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Japanese Retailer Dates Pokemon Black & White 2

A Japanese online retailer has listed the forthcoming Pokemon Black & White 2 with a June 23rd release date. Nintendo of Japan has yet to confirm precisely when we can get our hands on Pokemon Black & White 2, although a Summer release sounds feasible. According to both Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe Pokemon Black & White 2 will be available to purchase in the Fall.

32 thoughts on “Japanese Retailer Dates Pokemon Black & White 2”

  1. 3308-5494-1135 add me

    I like the picture to bad I can’t copy it to my 3ds. Pokemon been making too much shovel ware. Im going to get White 2.

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  3. It would be great if it were in a fully 3d world but knowing game freak and the pokemon company it’l be an over head camera

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