Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has posted a photo of himself posing with a giant Kirby plushy to advertise the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. Of course this has prompted mass speculation from all corners of the internet that Nintendo is going to use the presentation to reveal a new Kirby related title for either Nintendo 3DS or Wii. Masahiro Sakurai has also urged Kid Icarus Uprising fans to watch the Nintendo Direct presentation.



  1. I’m hoping they announce that Kirby 3DS game that was rumored due to EBGames/GameStop listings last month. Would make the show for me!


  2. That means Sakurai will be working on this, instead of the new SSB…
    Anyways, if it’s a classic style Kirby Game like Return To Dream Land it’s okay.


  3. Lame. I’m fine with a new Kirby, and ill buy it on day 1, but Nintendo needs to take care of the games they have now before they start announcing new games. We still have not heard much of anything from Animal Crossing 3DS and Paper Mario 3DS. And I don’t care about Kid Icarus Uprising! I already have the game! we don’t need details on something we already know everything about! Sorry if I sound a bit ranty, i’m just sick of Nintendo being SO mysterious with Animal Crossing 3DS.


  4. A new Kirby for the 3DS would be nice, but the Kid Icarus bit has me intrigued. Could it be DLC? How about story-focused DLC? They left a few things unexplained or that were simply confusing like the relationship between Maguns and that other chick or how exactly things changed before Pit turns into a ring (they sort of explain that, but they don’t go in depth). There’s also “Pittoo.” Now I can’t wait to watch this.


      • Medusa isn’t the main enemy, Hades is. Also, the Sacred Treasure’s get destroyed and pit gets he Great Sacred Treasure, also destroyed. Pit uses the broken bits of the Great Sacred Treasure to kill Hades


  5. A new Kirby game will be nice, but we just got kirby’s epic yarn last year. I want a sequel to Donkey Kong 64. or maybe a fresh take on EarthBound. I would also like so new originals from them that are really awesome 3D adventure platformers because it seems like they haven’t had a good new character like that in a really long time. They didn’t have any for the entire wii system.


  6. I really just want to know when the next Kirby game is coming out and if you guys could just notify me on upcoming games especially Kirby games and let me know what games are for what device (Xbox 360, wii, DS, etc.)


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