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Next Nintendo Direct Presentation Tomorrow

Nintendo of Japan has announced that the next Nintendo Direct presentation will take place tomorrow at noon. The event as perusal will be streamed on the internet via Ustream and Nico Nico. What would you like to see featured or revealed during the presentation?


      1. Yeah, it’s a video press release for for forthcoming new product. I know what it’s going probably to be about but I can hope. Oh, nice manners by the way. Good luck with that.


      2. I don’t think Liam was being that mean. He didn’t call you an idiot or anything. there is much worse on the internet. If anything he was just being a bit direct lol


    1. I’d love to hear more about WiiU as well but id imagine it’ll mostly be 3DS news and maybe This is some of what will be at E3 with a big surprise on this date kinda thing.


    1. pikmin 3 is all e3 mate, ALL. If anything concerning wii U it would be the name change. They would want to give a new name now or the investor meeting next week. If not now, then I guess Wii U is probably official.


    1. 1) sakurai just finished KI, so he hasn’t much time to do with smash
      2) if there was news regarding smash, it would be saved for e3, not a nintendo direct.


      1. never and i would even take remakes or porting them to the e-shop , just something to show that there not forgotten


  1. Probably just end up seeing Nobuniga Pokemon, Pokemon Black and White 2 footage, maybe some gameplan info on wii u. I WANT to see… Majora’s Mask 3ds, Pikmin 3, Earthbound wii ware, uhhhhhh…. Thats all I can think of, its too early lol.

    “I Don’t Understand”


  2. Maybe it will be more 3DS based…

    Very likely. We wouldn’t want 3DS to take too much time away from the Wii U during E3.

    There isn’t really anything else between tomorrow and E3 anyway, and even if there were, Nintendo like everyone else is too busy preparing for E3 anyway.


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