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Nintendo Launching 3DS Headset?

A source from developer N Space has told Go Nintendo that Nintendo is hard at work developing a Nintendo 3DS headset which will launch sometime close to the debut of Heroes of Ruin. Nintendo has yet to confirm whether or not it’s developing such a peripheral, but it doesn’t sound too far-fetched if they are.


    1. ^This. It’s a headset that doubles as audio headphones. They have a square shape and a detachable microphone.

  1. If they add video chat (like the one on the Wii U, and/or even connection between the two systems) this could be huge.

    It definitely won’t convince CoD or BF players to buy the system though, so I guess Nintendo will choose a casual approach.

    1. Do you really want CoD or BF players to buy this? I like not having 12 year olds screaming profanity at me while playing a game.

      1. I never said that I wanted that. But for Nintendo’s sake I hope they sell the system to as many as possible. And you know well that you can easily mute the little bastards.

    1. I remember having Skype on my PSP so I think it’s possible to see Skype on the 3DS. But I think this headset may be used in the next system update which may include the Nintendo Network. which would be very cool.

  2. Probably. The original DS had one and the only thing I remember with voice chat for it was Diamond and Pearl, and I think Black and White. They should patch Uprising to work with this.

    1. I used the original DS headset for in between games of Metroid Prime: Hunters. Still felt a bit useless, but they could make it work with the 3DS.

  3. Unfortunately having tried heroes of ruin at pax and wanting to love it, I was bitterly dissapointed. The quest text was bland, and it was annoying having to use mana to even use a basic strike attack which ran out quickly. Maybe the game just wasn’t for me personally.

  4. Nintendo had better make some of their online multiplayer be entirely competitive at some point, so as to not have the problem of constant angered shouting that shooting games with headsets have.

  5. Nintendo is planning a lot of big things for us this year. This will be the year of Nintendo.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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