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Edge Magazine Teases A Nintendo Surprise In Next Issue

According to word on the internet the next edition of Edge magazine will include a special surprise for Nintendo fans. Sadly there’s absolutely no hint as to what it may be, but with E3 fast approaching it could have sometime to do with Wii U. What would you like to be revealed in the next edition of the magazine?

40 thoughts on “Edge Magazine Teases A Nintendo Surprise In Next Issue”

    1. That would being going backwards as they said (I think it was them) that the game was coming. Not as a rumor, they said it as a fact. And yet nothing more has come to light with Captivate 2012 mentioning nothing of the sort. ATM hating on EDGE for getting my hopes up and hating Capcom for not giving me monster hunter for my 3DS :(

  1. I want to see a Nintendo 3DSXL, that would really show off the 3D and beautiful graphics in general. There’s no chance that’s what it is though hah.

  2. EDGE magazine can suck a cock. They said that a monster hunter was coming yet it was not mentioned at Captivate and we have only seen one store with a mock up box which, at this point in time means nothing.
    Give me monster hunter on my 3DS then I’ll starting listening to EDGE and taking them a little bit more seriously.

  3. Def gonna go with LEGO STAR FOX, judging by the ship and researching the ship and seeing it’s made out of lego’s

  4. Probably info on the Nintendo Network before Mario Tennis Open is released in early May. We know it has the Nintendo Network logo on it so they have to tell us about it soon!

  5. I got steel diver and have this code for nintendo coins that I dont need im giving it away to whoever give me their friend code 3308-5494-1135

  6. Please let it be either a new Star Fox or an american release for Fire Emblem: Awakening (preferably the latter). I’d really like to know if my favorite game series will make it over here again.

  7. The first screens of Pikmin 3 with some actual details expect for the obvious fact that it is a Wii U game.

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