Grab A Limited Edition Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Collection

Qualify to receive the Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Collection by entering a new Club Nintendo promotion linked to the action RPGs Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Pandora’s Tower is the latest in a series of action-packed RPGs to come from Nintendo, and launches across Europe today, exclusively on Wii, coming hot on the heels of previous RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story.

To be in with a chance of receiving the Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Collection, which features three collectible limited edition golden coins, featuring designs based on the worlds of Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower,  all you have to do is register all three games on Club Nintendo. The coins are limited edition and will only be available while stocks last.


  1. I still have my 100th Issue Nintendo Power Comemorative coin collection featuring Mario Donkey Kong and Yoshi!

    Wish it was US based!

  2. I was thinking “Finally, something cool to spend my coins on” and then “Nope, EU only” – Troll

      1. You folks are lucky (JP and EU). Would love to see some of those rewards in NA.

      2. Well to be a fair you guys got Xenoblade’s Art book. Europe only got the classic controller pro.

    1. Just registerd mine, I just had a message at the top saying they will email me about the details. Maybe you just missed it? If I did mine after you, you should get them aswell”saswel

  3. Got the email earlier today to give my address details, and it said deliveries won’t start until the end of October!!! I bought Pandora’s Tower in April, had to wait until mid-June to give Club Nintendo my address, deliveries won’t start until the end of October, so I’d have to wait up to 8 weeks from then, so by that logic, I won’t get my coins until Christmas!!!

    1. i don’t think that there are commemorative collection coins yet…what a pity i have the strange proble that i have got collector edition of pandora and tlc but xenoblade no, and is not easily findly

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