Is Call Of Duty Black: Ops 2 Coming To Wii U?

We found out during the weekend that Activision will be officially unveiling the sequel to the immensely popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on May 1st. The big question on everyone’s lips is, is it coming to Wii U? Well, Activision currently says ‘no comment’. I guess we will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out.



      1. You should of thought about that before sitting on my penis then. Suckibg me off probably wasnt a good idea either.


      2. Oo……is that your penis I’m sitting on….? Oh….um…. sorry…I think I just gave you aids……and an infection. Sorry bout that.


  1. no comment = yes it is but nintendo has our million dollar balls in a knot becasue of a NDA and we are shitting ourselves beause of the nintendo ninjas


  2. Sickr is quite clever cashing in on all the bops 2 searches, I wonder how many extra hits this site gets thanks to these mildly cod related articles


  3. You wrote the title wrong. It’s supposed to be “Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Coming To Wii U?” you wrote it like Is “Call Of Duty Black: Ops 2 Coming To Wii U?”. It might just be a typo, but idk.


  4. True jesus theres so many zelda and marios that besides story and gameplay being repetitive,stale and tiresome i just dont give a crap. Come on ninty are you out of ideas cuz overmilking the cow dry is a sure giveaway :(


    1. r u high, you have no taste in games what so ever. mario galazy 1&2 are perfection. so is skyward sword.

      so mate go fart on your legs


  5. I cant think of one reason it woudnt. Apearently its pretty easy to port from 360 to Wii U, and I can think of plenty of cool ways to use the tablet.


      1. am sorry the comment was for @Nintendogotmilk jerk i can’t explain how i reply to you. truly sorry :p


  6. No comment obviously means yes, other wise they would have just said no. They have no reason to not release it on Wii U. Wii U will be a success & is coming out just before Christmas! If anything, they have more reason to release a superiour version on Wii U, using all the features of the controller.& extra power of the Wii U.


  7. Even if, it will be too late already I guess. I’m assuming that the game will be out long before WiiU is, so people who really want it will be getting it before WiiU is out. I could be wrong, of course, but yea.


  8. ofcourse it will come, and stupid fools stop hoping it wont!! Activision, dont listen to that retardation, bring COD to the console


  9. CoD is going to go down the drain for good soon……and THIS is an example of why. Many COD “fanboys” own a Xbox 360, PS3, and a PC. If this happens, there’s going to be hell to pay.

    All CoD fanboys will ask their moms and dads to get them more CoD games, and once they say no, they steal their parents Credit/Debit cards and dress like abults and go to the nearest Gamestop/GAME store and buy more CoD. Pretty soon, they’re going to have to make some Identity Scanners. :3

    Plus, them 8-year-old fags are THE most
    annoying. what’s more annoying? 3-Year-old CoD players!


  10. the big question on everyones lips? riiight….. :l

    it’ll most likely come to the Wii seeing as Activion loves money and the wiis fanbase is much greater than what the WiiU will have in less than a year.


  11. Well let’s see Nintendo has gotten most cods but mw2. Every cod on Nintendo was brought forth by treyarch because infinity ward just ignores nintendo. So black ops 2 which is also made by treyarch would be a definite yes no questions asked. We already got the first black ops so it would be a slap in the face if Nintendo’s ignored again


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