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Wii U Cost Of Manufacturing Detailed, System To Retail For $300?

An anonymous source with close ties to Nintendo believes that they know how much Nintendo’s manufacturing costs are for Wii U, and also how much the system will retail for when it makes its debut sometime after this years E3 event in June.

  • Total cost of materials to manufacture the Wii U console (includes cost of controller) is estimated to be around $180
  • Controller’s total bill of materials and components costs no more than $50
  • Wii U will be no less than $300 when it launches- NFC capabilities for each new Wii U controller costs no more than $5 to implement
  • Price of NFC implementation in mobile devices is expected to fall below $1 in the near future
  • Microsoft’s Kinect cost $56 after tearing it apart
  • Wii U controller’s cost of materials would be slightly less than what Kinect cost

147 thoughts on “Wii U Cost Of Manufacturing Detailed, System To Retail For $300?”

      1. Yeah it seems the kids are not at family picnics today after all…..Anyways i think we need some sort of protection or cap the character limit per post would be good.

    1. Bah. I’d rather it cost $500 and be powerful enough to blow everything else out of the water, rather than losing it’s technological edge as soon as PS4 comes out.

        1. Clearly I’m speaking comparatively: “…it’s technological edge [over the other consoles].”
          Besides, if you’re not playing FPSs or RTSs (two genres I loathe) than PCs are god awful. Pissy controls, constant need for upgrades, If PC is amazing, then why are none of their top selling games exclusive to that platform? Can’t play Zelda on anything that isn’t Nintendo (the CDi ones don’t count).

          1. I agree. Why do people always mention how powerful PCs are. Who gives a shit. Get over yourselves. I can’t play Zelda or games like Persona 4 and Soul Calibur on a PC. Hell, I’d choose PS1 over PS3 anyday just because it has better games.

            1. You can emulate all of those on either a Wii emulator or a 360 emulator. The Wii one runs on low-medium end machines, but the 360 one requires a bit more oomph, though it runs better than the Wii one (no motion controls, just plug in a 360 controller).

            2. You can play Wii, PS1, and PS2 games on the PC if you really want to. No, it’s not illegal to emulate, you can only get in trouble if you download the roms off the internet somewhere. As long as you don’t share the rom on the disc you bought, I think it’s legal. And playing on the PC ups the graphical quality by quite a bit, check out some youtube vids on it if you want.

              In regards to the control complaints, you can jut buy a controller accessory and just plug it into the USB slot. They aren’t any more expensive than Wii remotes are.

          2. Just plug in an Xbox controller and the PC already has controls just like consoles. So it’s superior in every which way. It even has Kinect support, and thanks to the power of PC’s there’s little/no lag.

            And yes, you can play Zelda on PC’s. Heard of emulators? Specifically, Dolphin emulator. You can even hack a Wii Remote and play on your PC, so you’re pretty much playing on a Wii, just in HD. You jelly?

            1. Not jelly at all.
              As a collector, I like having the actual game on my shelf. It’s not a collection if it consists of cheap knock offs.
              Not to mention the games can be quite buggy when played on emulators.
              Plus given the drop in Nintendo’s profits of late, it’s important to support the industry. If I only play emulated or pirated games, I can’t then complain if a dev goes bust.
              And my Wii doesn’t require constant upgrading, doesn’t get viruses, doesn’t overheat.
              I remember playing Pokemon Sapphire on an emulator. I remember not being able to trade or get event Pokes.
              Sounds like there’s some inferior aspects of PCs to me.

              1. I never said they were the platform of choice for Nintendo games, or any games really. Emulators are OK, IMO, if you really want to play a game and can’t access it for some reason or another. I’m just pointing out how PC’s are the opposite of “God awful” and are generally the best platform to play video games on. I have a Wii and buy all my games new and legally, but that doesn’t make the PC any worse of a platform.

                Oh, and while I’m at it, unless you play games on a laptop, overheating shouldn’t be an issue. Updates are a GOOD thing, they add new features and fix bugs other consoles are too slow to implement and usually have to pay for. You can choose to ignore updates, if you want to experience a game like console gamers do. Emulators support online these days; you can play games like GoldenEye 007 (N64) online, which is something the original never could.

                1. People that aren’t dedicated PC gamers won’t usually have a desktop nowadays. I would never buy a PC just to avoid over heating, and then have to have a laptop as well for work.
                  Updates are fine, obviously they exist for a reason. The problem is that it’s not a choice. You have to overhaul your computer every 6 months or you can’t play the newest games at peak performance. With a console I know that I won’t have to waste my time and money updating it to play a game as the devs wanted it to be played. And in some cases (moreso with Macs than PCs), if you don’t keep your computer up to date it becomes impossibly buggy. I don’t like having to defrag for an hour when I just wanna play a game. I don’t believe all of the chores inherent to PCs justify the advantages.
                  I’m aware that emulators now support multiplayer in situations where they once didn’t. But my point is that there are certain aspects of games that emulators will never mimic. I can’t bring my emulated Pokemon Black to a tournament. Which for me is where the fun in Pokemon really is. I can use Shoddy or what have you to play in online tourneys, but that is just such a load of crap. Players don’t have to EV train or even ctach the Poke, they just enter the stats and moveset into the program. And it’s never as good as playing someone that’s right in front of you in the real world.

                  The best platform to play any given game on will always be the platform for which it was designed. Which is why the increased performance and graphical output of a PC is irrelevant when the Zeldas and Metroids are all designed for Ninty consoles.

      1. The rumors about the wii u from analysis are always false since they have too much to gain from devaluing stock. Plus if they do have inside info then they could go to jail for insider trading like Martha stewart lol.

        Also you have to understand not every one was given new dev kits some people are stuck with ver3-4.

        Plus every one screaming about the next Xbox and ps4 need to understand, consoles never beat pcs. That has only happened before deticated video processors. The next gen will not be faster than a i7 with a $150-200 gpu every thing else will be hype and the idea that the wii u will be left behind is false since this should have happened to current hd systems as pcs have been many times more powerful than console.

        The fact is transparency rendering and tessalation are the only real next gen processes. Higher textures, faster frame rate are going to be part of the wiiu package.

        Developers are fine with the current tech they just need better frame rates which the wiiu will fix since it has more ram. More cores than 4 are a waste unless ms and Sony want to make access data base powered games yet that is a server side tech so no go there.

        In reality hd is all that was needed now we get to see a snes like Nintendo appear again. Not too powerful and not too weak, designed to do a job… Play more pc like games while offering every one new dimensions of play.

        It’s really bad to bet against Nintendo now, they have perfected 80% of their franchises now and they are now making realistic games too? All bases are about to be covered.

        Also kid icuras could be the next quake 3! On the wiiu. The wii u pad will merge console and pc gaming and even virtual gaming even more. Ms needs a pad enabled kinect to keep up yet every one knows they can not create what Nintendo can on a first party level.

        Expect wii sports games and extremely hardcore pc like games that use to need keyboards. That right there is the most important spec.

      2. PS3 is technically more powerful than the 360 yet 360 continually proves it can produce great graphics just as well as the PS3 does, and in some cases better.
        PS2 was technically inferior than GC and specially the Xbox, yet it surpassed both consoles in an insurmountable records.
        Point is, at a business standpoint, a business organiZation isn’t going to necessarily create a high-end console just to cater to some individuals or niche market.
        It’s all about financial profits.

      3. $300 is still too expensive for Wii U, for $300 I can get a motherboard, dual core processor and 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM

    1. That’s an unverified source; If this is true, the console only costs $20 more to manufacture than the 3DS. Including the controller. This is likely false.

      1. The 3ds was priced 250 euro/dollar at launch. The Controller for the Wii U costs 180 dollar to manufacture. I don’t think that’s unreasonable

        1. Umm… The Wii U controller costs around 50 dollars to manufacture… According to this article….

        2. u didnt read.. it said 180 wii U and the controller, both.. thats bad news! I wonder the tech inside.. lol past due?

          1. you guys realise that it cost a lot less to make the parts than they charge for them right? so if they make a console the components inside are a lot cheaper than if you bought the parts and built a computer out of it. so yeah i dont think this is very far fetched. they could have a powerful machine that costs $180 to make including the controller

      2. Not the Wii U, but the 3DS was priced too high, so that’s why it looks like the difference between them isn’t much.

  1. I’m fairly sure they have no idea for a price of a system they are still updating constantly and receiving feedback from developers. If the majority of people want more power, it’s going to cost more

    1. Nintendo could easily make a console that’s more powerful & still cost less. They did it before with SNES, N64, & Gamecube.

      1. While some of those consoles you mentioned didn’t exactly come cheaper than the competition, they did prove Nintendo can out-power its competitors. It also proved how bad of a strategy that was, with Sony wiping the floor with Nintendo due to cheaper consoles.

      2. They weren’t necessarily the most powerful in the literal sense, but they were consoles that utilized their power efficiently.

      1. Actually, Nintendo has never sold a console for a loss. Most of their tech has come out a few years later than other consoles.

        1. Not necessarily. It’s important to quickly create an install base in order to attract more developers, and subsequently, more customers. Costs will inevitably drop; the 3DS is selling for a loss but Nintendo expects to sell for a marginal profit in these coming weeks. They boosted software sales by getting the actual system into the hands of more people. The PS3 did the same thing for years back in ’06 thru ’10.

  2. I wouldn’t even pay $180 for a Wii U. Not that I don’t like it, but because a lot of people have been really unsure of Nintendo regarding their American competition. I think Nintendo will be able to deliver, but if they don’t add an online service as good as IF not better then Xbox live/PSN, then there’s no way I’ll be getting a Wii U anytime soon. Also, I’m broke.

    1. The Wii U should be really good, I understand how important a good online function is…They did improve it with the 3DS though, but it does still need work though…Ah well, it looks to be a good system either way. I’m going to get it on day 1 whether or not i have the money XD

  3. Hmm I think I will wait until E3 to find out what really is going on with all these rumours and speculations. I won’t believe anything until it is official from Nintendo. Really hyped for E3 though can’t wait!

    Blog of a Games Development Student

  4. I don’t know… They said WiiU would be in completely different price league compared to Wii, so I’m expecting something more like ~400$ or so.
    But well, cheaper console is always better for those who can’t afford the more expensive ones *points to PS3 699€ launch price* :p

    1. Are you forgetting what the 3DS’s price was over here, despite it being $250 in the US?

      £230. So expect to get screwed again in a similar fashion.

  5. so if we take it to be 300 then it will be roughly £189 in uk? wasnt that roughly the price of the original wii?

    1. It was, but there’s no fucking chance of the WiiU being that price after witnessing the 3DS’s pricing. $300 will translate to something stupid like £280, you’ll see.

      1. exactly my thinking, my thoughts on it Ninty will at least put an extra £100 on top of what wii was at £179 bringing wii you to £279 which would be what about 450 USD? This seems more realistic with nitny mentioning it will be aimed for people who can ‘Splash out’ so to say

  6. Way for Nintendo to be efficient with their products. I can put money down on it right now if they had them up for pre-order

  7. I doubt we’ll hear anything official until E3 when they announce the date, price, and launch lineup. But I didn’t expect it to be over $300 anyways, that’s suicide.

  8. You might want to change the title since it should be “Wii U Cost Of Manufacturing Detailed, System To Retail For $300 or higher?.

  9. Nintendo is ready to owns all …

    in this E3 2012 haters are going to shit brinks when Nintendo make his announcement for Wii U and for N3DS.

    can’t wait…

  10. As long as there is no statement from Nintendo, I refuse to believe any rumour. I personally don’t believe the Wii U’s capabilities will be less than that of Xbox 360 or PS3 because what would be the sense of not taking advantage of having the Wii still in production to satisfy the casual gamers and using the Wii U’s better-than-last-generation graphics to appeal to core gamers? And anyway, it’s Nintendo, there is going to be many new Mario, Zelda and Metroid games— enough reason for me to buy it anyway.

    1. I agree with u.. because this article comes as a cherry in the cake.. To tell us after the roumor, that wii U is less strong than the currents… That it cost cheap..

      Meaning, the hardware is past due, very old… So its not a good article.. All companies, making strong machines and they sell it in reduced price, waiting profit from the games

  11. ooooooooooo another anonymous source, prices and manufacturing costs can change at the last second.
    there seems to be a lot of anonymous idiots out there pretending like they know what nintendo is planning to do its getting kinda old

  12. Even though that price is pretty awesome, you have to remember about all of this “anonymous source” stuff that has been going around with the Wii U. These sources are not reliable or right 90% of the time.

    1. There was a rumor that Nintendo was going to sell the Wii U then it should be and they where willing to sell at a loss, so a lot seems like guesses, I mean everyone is guessing the Wii U will be $300 and we already know the GPU and CPU is more powerful, and I never even heard of this site before, what makes them reliable?.

  13. well ive been making my piggy bank really fat, since i thought i would be around 400$. right now i think i have around 800$ in that piggy so college money, hell no. Nintendo money, yes plzzz

    1. haha same here, though I was ready to pay $500 for the system if they were to have a premium version. If Ninty does go for $300, then that means more games for me overall.

  14. exactly what I predicted, $300 or less. so glad nintendo isn’t as power hungry and greedy as sony and microsoft.

  15. It would be cool if the was the real price, but I don’t trust anonymous sources, no matter how positive their news is. I’ll wait to here it officially from Nintendo.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  16. The title is misleading:

    “Wii U will be no less than $300 when it launches”

    Take this with a grain of salt. Just because someone has contacts with the plant that will manufacture the system doesn’t mean they have access to the actual prices of the components that are being sold to Nintendo by IBM, AMD, etc.

    As for the price, both the N64 and the gamecube were powerhouses of their respective generations, yet they both retailed for $200 at launch. Nintendo has their many parnerships, and they can get parts for a very cheap price. Plus, they tend to create small home consoles, which reduces manufacturing costs greatly. $300-$350 sounds very good.

  17. Ojala tengan en consideración de hacerla compatible con LA TRI NORMA para no tener que lidiar con juegos PAL o NTSC de una vez por todas.

  18. dont care bout price. I will get a wii u no matter what! I have a nicely paid job so it will cover the costs ;) Nintendo for life!

  19. Well it’s still going to be expensive over here because of huge amount of taxes. BUT, if I lived in Europe or USA, I’d be super happy. U$300,00 is actually a “okay” price for a first-day-sale. It’s expect to shrink after a few months, who knows, maybe it will cost less than 300 bucks in the near future?

  20. So, while other companies sell consoles for less than what they pay for manufacturing Nintendo is preparing a fat fucking dick buffet for its fans?

  21. My body is more than ready… I simply cannot wait to purchase the Wii U and at least a game!!!!!! Thanks for the breaking news, Sickr.

  22. I dont believe it. Considering the tech behind the CPU, which is confirmed, the GPU, which is not, and the new vibration technology rumored around the controller, I cant imagine it debuting for less than 299$. Its my prediction anyway, lets wait and see if im right

  23. i was told it is selling for £299 when it put it pre order a few weeks ago, i know the manager at a shop she said she would tell me when it was on there computer system and the price. this just seems old news

    1. Nothing is confirmed yet, retailers have never knew of a console’s price point so far before launch. It is just speculation of the retailer’s part.

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  25. I think this is fake, because that means the Wii U console cost 20 dollars more than the 3DS to manufacture…

    1. The screens on the 3DS were somwhat expensive. And you also have to consider the small components that might cost more. And also the design has to be more precise and might be harder to manufacture.

    2. Just because they put the price point at 250 dollars, doesn’t mean the 3DS was literally worth 250 dollars.

        1. I think we don’t read our twos and eights the same. You see a 120, yet I see a 180. And we’re looking at the same article. Hmm…

          1. 180 dollars including the Wii U controller. Wii U cost 50 dollars to manufacture, 50-180= 130 dollars. I meant 130* sorry.

            1. $100 vs $130 and leaving out the controller isn’t exactly fair.
              The screens on 3DS cost about $33 and dont forget the battery (IDK the cost for this one, $7-10??).
              So really, it’s more like $60 vs $130

  26. I expect either $300 or $350. It’s possible Nintendo won’t release the price till after e3. That way they can base the price off of how well it’s accepted by the public. They did that with the 3DS (Sadly that was a mistake).

    I think they should sell the console a little bit above the price they would normally have it at, maybe $20 more per console. And then sell the remotes at a loss. Possibly $60 so it’s not more than a game? That would be nice but I doubt it will happen.

  27. Guys, guys, guys, and maybe girls :P this isn’t straight from Nintendo, this is from an unverified source, it’s false until Nintendo comments on this or reveals it at E3, I put emphasis on false

  28. I feel like I should doubt this. I would expect the controller to cost around $200 but I can’t see the rest of the actual console costing $100 or less considering that the current Wii costs about $100 when the controller is taken out. So with newer components, meaning a more expensive system, plus the fact that Nintendo will look to make a profit, the price may be more around $400-450

  29. Actually manufacturing of a PS3 is $240…WiiU+Controller production cost is $180?!..Shit Console..It’s an abort, born dead.

      1. But you can’t reduce the original price of the expensive parts. That’s like saying all the parts in my computer are $3000 but my computer is only worth $1000

  30. everything is perfect about the Wii U but please Nintendo on the controller can you add buttons under the slide pads/analogs like the xbox 360 and ps3 controller,i know there is a touch screen and all but more buttons are appreciated

    1. I hope not.
      Nintendo will probably look at our reactions at E3 ’12 to determine the retail price.
      Everyone act like you don’t want it.

  31. They’re saying the lowest price possible for the Wii U is $300. I think I’m the first person here to say it in these exact words. Probably because that’s kinda depressing, even though it makes sense.

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  33. Gaming companies don’t make a profit on their consoles. They loose money and gain profit on games. So I can see the WiiU being less.

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  37. Ok. Get this fuckers…
    MS Kinects retails for 137, USD… Article above claims $56 in parts.
    SO, WiiU controller tear down yields ~$50 in parts…
    Therefore, if the WiiU controller accounts for $130 retail dollars, and if the HD System costs $2-250, then we are looking at the system costing around $400 or less…

    So all that guess work may be a load of shit, but personally, I’m encouraged the new system might not be more than $400.

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