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Pandora’s Tower UK Launch Trailer

Nintendo UK has released a new trailer for Pandora’s Tower ahead of the game’s release in Europe this Friday. Nintendo of America has yet to announce a date for the game, but seeing as both Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are heading Stateside, you shouldn’t have to wait too long until an official release date is given.

23 thoughts on “Pandora’s Tower UK Launch Trailer”

    1. its the best wii game and the best jrpg since ff XII, everyone who dont buy this game will miss the masterpiece

    2. Yep its amazing, my brother has been playing it because I stopped and when we looked at his playtime it was 86 hours :| The Last Story is amazing because of its battle and graphics but I found it quite easier than Xeno :|

  1. some how the music seems oddly familliar to me,kinda makes me shiver,i havent even played the game but its seems special

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