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Zack & Wiki Producer Really Interested In Creating A Sequel

Zack & Wiki producer Hironobu Takeshita has told US gaming publication Nintendo Power that he’s extremely interested in creating a sequel to the well-received Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure. Takeshita wouldn’t be drawn into which platform he would like to develop the game for, but a Wii U version would certainly be more than welcome.

“I have a great deal of interest in doing a sequel. It’s one of several IPs that I want to return to. As for Nintendo 3DS… it would be fun if people could play and solve puzzles together.”

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15 thoughts on “Zack & Wiki Producer Really Interested In Creating A Sequel”

  1. Having a sequel to this game on the Wii U just so you can brag to everyone else that your favorite console’s library is just as impressive isn’t going to mean much if NOBODY BUYS THE FUCKING DAMN GAME.

    Let’s make we BUY this damn game this time, YEAH?

    Seriously, if you’re really a hardcore Nintendo fan, then stop giving third parties who support Nintendo a reason to NOT support Nintendo! Just buying everything only related to first-party Nintendo doesn’t make you a hardcore gamer! Other really good hardcore games did exist on the Wii, and almost nobody bought them as much as they did on the other consoles! That’s fucking bullshit!

  2. Where do I pay???

    I agree with the above comment. Many people complain about there being no good games on the Wii, yet don’t bother trying out the games that are there. And with so many graphics snobs around, they see games like this and jump to the conclusion that it’s for kids.

    Oh well, those of us that actually played it know what they’re missing. Sadly it’s probably at the expense of us not gettng a sequel but we can hope.

  3. I loved the first one, but I could never beat it. I think they should release a sequel on the 3DS. It is a perfect for the handheld.

  4. Awesome! This along with Little King’s Story were some of the best games for the Wii (that nobody ever played)

  5. The Producer might be really interested in creating a sequel, but Capcom sure as hell won’t be.

    Unless it is.

    -for the iOS market
    -riddled with DLC
    – Resident Evil
    -Street Fighter
    -has spelling errors
    -and has more DLC that is locked in the disk.

  6. I really wish this game could have gotten more publicity… it was really fun and creative!! I would DEFINITElY but a sequel if it came out, especially for the Wii or Wii U!

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