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Nintendo Of America Registers Fire Emblem Awakening Domain

Nintendo of America has registered the domain for Fire Emblem Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS. Fire Emblem 3D is already out in Japan and will be released later this year in Europe, but it hasn’t been confirmed for a North America release. The recent purchasing of the domain in North America certainly suggests it’s coming.

33 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Registers Fire Emblem Awakening Domain”

        1. I use to say the same about pokemon, but look how many pathetic people still show interest in that faggy crap.

  1. Oh God…. Need to buy a 3DS now.

    I’m going to take this time to explain my thoughts on the 3DS. I freaking love that little thing. The games are really well made and the system is both easy to play and innovative. I even think it’s worth the price. I just don’t want to drop the money for it at this moment. Maybe it’s just unbelievably high anticipation for the Wii U

  2. Lets go I just recently started playing FE on my 3DS courtesy of Ambassador Program-launch price buyers FTW xD- and I love it. Can’t wait for Roy DLC lets gooooo

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  4. Not sure if I want this game since me and Fire Emblem never really got on well. but that box art, ugh I hadn’t made a hard choice like this since the time when I had to choose if I want to contribute in my group work.

    I chose not to, and made them do all the work.

    I think that I made the right choice.

    Next week kids I will tell you the story how I met my wife.

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  6. A possible North America release of this game? As great as that sounds, I still wished that Nintendo had brought Fire Emblem Shin Monshou no Nazo outside of Japan.

  7. No one can comprehend how badly I want this game. I already have a feeling this will be the greatest Fire Emblem to date. I will buy this if it comes to U.S. It’s as simple as that NoA so make it happen.

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