March NPD Software Sales In, Mario Party 9 And Kid Icarus Uprising Perform Well

The NPD group has released software sales for the month of March which are down 25% from last year. Mario Party 9 faired well as it was the ninth best-selling game in North America last month. Kid Icarus Uprising failed to make the top ten, but it would have been among the top-selling individual SKU’s for the month of March. Nintendo of America has yet to announce hardware sales for the month of March.

  1. Mass Effect 3
  2. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  3. MLB 12: The Show
  4. NBA 2K12
  5. SSX 2012
  6. Street Fighter X Tekken
  7. Mario Party 9
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  9. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja
  10. Major League Baseball 2K12


      1. Now you’re just being a fanboy. I like Kid Icarus, it’s a good game. But it’s nowhere near as epic as Mass Effect 3. Yes, I played both. I own an Xbox, Wii, and a 3DS. I play all kinds of genres.

      2. Agreed. Gears, mass effect… Played one you’ve played them all. After beating Gears of War and II and mass effect, I told my brother I couldn’t do anymore… So much of the same.

      1. By that logic, people would rather play shooter games than go out on a killing spree? XD

  1. It’s a pity. Kid Icarus Uprising is by far the best 3DS game. I think it’s also the Nintendo game with the most voice acting they have released. I wasn’t a fan of that series, but now I’m a huge fan! Seriously, Pit is so dorky and goofy that you just can’t ignore him. The best part is that they make him that way intentionally.

    The comedy is brilliant. It’s like they keep on arguing throughout the game and then get into weird conversations. The touching moments are pretty good, too. It makes you wonder how awesome the game would’ve looked on the Wii U.

  2. oh no, nintendo only has one game in list.. the world is going to end… this blog will self destruct… and nintendo is forever doomed

    grow the hell up, people will play what they want, if you don’t like it, then tough nutts. play your own games and shut the fuck up.

    1. Poop, big bad bully gonna tell us what to do… Why don’t YOU grow up. Nintendo fans gonna be Nintendo fans.

      If you don’t like it, you can leave.
      Deal with it.

      1. thats the thing, I AM a nintendo fan, but unlike most if you, I’m also a PS fan, MS fan, and apple fan.

        what pisses me off is morons who expect one developer to outsell multiple developers who release games on more than a single console.

  3. i dont know what people are whining about, mario party 9 being on number seven is pretty good.

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