations that are normaly set in stone by Phyiscs. if you shoot someone they dont come back to get all hussy fussy so you can laugh at them.. Because of Physics… We dont Travel to other worlds in far galixies and walk the earths of beautiful planets… Because of Physics… We cant push around a big perfect ball of trees, homes, electronics, gadgets, buildings, people and animals to help that big ball grow for no aparent reason at all… because of Physics. And we can’t take our helmets off in the middle of space to kiss our loved one we are holding so clos in our arms… Because PHYSICS would tell us that if we did any of those things we would surely die for one reason or another. If that wasn’t the case we would not have to have a NEED for GAMES… key word GAMES, a game is nothing but an almogomation of PRETEND PLAY that we can get into from the mind of many ARTEST and STORY TELLERS…. we have pushed our way threw the world with technology but it dose END… and in terms of graphics it has ended for now! So enjoy that classical 2D side scroller for the story and world, enjoy that cartoon looking RPG with magic powers and might (love you Tales games :P), go ahead and play that pen and paper D&D game. because we are now at an age where we can tell a STORY the way the creator IMMAGINED and intended it to be told. we all have storys we want to tell with our own ways of telling them… that will be the next step in gaming. letting us as individuals tell the story how we saw them in our own mind with ease and simplicity. with that said… Looking at the new Nintendo I feel they are comming so close to using new ideas to bring nostalgia back into the relm of gaming. People will call it a gimmick that will fail… BUT it has viable opertunities if game DEVELOPERS use it correctly. It has been done before and has both worked and failed each time for their own reasons. Dreamcast tried the screen on controler/memory card trick but it lacked functionality. The consept and idea they where going for was to far ahead of the tecnology you were left with a small 2×2 inchish screen with 2 buttons and a Dpad memory card that slips into the controler. Problem was the only game that could utalise it fashonably was sports (mainly football) for play selections. Yes other games used it but there was nothing on that little screen that couldn’t be emulated on the tv and with with better effects. Nintendo with only 5 years of tecnological advancement retried this idea improving it in that they took a GBA and hooked it to a gamecube. Squareenix was the only compony that utalized this idea of a screen on a controler approach once again for “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals”. It worked great for the game but was forgotten about quickly after because it was still tarnished in low tech and funtionality. That was back in 2003…. When PS3 was announced there were ambitions, speculations, Rumors and clues that PSP was going to play the same kind of functionality… A controler with a screen. It never happened because up until now it would have FAILED… And it still might. Why? First) New tech becomes infested with more bugs and problems because they don’t have time to fix it before fanboy riots cry for better technology. So what’s new yesterday, gets buggy when merged with what’s new today, and it becomes an infestation of problems with what’s new tommorow. This is because no one took the time to understand what was good and bad about previous technologies and it becomes a desolate wasteland of usless garbage ideas. Second) Developers grow slower than the technology. As an example it takes almost a year to two years for high end game developers with 200-300 crew deep to create a game, for low end compony’s that are only 30-40 crew deep it can take almost an entire console life to create one game. And with each new technological and graphical enhancment its taking more time to develop around the bugs not quite fixed weather its hardware, software, or user friendly or not. Duke Nukem wound up being one such example. They went threw 7 overhals/restarts and just as many years before catching up to current spects. And still after all that it wound up being lackluster because its been so overly done already with newer games. Ipads and Iphones, tablets and multitouch screens have no use for a one tracked “HC gammer” there is no power to the processor inside the system. It freezes, jitters, doesn’t calibrate correctly. You will tap, press, hold a vertual button 5-6 times to get it to register to what ever game you play and that causes time constraints on fast passed games and can equate to loosing a game. Let’s say for example you are playing a racing game on the Ipad, you are in the middle of a race and there is a turn up ahead, if you have been using the Ipad for a prolonged period of time, oils and dirt get built up on the screen and give false readings. Those readings while in a turn can lead the game to think that while yes you are pressing the vertual break button and a vertual analog stick under a turn, that you are also pressing the vertual gas button as well because of human grime, and that in turn slams you into a wall. A computer incorperated with multi touch can not distinguish grime from a third hand. So if your playing a game with multi-touch screen necessity, you better have hand sanitizer gel ready to wipe the screen every 3 hours of use. (yes it is electronicaly safe, it doesn’t hold much of an electrical charge, so it wont short out the circutboard even if on, and it dries fast and clean, it is a refined form of alcohol after all) What Wii U did right was get rid of multi-touch to prolong usability of a touch screen, this is because even if grime sits on the screen that by pressing the correct corrosponding button it will negate grimes effect of pressing its own virtual button because the last spot pressed is the only current spot pressed. And with the press and swipe of a hand from controller to TV you will get the desired effect. Grime can not swipe a button to a screen, it can just press down a virtual button but if multi-touch is pressing a button you might swipe one button but also the wrong button. Nintendo also gutted the system out of the controller. Why was this a good thing? Because less information has to be processed inside a “controller” Playstation could not incorperate properly the PSP into the ps2/3 because the controller lags between game, to memory, to processor, back into more memeory, back into more processors, back out video output across airwaves and into the Video Input devise (screen) so while hand held systems work as a stand alone unit, and with the lag being forgiven, it was because of its single player atmosphere it was originaly designed for. Aginst human reflexes though, it won’t work, the advantage would go to a system with an original controler that has nothing to process but the button(s) currently being pushed. That’s why stand alone handhelds won’t work as a User Interface Controller. Nintendo gutted the controller from having to process video i/o, memory i/o and controller i/o, in turn for video steaming from a multi processor console that dose all that work right at the core of the system, also Nintendo gutting multi-touch gutted multi-touch process lag as well for less laggy and less buggy mono-touch system. Let’s face this as well Android and Apple as nice as they are for phones and tablets can’t run hardcore games like COD or Halo alone. They will over heat and lock up from processing such power hungry enviorments in the blink of an eye just as PSVita might do so running any PS3 quality game. Power driven handhelds are even more suseptible to over heating because they don’t disipate heat fast enough for the heat they create themselves, let alone 2 heat insulating hands that are sealed around it to boot. Those systems have their own processors and memory cores just as any stand alone hand-held and are riddled with the same grime problems as well as heat problems. i own an android and had an ipad. and they got heavy wear and tear in just the time when i write this so i know, i took off the back cover just so it dosen’t burn a hole in my hand and cause random button jitters. So… is Nintendo hurting your ego much right now? Graphics alone isn’t going to make a system anymore. Otherwise you should stick to the 360 and PS3 with its current superb graphics chamber, but don’t cry when the turtle wins the race. Let’s face it a sea turtles will out live a rabbit 60 time over. Graphics have phisically risen as far as the tecnology can price efectivly and efecently can take them and now Nintendo and the Wii U has continued to walk its path with experiance it brought from all its knoledges from predisesors in every department. With well constucted simple but reliable tools designed into fullfilling its games in solid structure, even if sertain aspecs of a future idea is slightly undertech for now. Nintendo is now fighting back up with those graphics that you want and are even slightly improved, but Nintendo know they are not going much further than they stand now for any consievable future on ANY console or computer. I am going to have to put my money into Nintendo, Nintendo has built off ideas that at the times of creation were under any componys name called a gimmick. Nentendo has REFINED : defined as (With impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing.) Their gaming system. For a GAMES sake only Nintendo refined the original controler, Nintendo refined the second screen, Nintendo refined adding touch and stylus (not to be confused with multi touch) Nintendo is refining motion controle, Nintendo is refining overheating issues, Nintendo is refining the network structure Microsoft and Sony on the other hand are trying to incorperate every consevible and technology good or bad into one amalgamation powerhouse. Technology is a “tool” nothing more nothing less, so while Microsoft and Sony are devowering everything new with cheeper materials trying to create the most expensive system aka the worlds largest swiss army knife the “The Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife™ V1.0” Nintendo is sticking to making the worlds Strongest screwdriver” built and constantly REFINED soley for the gaming screw. If I want to play a game or screw in a screw ill bring out the Wii U or strongest screwdriver , if I fall stupid and don’t have a clue as to what I want to do or work on or dilly dally ill bring out the junk these other companies hash together (all in one) hubs the “The Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife™ V1.0” that cost me a fortune and doesn’t under stand that I truly bought the system to game and to game only Has everyone forgotten that fact? Look at the web page in the above paragraph and tell me it doesn’t mimic Sony and Microsoft ((as a whole compony and empire in its entirety(Sony TVs, Sony DVD Players, Sony Laptops, Sony Walkmans, Sony MP3/movie players Sony PS3 VITA, PSP, PSP go, PSP with a Phone; Microsoft computers, Microsoft 360, Microsoft Phones, Microsoft Surface, Microsoft software; VB, office, windows, silverlight,)). SMDH I hope Nintendo keeps creating a video game console to play just that video games, utill all tecnologies merge seemlessly and bugless then expand outword from that point when we reach it. As long as the tool works use it for what its made for. Im writing all this to make a point to hayfevor fanboys that embrasing your so called console so tightly it will leave you with a sence of insicurity in the end. So one web page author that was let alone a person claiming to be a Nintendo Fanboy himself gave such a statement about nintendo Pachter Says “Nintendo Dosen’t Even Know There’s An Internet Yet”continuing to state “Sony is a content provido in film and muic and game; I think they’re ahead of the curve. Microsoft… They’re right back on track. These guys want to be an entertainment hub. So you’re going to get a box out of Microsoft thats going to turn your washer and dryer on, and they are going to give you the multi-purpose console of all time” “Nintendo doesn’t even know there’s an Internet yet so trust me, they’re going to be making consoles until someone explains it to them” Now talking about the next-gen systems, it sounds like hes bad mouthing Nintendo and he has his points. What he was refuring to in all that though he was talking about “Cloud Gaming” or streaming games from servers to a hub in lamens terms, but this adds to my validity as to my view point on these systems that they are vearing to far forword with technology, but not the games. And it also validifies that GRAPHICS are Done… now they want ways to show you the ways they can get those Same games to you outside of physical Deleverance what they dont understand is over all practicality. I responded with this

    I beleave patcher has failed to realize cloud gaming is fail itself. Yes the streaming industry may be on there way but unfortunatly as with anything man made its FLAWED, and giving such flawed utilities such broad access to humanity is asking for trouble. Let’s face it PS3 and 360 have both been hacked, why? because one people see such things as challenges, and 2 people see such things as targets. He wants to get rid of console for online steaming, so when cloud gaming servers get hacked you are left with open access to your cc info as well as shut down of all games for server maintinance or worse virual infection. While those that understand owning and caring for your own copy will limmit threats to your urban threshold. I would rather leave my trusted belongings on the risk of being stolen by a mear 10-20,000 people rather than the 30+ million given accress to the same broadband spectrum Also I will like to point out that if a power failior occures for any lenght of time your screwed NO MATTER WHAT SYSTEM YOU OWN, but if internet failior occures for any lenght of time any and all games forced threw “Cloud Gaming” will utterly be shut down on either server or user front, but a game system that dosen’t let go of its heritage like Nintendo will give you plenty of feasable playtime without having to call your internet compony ever 10 minuts woundering when and if it will be back up soon. Thanks but ill stick with Nintendo making consoles while 720 and PS4 get repeated and stronger hacks by supirior intelect and flawed “ground breaking” utilities.” Microsoft and Sony will jump on this bandwagon and might fail because they will implament multitouch and self sufficent handhelds as an inovative perk to nintendos undertech but understood ideas, if they are driven to catch up to Nintendo and offer buggier but better tech for the same games, You are going to see see a bad move and a lot of money lost to not embracing and REFINING older tech for the flawed newer tech fresh with all its bugs still not worked out.

    1. Too long. Didn’t read. In other words, gaming companies should focus on gameplay instead of graphics.


  3. And how is this related to Nintendo? Apparently MyNintendoNews is becoming MyRandomVideoGameNews.

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