GameStop Manager Says Pandora’s Tower Is Headed To North America

A GameStop manager has told NinTemple that Pandora’s Tower is headed to North America. Nintendo themselves have yet to officially confirm the title for North America so for now this should be taken as a rumour. Xenoblade Chronicles has just been released in North America and The Last Story is coming in the Summer.


  1. Let’s hope that Nintendo (of Japan or America) gives it an OK to Xseed and release the game.

  2. Alright. I supported all this campaign solely for this game. I got Xenoblade, and I will get The Last Story, but I was far more interested in Pandora’s Tower. I can play Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc on high with AA and over 60fps my PC, but I could never run this game on Dolphin above 15fps. I want this game now.

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