Nintendo Korea has stated on its website that the next Nintendo Direct conference will take place on April 14th. The Nintendo Direct presentation could specifically be for Korea, as the Nintendo 3DS won’t be released there until April 28th. Hopefully we should hear something concrete from Nintendo Japan and Nintendo of America shortly.



    • How is it pointless? It’s stating there might be a conference soon for Nintendo on Nintendo Direct in Korea, which might be something for U.S. and Japan, too.


  1. Nintendo Of South Korea was published in
    2008. So yes, it is really big deal to South Korean Nintendo Fans.
    Back then South Korea is more opened with online gaming rather than Console gaming.
    That is the reason for Nintendo of South Korea was so behind.


  2. And Yes, The Direct Of Nintendo Conference in South Korea has nothing to do with
    Other Conferences. It is basically more info about Nintendo 3DS and their launch titles.


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