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Capcom Says There’s Currently No Plans For Resident Evil 6 On Wii U “At This Time”

IGN was recently given the opportunity to sit down with Resident Evil 6 producers, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Hiroyuki Kobayashi, as well as director Eiichiro Sasaki and question them about the possibility of Resident Evil 6 appearing on Wii U. Here’s what they had to say:

“Unfortunately, RE6 will not be available at this time on the Wii U. Right now we’re concentrating on the PlayStation 3 version, 360 version and the PC version of the game.”

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47 thoughts on “Capcom Says There’s Currently No Plans For Resident Evil 6 On Wii U “At This Time””

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  1. drrrrooooooooiiiiiiiiddrrrroooooooooiddrrrrroooooooooooooid

    well then cashcom gets no money from me, I’ll just pirate the pc version

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  3. Says a lot. I’m not sure what to think about this console. I think nintendo handled this console the wrong way from its first unveiling at E3 last year.

    1. My guess is that it probably had more to do with the fact that they had already begun development for it by the time the Wii-U was announced or by the time they got a Wii-U dev kit.

    2. I think the reason why Capcom isn’t making a Wii-U version is because the game was probably already very far in development for the 360, PS3, and PC version for them to begin a Wii-U version by the time they got the Wii-U development kit and, besides, they might make port it over to the Wii-U in the future.

      1. RE6 Hyper Ultimate edition with the option of extra DLC that adds 2 extra gun clips and the ending that should have been in the original, plus wesker mode! You get to play the whole game again, but as another character that adds nothing to the story for only $20 + the $20 for the rocket launcher he needs to beat the game plus $60 for the game itself. Genious!

  4. I’m willing to bet this was for the same reason Epic Mickey: Po2 isn’t available on Wii U, that being where they were in development.

    1. RESEVIL 5 was not by any means a crap game, might not be the RE you were expecting but the game, graphics, and story are all better than any RE game that came out before cept maybe for 4…

  5. I am very disappointed. I love the trailer and I love me some survival horror. Now I will just torrent the pc version and beat it. Stupid CRAPCOM you could gotten our money if it was on the wii U.

    Get N or Get OUT!!!!

  6. I don’t know what to think about Resident Evil 6, will it be a survivor horror game with new gameplay (just like RE revelations)? or will it be a shotter with ”zombies”? cause I really didn’t enjoy RE 5. Not that I hate shooters with zombies, I love them. I hate Resident evil being like that.

  7. Well that’s disappointing. The reason is probably that they were a little late testing and trying the Wii U SDK with Resident Evil. Now they’re finishing up the game, and if they start working around the new controller now, they’ll lose focus on the version that’s almost completed for the current consoles.

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  9. Well, they probably don’t have a clue when the Wii U will be out, and honestly, I wouldn’t wanna hold of a game because a system isn’t launching before the time I wanna release a game. I’m sure as soon as we hear a date for the Wii U, more publishers will develop for it in cooperation with the other platforms.

  10. oh well I’ll get the pc version then, just like with re5. expect a lot of piracy with re6 capcom, hehehe.

  11. ………..
    That’s it. I tried to hold on….I tried so hard to have faith….. but this is just… I’ve had enough.
    I never thought i’d say it…but here it is.

    Capcom, I officially hate you.

    1. Capcom, I’ve been hating you, but now its ultimate rainbow edition! For 10 dollars I can give you excluse DLC hate! Seriously, I loved you since Fighting Street. I even re-bought all the RE for gamecube. But I draw the line at your recent stuff.

  12. it will come eventually dont worry, i mean this IS capcom we’re talking about…and plus i was planning on getting this for pc anyway.

  13. They must have gotten the dev kit for Wii U to late. That’s a shame. Maybe we’ll get a port at a later date. I know they would want this game on a Nintendo platform, due to how well RE4 was recieved on the GameCube.

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. the 360 is a red ring fucking piece of garbage, of course it will be on wii u at some point, considering it dumps all over that console and ps3.

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