Unseen Mega Man Legends 3 Footage Makes Capcom Fans Cry

Previously unseen footage from the canceled Mega Man Legends 3 made its debut on Capcom’s Games Guest Show. The footage is from a prototype Capcom had up and running before they inexplicably decided to cancel it. To see the English subtitles in the video you’ll need to click the CC button.



      1. It said “prototype version” which is significantly different than a demo; learn how to read, or ask your mom for a fucking dictionary for Xmas, rere. Just sayin’.


  1. the fact thye are showing this… could b hinting at something else…. mega man wii u….. relaunching the project…..


  2. Whoawhoawhoa. That was a prototype? I don’t have a 3DS, I very nearly have never played Megman, and I thought that looked abnsolutely BRILLIANT. I don’t understand why that would ever have been canceled. It looked spectacular!


      1. In order to continue to effectively trolling fans though, they need to have fans in the first place, and for that they have to produce something, which costs money.


    1. I can make it worse. That was a prototype version and the game never even got to a real launching point.
      So that was supposed to be a launching point to create an alpha form, which would go into beta, then final release.
      I’m actually surprised it looked so good when the project barely even started.


    1. Bad idea. Making a video game based on fan suggestions will lead to a disaster. This is why Nintendo never listens to their fanbase because they know what they are doing and they know what works and what doesn’t.


  3. Seeing this… makes me wonder, if they really cancelled the Game, or if all this is a Joke and they are still Working on it, and then, suddendly, they will surprise us just in the middle of the E3 in June.. telling “Hey, Here is it. MegaMan Legends 3-D… Coming out Next Month :D!”


    1. Your a little bit wrong their, It was the project that got cancelled, the game itself never got to the starting point.
      The project was to bring fan in on making the game and that’s what they cancelled.
      Also this video was made before the cancellation.


  4. wait wait wait were they playing this on the 3ds and were they saying that fans can decide how to create the game my god this thing is being ported to the handheld market


  5. Wtf Capcom Nintendo fans officially Hate You I mean there hasn’t been a megaman game for Nintendo Consoles in ages (I know there was Megamen Zero collection but that was very cheap of them )


  6. I so remember when they were still votin on new character designs on that fan site. All them fans who voted for that character must be weeping from the utter rejection Capcom laid down on them


  7. Everyone calm down. If you go to the video and read the description you’ll see that this video aired 3 WHOLE MONTHS before the cancelltion announcement in july. Meaning that THIS VIDEO AIRED ON T.V. ABOUT A YEAR AGO, therefore this doesnt give any hope of the project bing picked up.


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